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Aiyana Baldwin
Career Occupation
Chief Engineer
USS Titan, CL-2007
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander
Biographical Attributes
178 cm (5 ft. 10 in.)
65.8 kg (145 lb.)
Eye Color:
Emerald Green
Hair Color:
Newly short
Golden brown
Facial Hair:
Mid/Light toned, strong, confident and authoritative when on duty
United Federation of Planets
Familial Relationships
Adam (65)
Mia (Miakoda) (61) deceased
Status of Parents:
Happily married for 42 years until Mia passed away. Both had retired from active field works in their professioanl fields and had been teaching at both the University of Washington and Harvard while retaining the family home in Phoenix, Arizona
Sahale - twin brother (29), Ryan (33), Helaku (35), Natalia - deceased (39)
Marital Status:

Personal History

The youngest of 5 children, Aiyana was born 7 minutes after her brother Sahale.

An Archeologist and Xenobiologist respectively, Adam and Mia Baldwin took their children with them on assignments during the summer break in their school years. They would try to work in activities for their children that related to classes back in school but primarily wanted to teach their children about the other races and species they shared the Universe with. Perfect pitch and a good ear enabled Aiyana to learn languages quickly, and often became fluent in the local language before her parents, thus becoming the unofficial enterpreter. This talent also translated to languages like Spanish, German, Dutch and some of the last remaining Native American languages.
During one of these trips, the Baldwin family had been on a Starbase near the Neutral Zone when the First General Way broke out. While they were quickly evacuated to nearby starships that would take them to safety, Natalia made the decision to allow someone on a shuttle in her place and she would get on the last transport to safety. But the final attack on the base also destroyed the shuttle she was on. Aiyana felt her sister's loss deeply. After completing her BA in Psychology, Linguistics and Native American History, the change to Engineering at Star Fleet Academy posed a difficult challenge, but with hard work and determination, Aiyana managed to complete her classes with above average results and was assigned to the USS Gettysburg for her first tour. Aiyana found it difficult to open up to anyone on the Getty due to the difficult personal circumstances that had surrounded her acceptance to the Academy. A deeply emotional person, Aiyana wasn't ready to face the posibility of rejection again and established a somewhat emotional detachment to the people around her. This gave her the appearance of superiority, but in reality, it was just a mechanism she had created to prevent establishing close relationships. Having made lasting friendships with a number of officers on the crew and earning a Promotion to the position of Chief Engineer, Aiyana received last minute transfer orders to the USS Enterprise where she served for one mission before wanting to return to the simplicity of serving on a smaller ship. After taking a few weeks of shore leave, her new transfer orders requested her to report to Starbase Charlie for her new position as Chief Engineer on the USS Yeager. Being reunited with friends whom she worked with on the Gettysburg, Aiyana quickly settled in with her new crew on the Yeager whilst on the mission to investigate the status of Station Sierra 18 located on the borders of Federation, Klingon and Cardassian space. Just after they retook the station, Aiyana received word that her mother was extremely ill and requested a leave of absence from her duties as the station's Chief Engineer. Upon her arrival, she found that her brothers had also returned from their various locations in the Federation and around the world. Aiyana took up the work of her mom, taking care of the house, cooking for her father and brothers and helping her father with whatever he needed while he spent the majority of his time with their mother, his wife, in hospital. When her mother took a turn for the worse, her brothers took her back to her tribe for her to spend her final days among her people. A week later, she died. Aiyana contacted the Command Team of the new Space Station Sierra 18 and requested an extended leave of absence as well as permission to step down from her responsibilities as Chief Engineer. At the time, she was uncertain as to whether she would return to her posting or resign from Star Fleet altogether. Months after her mother's death, Adam Baldwin finally encouraged Aiyana to return to her work. Upon receiving permission to return, Aiyana caught the next supply transport headed towards Sierra 18 where she now works as a member of the station's engineering team.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Warp Theory, Ship Design (Adv), Core Technologies & Design Techniques, Computer Systems (Adv)
Academy Minor(s): Security Encryption (Adv), Computer Security (Adv)
Hobbies and Pastimes: Football, swimming, archery, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, photography, reading & music
Short-Term Goals: To reintegrate into the Engineering crew of Sierra 18 now that she is no longer Chief Engineer
Long-Term Goals: To re-find herself now that her mother has died
Personality: Fun loving, outgoing, friendly & responsible
Sense of Humor: Quirky & sarcastic
Phobias: Rejection, failure to perform her duty to her utmost
Likes: Deserted beaches, hot showers, rainy days, sleeping in, open fires, Arizona summers
Dislikes: Early mornings, strong coffee, anchovies, spiders and snakes
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Disrespect, inability for others to take responsibility for their actions, complaining cadets, people who give up without trying
Bad Habits or Vices: Coffee, tracing her scar when tired or stressed, scratching the skin around the nails on her thumbs when nervous or worried & Long Island Iced Teas
Achievements: Capt. of High School beach volleyball team, Captain of College Volleyball team, graduating from University of Arizona with honors
Illnesses: None
Strengths: Stubborn, emotional detachment, perseverance and desire to succeed
Weaknesses: Stubbornness, emotional detachment
Fears: Failure
Prejudices: None.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Jeans, tshirts or sports clothes
Distinguishing Features: Emerald eyes and faint scar above her left eye. She also has delicate looking hands with long fingers
Pets: Ohitekah (Siberian Husky)
Friends: Bonnie Warner, Psychologist, Boston, MA

Career History

Stardate 20407.11 - Graduated, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 20407.11 - Promoted to Midshipman, assigned to, USS Gettysburg BC-1863
Stardate 20408.01 - Promoted to Ensign, USS Gettysburg BC-1863
Stardate 20410.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Awarded Co-RPG'er of the Month, USS Gettysburg BC-1863
Stardate 20412.01 - Awarded Diamond Star. Promoted to Lieutenant, USS Gettysburg BC-1863
Stardate 20508.01 - Awarded Co-RPG'er of the Month, promoted to Lieutenant Commander., USS Gettysburg BC-1863
Stardate 20510.01 - Awarded Co-RPG'er of the Month, USS Gettysburg BC-1863
Stardate 20603.01 - Awarded Diamond Star, USS Gettysburg BC-1863
Stardate XXX - Transferred to, USS Enterprise, CV-07
Stardate XXX - Transferred to, USS Yeager SC-8018
Stardate 20909.01 - Transferred, USS Titan, CL-2007

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