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Your avatar is one of the first things that other players will notice about your character. While avatars are not mandatory on Fedspace, if used they need to reflect that character in a positive manner. As such, we've developed the following guidelines for avatar use:

  1. No humorous images. You're Star Fleet officers and enlisted personnel. Your image should reflect the dignity of your profession.
  2. No comic, anime or toy avatars. Nicely drawn illustrations and 3D renderings, such as from ST Online, are perfectly fine, as are images from book cover art. Basically the line should be drawn at anything that's not a realistic representation of a person.
  3. No inappropriate images. I think this goes without saying, or at least I hope it does.
  4. Images of canon characters is not permitted.

There is an 'unofficial' list of currently used character avatars found here.

Adding an image

Once you'd determined the image you'd like to use, upload it to you profile:

  1. In the top right corner of the forum, click your character name. A control box should pop up.
  2. Select "My profile".
  3. To the left, above where it says "Overview" you'll see the avatar box. Click "change".
  4. Select "Use a custom photo."
  5. Upload a photo from file.
  6. Select "Done".