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Vale Bailey
Career Occupation
Chief Engineer
USS Columbia, FF-6145
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
1/2 Human, 1/2 Orion
178 cm (5 ft. 10 in.)
79.4 kg (175 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Broad-shouldered but otherwise lean.
Facial Hair:
Clean shaven
Mid-ranged, even-toned
United Federation of Planets
USS Aurora (Nova-Class Science Vessel)
Familial Relationships
Gideon Bailey (Human)
Haven Bailey (Orion)
Status of Parents:
Still married, retired
Justin, 28 (Human half-brother)(unknown to Vale)
Marital Status:

Personal History

Vale is the son of a well-known star fleet officer, Captain Gideon Bailey of the nova-class science vessel USS Aurora, and his Orion wife, Haven. Gideon met Haven on an away mission, and bought her from the Orion slave trade. After the mission, Haven decided to continue on-board Bailey's ship as a nurse. The two fell in love and were married shortly after. Vale was their first and only child.

Both parents working, Vale was raised in space experiencing the many adventures of the Aurora's crew first-hand. Most of the Aurora's official missions were peaceful science missions, but inevitably the crew would be dragged into much broader goals as they found themselves in the middle of diplomatic relations, planetary wars, and cosmological anomalies.

Gideon was extremely well-respected by the crew of the Aurora; because of this Vale knew most of the crew on a first-name basis. He was free to come and go in almost all areas of the ship. Being a curious boy, he spent as much of his time learning about the Aurora as possible. Although his father's background was as a science officer and his mother worked in the sickbay, Vale found his second home in engineering. He learned this ship's systems inside and out. In his teen years he was able to even judge the velocity of the ship based on the hum and vibration of the warp core.

As soon as he was old enough to enter the academy, Vale took his aptitude test and passed with flying colors. He found life in the academy to be a bit of a culture-shock. The vastness of living on-planet was overwhelming for the boy raised on an eight-deck ship. He knew no one and while he was a very likeable person, found it difficult to make friends because he hadn't had to practice that skill on the Aurora. In addition to this, he found people who didn't like him for his Orion descent. The prejudices he faced were minimal but very difficult for Vale to face. Nonetheless, Vale worked hard through his classes and delved deeper into his love for star ships and the systems within.

A week before taking his final academy exam, Vale received a call from his parents informing him that they were retiring from star fleet. In celebration of the decorated captain's career, Vale decided to write his father's biography, detailing the adventures of the USS Aurora which was to be decommissioned after his father's retirement.

Vale prepared for his final exam, all too eager to leave the academy behind and start his own series of adventures wherever he found himself amongst the stars...

Early Career on the USS Columbia

Vale was appointed as an officer on the USS Columbia, a ship of similar size, but dissimilar function, to the Aurora. The Columbia was a Berlin-class Frigate with the unique job of operating directly for SFSOCOM doing covert ops missions. Vale was very happy with the prospect in theory, but in practice the experience proved more taxing on the engineer than he had originally thought.

While able to perform his duties more than sufficiently, Bailey’s major dilemma came in the form of a challenge to his moral code: a cloaking device that had been installed before his second mission. Without the support of the captain or CEO, Vale was forced to accept the “stealth technology,” even though he felt it was immoral for Star Fleet to incorporate a cloaking device, under any name. After a miserably failed mission to Caratas IV in which the cloaking devices on both the Columbia and its shuttle, the Eidolon, had inexplicably stopped working; Vale made up his mind to do something about the cloaking device, one way or another. As he had worked with the device more than anyone else on the ship, he felt he could give a solid argument for abandoning the technology from both a practical and moral level.

However, during shore leave, Vale was promoted to Chief Engineer and, despite being in a better position to make his case against the cloaking device, reluctantly swallowed his own arguments yet again, not wanting to start off on the wrong foot with the captain, given his new promotion. He often made himself sick to his stomach with his own ability to ignore what he felt was an obvious injustice, something his father would have never done, even as a Midshipman.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Integrated Systems
Academy Minor(s): Starship Structural Design, Cross-Cultural diplomacy
Hobbies and Pastimes: Writing about his father's adventures, learning anything technical related, exploring new places, experiencing new things
Short-Term Goals: Master the engineering systems of his assigned ship, make better friends than he did at the academy
Long-Term Goals: Accumulate and record all the adventures of the USS Aurora, earn a command of his own
Personality: Extroverted but introspective, laid back, often acts overly-familiar with superior officers due to growing up on a star ship, extremely curious (often to the point of getting himself in trouble), loves to experience new things
Sense of Humor: Loves situational humor, prone to inside-jokes
Phobias: Loneliness, being stranded/deserted
Likes: People, learning
Dislikes: Close-mindedness
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who aren't straightforward with him
Bad Habits or Vices: Tends to leap before he looks and getting himself in over his head
Achievements: Once single-handedly restored the Aurora's systems after the majority of the crew had been incapacitated after being boarded by a hostile force.
Disappointments: Once accidentally took all of engineering off-line while the Aurora was in warp, causing damages to the ship resulting in being 2 days late for its diplomatic rondeveux. The negotiations went poorly as the race highly-valued punctuality.
Illnesses: Experiencing several alien sicknesses during his youth has caused him to have a strong set of antibodies.
Strengths: Quick thinking and hard-working, vast experience base for someone his age.
Weaknesses: Rashness, awkward social situations, Orion females
Fears: Being truly alone and immobile
Prejudices: None he's aware of
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Simple civilian clothes, prefers uniform
Distinguishing Features: Being half Human/half Orion, his skin is noticeably more pale than other Orion, but still definitely green.
Pets: None

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Once, when Vale was 9, the Aurora was studying a nebula when an ethereal alien living in the nebula was drawn into the ship and caused massive damage to the systems and crew, including his father, who was in a coma and dying until particles from the nebula helped the CMO extract the alien energy from his body. Vale had always envisioned his father as invincible before that point.
Best Time: The hours he would spend with his father growing up talking about their adventures.
Most Crucial Experience: Vale fell in love with engineering the first time he was in main engineering when the ship went to warp. The flurry of lights and waves of vibrations in the warp core as he felt the ship slip into high warp gave the 7-year-old Vale a feeling of power and freedom that has been the driving force in all of his endeavors since.
Role Model: His father, Gideon Bailey

Career History

Stardate 21111.05 - Assigned Engineering Officer, USS Columbia, FF-6145
Stardate 21201.01 - Awarded Star Fleet Achievement Medal, USS Columbia, FF-6145
Stardate 21203.01 - Promoted to Ensign, USS Columbia, FF-6145
Stardate 21204.01 - Awarded RPGer of the Month, USS Columbia, FF-6145
Stardate 21206.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, USS Columbia, FF-6145
Stardate 21206.01 - Appointed Chief Engineer, USS Columbia, FF-6145
Stardate 21207.01 - Awarded Gold Star, USS Columbia, FF-6145

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