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William Bateson
Career Occupation
Marine Commanding Officer
Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18
Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant Colonel
Biographical Attributes
Eye Color:
Blue. They range from a dull gray to a vivid electric-blue
Hair Color:
Light brown with blonde streaks in the sun. Flecks of gray showing up in greater numbers
Short. High and tight
Stocky-muscular build
Medium-light skinned
Facial Hair:
None. Always clean-shaven
Low, but warm and friendly. Can be very gruff depending on the mood
Familial Relationships
Russell Bateson(64)
Margaret Bateson(65)
Status of Parents:
Father- Major General (Ret) SFMC-San Francisco. Mother- Commodore (Ret) SFSI-San Francisco
Brother: LCdr Colin Bateson(32) - Chief Engineering Officer on the USS Sao Palo. Sister: Lt Adrienne Bateson (28) – Tactical Officer on Starbase Bravo
Marital Status:

Personal History

Will enlisted illegally in the SFMC at age 16. He was able to be overlooked by connections his father had at the time. His first deployment was to a rifle unit based on Mars. Being the SFMC HQ, the posting was what most marines would call 'boring', as it was unlikely to see combat there. After becoming Expeditionary certified and reaching Corporal, he was selected for Recon, and then Special Forces training. He excelled in these programs and went on to be involved in several classified operations for Star Fleet during this time, eventually being selected for the elite Special Forces unit, Tiger Force. Because of his success, he climbed the enlisted ranks within the Special Forces with unusual speed, peaking at the rank of Gunnery Sergeant. During his time as an enlisted Special Operator and a Tiger-Force Platoon Sergeant, Will first met a sniper who would have a large impact on him further down the road; then Private Melissa Osborn.

Will's unit had been rotated back from the Romulan boarder to Mars for continued training in deep cover operations just prior to the Borg invasion of Sol. At the beginning moments of the Borg invasion and subsequent mass assimilation of the entire Mars colony, to include the SFMC Headquarters Complex, Will and his platoon had been in transit to a remote facility to begin a phase of their training. Responding to the massive alerts, they initially attempted to lend assistance in repelling the invading drones. When the order to abandon the colony was given, Will led the fighting retreat of his platoon to the nearest available shuttle which took them to the temporary safety of the USS Gibraltar, the Marine Assault Ship flag vessel in orbit assisting with the emergency withdrawal of the marines from Mars.

Although decorated for distinguishing himself and his unit in one of the SFMC's darkest hours, Will would forever after be haunted by the sights and experiences of the utter hopelessness and complete defeat of the marines on Mars.

After the third try (his mathematics scores were low) Will was accepted to the officer-training program. Although at 34 he was much older than the typical candidate for the program, Will was determined to continue his career and aspire to a larger scope of responsibility within the Corps that had become his home. Upon commissioning Will was assigned to the Star Fleet Starbase in the Bajoran sector that monitored the wormhole to the Gamma quadreant. During his time on there, Will met a young Human/Bajoran woman, younger named Mara Meagher. She had fled the Starbase from her home world and a position in the Bajoran Militia. They became very close friends. However Will cared for her more than that. For a time they had a series of romantic experiences. But Mara, being younger and still lost in what she wanted put an end to it. Will was seriously hurt as he had fallen in love with her, but he kept it held inside. Worried about his beloved’s future, he advised her to apply to the Academy. Her qualifications as a Chief Weapons Officer with the Bajoran Militia would make her a prime candidate for Star Fleet Academy. He was right and she began her term the next fall.

Will requested an active ship deployment, deciding he wanted slightly less action and more exploration; and hopefully a distraction from thoughts of Mara After the usual bureaucratic stall, he was assigned to the USS Sheridan to command her first Marine detachment; a platoon of 38 expeditionary marines; not an entirely different job from the one he'd once held as an enlisted Marine - the only difference was that these weren't the most elite the Corps had to offer like his Tiger platoon had been.

What Will did not know was that, also newly stationed on the Sheridan, was now Midshipman Mara Meagher. His first notification of her presence was during a criminal interrogation he participated in with the ship’s First Officer, then Commander Joe Daher. As part of his confession, the suspect mentioned seeing Captain Dramar receive a kiss from the ‘new hottie in Tactical, Mid Meagher.’ Will was enraged, and experienced several instances nearing inability to perform his duties. During his first tour on the Sheridan, he was promoted to 1st Lieutenant.

At one point, the Sheridan was attacked by a terrorist under the commission of Boris Vlodnack. The majority of the crew, save Meagher and a few others, were injected with a hallucinogenic toxin. While he was affected, Will confessed his undying love for Mara. In the aftermath of the situation, which was brought under control mainly by Meagher, Will came to the conclusion he could not serve on the same vessel as Mara did.

He put in transfer for his unit and was granted it near the same time he received a promotion, as one of the last acts by Commander Daher who had recently been promoted to Captain, to Marine Captain. What Will did not know was, for similar reasons, Mara had requested transfer and was assigned as CTO aboard the USS Drake.

Will was assigned to command a company of Expeditionary Marines and the fighter wing of the USS Comet. Will preformed his duties with distinction during the Euracai conflict, and earned a promotion to Major and awarded the Diamond Star at the SBA promotion party.

Before that, during the shore lave on SBA, Will met Mara on the station and requested she talk to him to hear him out. He had made the mistake of drinking before had, and instead of working issues out, he simply let all his emotions go on her. Mara was overwhelmed, for she had similar, yet slightly different feelings for Will. Instead of responding in any way Will wanted her to, she fled from him into the arms of Captain Quill Dramar, her now serious love interest.

Will took his mind off the matter the only way he knew how. Heavy drinking, then repression and attendance to a serious social function in uniform, the SBA promotion party. He had been able to distract himself in two ways. The first was his spotting a striking Engineering Officer on the crew of the Gettysburg. The second was his promotion and reception of a medal.

With the Euracai mission over, and the Comet being re-tasked elsewhere in the fleet, Will was transferred as the Marine CO onboard the USS Gettysburg. There he learned the name of that Engineer, Aiyana Baldwin. He quickly befriended several of the officers, partly due to his desire to branch out socially to forget the pain of Mara, including the First Officer, Commander Lein Meor.

During that time Will engaged in a fraternizing relationship with one of his snipers, now Staff Sergeant Melissa Osborn. Since Mara, Melissa had been the only other woman Will had gotten involved with that made him happy again. The relationship had grown out of a long professional relationship of trust and mutual respect. The added factor that officer-enlisted relations in the direct chain of command were forbidden added to the thrill. However Will had made a vital mistake he was known to make with women; he misread her character. Well into the relationship with Will, Osborn began an even more secret relationship with another Marine under Will’s command; a SSgt Nick Carnevali. Due to the nature of Recon units, this two was forbidden. When Will found out he was crushed, but was also enraged. He sought Non-Judicial-Punishment for the two, busting them down several ranks. Although it was a highly hypocritical move, Will displayed his inability to keep a level head when he was emotional.

However, as luck would have it, Will received two important messages before the Gettysburg was sent for its next mission. The first was from the Deputy General of Marines, Lieutenant General Arlin Rixx. He had been Will’s CO when he was an enlisted Special Operator. The words were direct but confusing. “You will receive a promotion offer. Take it.” Trusting the Generals words more than most anyone else, he kept it in mind when later the same day Commander, now Captain Meor offered will the position of First Officer on board the USS Drake.

Confused by the Generals’ words, and honored by Captain Meor’s offer, he accepted and transferred his commission to Lieutenant Commander. Soon after he was promoted to Commander. The first and last mission for the Drake’ brand new command crew was classified as a ‘disaster’ in Will’s mind. The ship had been sent to check on SB 289, which had lost communication with SF Command. Upon arrival the crew discovered the station had been taken over by hostile parasite entities. The crew of the Drake mounted a daringly successful attack to re-capture the station. The attack ended in several lost officers on the Station, and 7 crew members from the Drake lost. Not to include Captain Meor attacked by a parasite seriously enough that all the Drake could do for him was to place him in medical stasis.

By the mission’s end, Will stepped down as First Officer pending reassignment. For a month he stayed aboard Starbase Alpha, unsure of what to do next. The loss of a close friend, and several under his command (although both were not new experiences) for some reason effected him. He also now wallowed over his broken heart from not one, but two women whom he had fully trusted; and, in his mind, had both betrayed him.

Again General Rixx had what Will needed to bring him out of his self-destructive and depressed spiral. He was recalled to the Marine Corps Special forces group designated Tiger (the most elite Special Operators in the SFMC) and assigned command of a strike team tasked with a highly sensitive mission. His commission was reverted to Lieutenant Colonel, and his next posting was that aboard the USS Yeager, team leader of Strike Team Tiger-36. The scout ship was to covertly insert his hand-picked team of Tiger operators to their objective. Finally back in his element, Will was able to pick himself back up, and prove to all, but mostly himself, that he wasn’t beaten yet. The importance of the mission assigned to him helped in regaining his self-confidence. His resuming the tasks he was best had helped remind him exactly how good he was at what he did.

The high from Will's return to his parent service didn't last as long as he had hoped. Once embroiled in the mission's details, Will was reminded that for him, things could never be as they once were. There was immediate conflict initially with Commodore Dan Wueste, the mission specialist sent by Star Fleet Command in response to the suspicion of possible Borg involvement. A longer lasting conflict arose with the Yeager's Commanding officer, Captain Valiant. While Will and the Commodore had been given joint command of the overall mission, Will had the distinct impression Valiant did what he could to insert himself where and whenever possible. The apparent and older tension between Valiant and Wueste didn't help matters either. Other members of the Yeager's crew did help to counteract Will's displeasure with his team being assigned to the vessel for transit. Two of his former crew mates from the Gettysburg, Lieutenant Commanders Baldwin and Archer were both now assigned to the Yeager's crew.

When the Yeager arrived on scene to find Sierra 18 still intact, they were quickly greeted by an attack from older but modified Federation vessels; but not before Will's Tiger team had deployed via two shuttles towards the seemingly dormant station. Upon reaching the station's docking bay under the covering fire of the Yeager, Will's marines, along with Captain Valiant and Midshipman Kaiser who had been the pilots, met heavy resistance from forces who later turned out to be pirates calling themselves 'Vercors'. The initial skirmish to establish a foothold on the station cost the life of 1st Lieutenant George Cox, he would be the only fatality the marines took in the battle for Sierra 18, but not the only loss.

After what would result in a 10 hour, knock down and drag out fight against the pirates for each deck of the station, Will's marines were able to capture several of them, and eliminate the last remnants that held out in the sickbay. The leader of the Vercors, a former Star Fleet Captain by the name of Luke Johnson, was captured by the marines when they took the station's command center, although he later escaped while in custody of security personnel in the station's brig. Friction between Will and Captain Valiant was prevalent through the entire operation, resulting in Will's ordering his lead NCO, SGTMAJ Duncan Craddock, to incapacitate the Captain, for in Will's mind Valiant was becoming a liability to the operation's success. During the confusion of one of the several prolonged fire-fights, Major Mirax Terrik was injured, and because of those wounds suffered would eventually be forced to leave Tiger-36. During the same fire fight PFC Jasmine Tyrol had been caputred by the pirates who withdrew to hold out in sickbay. In a daring and risky assault lead by Will and several of his Marines, Tyrol was seriously injured; she too would later be forced to leave Tiger-36 as a result. That made two missions in a row for Will that, while achieving the objective, were considered failures in his mind.

Luke Johnson was retrieved by Captain Valiant and his personnel, and brought back to Sierra 18. By that time resupply and a crew supplement had arrived from Star Fleet Command, along with orders for the crew to take on their assignment to become the station's compliment. Upon completion of the mission and submission of his report to Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC), Will too received orders of the same nature; he was just much less satisfied than his fleet counterparts. Although he was assured it was of great importance that MARSOC maintain an operational team in the newly re-claimed area of Federation territory, Will couldn't help but shake the feeling, dating back to his post-mission mood from his time on the Drake, that he was being punished for what he labeled as his 'sub par' performance of his duties. While not being happy with the assignment, Will accepted the secondment as Marine Commander of Sierra 18's newest, and most highly qualified, Marine detachment

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Infantry Command and Tactics, Anti-Terrorism, Starship Security
Academy Minor(s): Mechanical Engineering, Starship Tactics, Starship Weaponry and Defense
Hobbies and Pastimes: Holodecks, Military History, Soccer, Volleyball
Short-Term Goals: To make full Colonel
Long-Term Goals: To command his own Marine Installation
Personality: By-the-book, strict; when on duty. Intellectual. Can relax and is very jovial and fun, but only to the select few whom he chooses to trust
Sense of Humor: He will laugh at good jokes, and tries himself, some are funny, but he’s known for dropping some pretty lame jokes. Again, he only attempts humor when being diplomatic, or in his close circle of trusted friends
Phobias: Dying without a purpose, having his life mean nothing. His secret phobia is dying without someone to love
Likes: Women, friends, the Marine Corps
Dislikes: Immoral people, wrong-doers
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who are fake
Bad Habits or Vices: Cracks knuckles, doesn’t let anybody get to know him easily. Very full of himself
Achievements: Becoming a Recon Marine. Becoming a Tiger-Force Marine. Being accepted to the Officer Training Program. Becoming a Tiger Strike Team Commander
Disappointments: Not doing well in school as a teenager
Illnesses: None besides the common cold
Strengths: Hard-working, loyal, by-the-book
Weaknesses: Women, emotional attraction, love
Fears: Failure
Prejudices: Women who have been unfaithful
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Hardly out of uniform. When he is relaxing in private he usually wears spare marine PT gear
Distinguishing Features: None readily apparent. On the right side of his chest he has three strange scars
Friends: Gus Harley

Contact Information


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