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Career Occupation
First Officer, Emergency Holographic Chief of Security
USS Copernicus, GSC-9035
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Derrick Grant
Klingon Hologram
201 cm (6 ft. 7 in.)
106.6 kg (235 lb.)
Eye Color:
Bright blue – almost sparkling. Color changes slightly based on his mood, being brighter when he is happy or excited, and somewhat darker and grayish when his mood is negative
Hair Color:
Dark reddish-brown
Mid-shoulder-blades, typically pulled into a pony-tail
Tall and muscular
Light brown/Olive – tends to be on the lighter side for a Klingon (think Gowron)
Facial Hair:
Goatee, trimmed very short
A deep baritone, but very smooth and non-guttural unlike most Klingons. Tone tends to be very flat, unemotional
United Federation of Planets
Carraya IV
22[3] (now deceased)
Stardate 20702.20
Familial Relationships
Garran, Doctor (gharan)
Kara’, Power Systems Engineer (deceased) (qara')
Status of Parents:
Both are still alive, living on Carraya IV, near the Klingon-Federation-Romulan border. The planet has been under dispute between the three empires for as long as anyone can remember, but the people of the planet don’t really care. Officially Carraya is a Federation member, but it doesn’t impact the daily lives of the inhabitants, and the Federation and Klingon Empire have, until very recently, mostly left them to themselves, so they are for the most part independent. Garran is a doctor of medicine, and Kara’ is an engineer, specializing in anti-matter power-generators.

UPDATE SD 20410.25: Carraya IV is now under the control of the Klingon Empire, which is at present involved in an internal civil war. No communication or traffic has been in or out of the Carrayan system in over three months.

UPDATE SD 20412.21: Avark's parents have moved to Acamar III, where they live in exile. They were smuggled out to protect them and Avark from Emperor Kalok I.

UPDATE SD 20505.09: Avark's parents are missing, presumed dead, following an explosion at their residence on Acamar III.

UPDATE SD 20601.02: Avark now knows that his parents have been captured, probably by Kalok’s forces in concert with Romulan agents. He does not know where they are held
None known
Marital Status:
Married to Ariana Lacey

Daughter born Stardate 20409.27, name: Kasia (QeySa’).
Son born Stardate 20510.31, name: Ethan Allen Lacey.

See history for more information
Note: This character is deceased.

Personal History

Much of Avark’s personal history is written above in the other areas, but here’s a synopsis of some other events. He was born under a dual-full moon, which according to his mother means he’s gifted.

Growing up, he spent more time around non-Klingons than Klingons which caused his family some embarrassment among the Klingon community. Especially close to him was a Vulcan female, and she taught him Vulcan meditation techniques. She also was very nearly his first romantic interest.

When he was 7, he was playing with his pet targh, and as they often do, the targh got overzealous and attacked him. Avark’s hand was nearly lost when he was scratched and then bitten on it. In a fit of rage, not abnormal to a Klingon, he killed the targh with his bare hands. A few moments later he realized what he’d done, and he felt horrible. Because of his exposure to alien cultures, he’s picked up some of their values, and due to that, he’s oversensitive about some things, particularly the typically Klingon way of “might makes right”, which Avark does not agree with.

Avark graduated from his schooling under relatively normal circumstances and didn’t know what to do with his life until a Star Fleet vessel visited his homeworld and he was invited on board for a tour. He fell in love with the life he saw there.

While in transit to Star Fleet Academy, the bartender on the ship, a Trill, was fatally injured, and a temporary host was needed or the symbiont would die. Avark was the only available individual and the symbiont Trill, Trem, was implanted in him for a period of three days. He never met the new host when it was removed, but still retains memories from the Trill—they tend to pop up at the most inopportune times.

He recently met Trem, and they have developed a friendship—more of a kinship.

UPDATE SD 20410.25: During the last mission several major changes have occurred in Avark’s life.

First, his mate was killed by a rogue Cardassian saboteur who was aboard. This occurred in front of Avark, sending him into a downward spiral. His mate was carrying his twin children, one of whom survived and was ‘transplanted’ into Lieutenant Commander Ariana Lacey at her request. She carried the child to term and gave birth to a daughter, named Kasia. More on this later…

A parasite which had been growing in his cranium since early in his career on a mission to Tharos III, continued to grow, and had to be removed. Unknown at the time, severe brain damage had been done to his reasoning and emotional control centers of his brain.

In a confused fit of rage, and partially due to a computer malfunction, Avark vaporized a sofa in Lieutenant Commander Ariana Lacey’s quarters, and then shot a security officer. The officer survived the incident, and Avark was cleared of all charges due to mission duty requirements. The charges were to be revisited at a later time.

LCdr Lacey was captured by hostiles in the magellanic cloud, and Avark was assigned a team to go after her. Due to poor judgment skills he used an improper frontal assault which resulted in the deaths of the entire assault team save himself. He then was forced to participate in a ‘gladiatorial’ battle to save them. During this battle, he himself was ‘killed’ or so it appeared.

Back on the ship, Avark’s body regenerated, and with surgical help, he is now a new man. He has a large positronic implant in his brain, an artificial right eye and ear, and reconstructed bone and flesh and skin on his head. He “looks” almost normal.

Upon return to Starbase Alpha, he was arrested on several charges, all of which were later dismissed on the grounds that the man Avark is now could not possibly commit those crimes. The defense used is similar to that used when a Trill is accused of crimes from a prior host. However now he is a changed man. Gone is the impulsive, violent, and passionate Klingon. In his place is a man who, from the way he speaks and acts, is very mellow and very non-violent. He can be violent if threatened or his crew or family are, but normally he will seek a diplomatic or intellectual way out of a problem rather than his previous tendency to fight his way out.

Also he has developed a very close friendship with LCdr Ariana Lacey, and they plan to come up with a way to co-raise the child Kasia, who he considers to be as much hers as his own. He also suffers total amnesia of all events following the crash on Tharos III (his first mission) and the time of his ‘death’ above.

It remains to be seen exactly how this affects him as a person…

UPDATE SD 20412.21: After rescuing Captain Godard, LCdr Becker, LCdr Lacey, and his daughter Kasia from Klingon terrorists, Avark and Ariana started forming a relationship. He has fallen madly in love with her, and it continues to grow stronger. She offers a stable anchor in his life which is something he never had before. She and Kasia are the first thing he thinks of when he wakes, and the last thing before he falls asleep at night. He loves them both and they are the center of his world. Additionally he has regained contact with a childhood friend, T'Renn, a Vulcan woman.

UPDATE SD 20503.24: Avark’s memories have been restored, following what appeared to be both a physical and psychological ‘rejection’ of the positronic brain implants, and the bionic eye implant. With help telepathically from both LCdr Keless and Dr Tru-Abaa, he was stabilized and now seems to be mostly normal. He is required to take a daily medical cocktail, labeled in the replicators as ‘Avark Medical Cocktail Alpha’, containing a 5cc dose of Cervaline, 12cc Lexorin, 2cc Olanzapine, and 20cc Vistazine 50. He is required to take this once every 23-26 hours, or will suffer rejection symptoms.

UPDATE SD 20505.09: Avark died unexpectedly on Stardate 20504.12 due to an overload in his positronic implants. The death was immediate and complete, destroying his organic brain. Afterwards, Lt Thomas Berringer (neurosurgeon on the Copernicus) successfully removed the positronic brain and saved Avark's "memories and psyche" in a computer file. Due to an anomalous computer AI (the infamous SMITH program) infecting the memory blocks where Avark's 'mind' was stored, Avark 'awakened' in the computer. On Stardate 20505.05 his psyche was transferred to a mobile holoemitter. Although he can function this way, he feels incomplete, and his program is degrading. Unless a way is found to transfer his mind back into a positronic or organic brain soon, he will die a slow death, forgetting everything he knows and everything he was over the next several weeks. On Stardate 20505.07 he was re-instated as First Officer of the Copernicus.

UPDATE SD 20511.07: During the mission to the Menthar Nebula containing the Dalmatia Supersystem, the Copernicus encountered a species known as the "Boticellans". The Boticellans had a marginally functional Iconian portal device, which had temporal properties. When the Copernicus arrived, the Boticellans had used the device twice. The first was to take a Midshipman Rayne, freshly graduated from Star Fleet academy several years earlier, and bring him to their planet to help them develop a warp drive. The second was to bring Cadet Avark, 3rd year Star Fleet Cadet, to their planet to also assist. This "bio-Avark" and Rayne found their way to Copernicus, and Avark subsequently went on an away mission to Warhol with Cdr Lacey and others to restore the planetary gravity control system. Meanwhile, holographic Avark ("holo-Avark") had gone to Boticelli and been sent over 700 years into the past along with Lt Traci Talazac. They were stranded on Earth in the late 17th century, where they developed a romance and tried to live a normal life. Traci eventually went back to Warhol via an Iconian portal but it failed to send holo-Avark. He lived the 700+ years, keeping a low profile as much as possible, and eventually found his way to Dalmatia a few years before Copernicus' mission there. He integrated with the Guardian program, as his own holoemitter was failing. And eventually the universe in it's infinite abilities to self-correct for the paradox, transferred his memories to bio-Avark (hereafter referred to as just "Avark") and terminated the holo-Avark program, repairing the guardian with it's subroutines. Avark now has the memories of everything that happened to the original Avark and holo-Avark, however still has much of the psyche and views of the young 21-year-old cadet. He is madly in love with Cdr Lacey, and their recent split-up has caused him much dismay. He still has memories of his feelings for Talazac, however it's just a memory and there is no feeling attached to it inside him.

UPDATE SD 20602.02: Having sorted out his feelings, Avark embarked on a personal mission based on some information he received. He went to Acamar III to try to find the truth about what happened to his parents. On the mission, he was joined by LCdr Christopher Wylie and Lt Ohm. The three had quite a dangerous and exciting adventure, and Avark gained much useful information about his parents. Although he didn’t find them, he knew that they were (at least at that time) still alive, and he suspected that they would be kept so until Kalok had Avark under his control. Immediately upon his return to SBA, Avark met with his fiancé, Ariana Lacey. They were wed the very same day. See below for the details of these events.

UPDATE SD 20606.11: Avark left the position of First Officer on Stardate 20603.15. He took a leave of absence following some personal problems. After returning, he served in support as a diplomat until recently being given the title of First Contact Specialist. He has also resumed duty as ACTING First Officer of USS Copernicus.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security and Tactical – notably lacking in any command-related training. He plans to pursue this at a later time.

UPDATE SD 20412.21: Avark has finally taken the class and been command certified during this shore leave
Academy Minor(s): Engineering and Medicine
Hobbies and Pastimes: Meditation (Vulcan style), spending time with Susan, holodeck training and exercise programs.

Avark likes to study various art forms during his downtime. It relaxes him and helps him in his meditations. He was taught some of the Vulcan meditation techniques by a neighbor of his when he was a child. She taught him to be able to block out the outside world and many of its distractions. He now spends an hour or so each day in private meditating. Usually he does this following his physical workout time.

UPDATE SD 20412.21: Avark enjoys spending his spare time with Kasia and Ariana, and has been neglecting his meditation lately.

UPDATE SD 20503.24: Avark has given up his meditation, finding that he no longer needs or even desires it. Now his off-time is focused on his family.

UPDATE SD 20511.07: Avark now has a son. Add this to his duties for Star Fleet and his desire to re-ignite his relationship with Cdr Lacey, and it leaves little time for hobbies. However he still practices muQ'bara' and other forms of Klingon calisthenics and meditation. He has not as of this time resumed his Vulcan meditation.

UPDATE SD 20602.02: Having just married Ariana Lacey, Avark is excited to start this new phase of his life! He spends as much of his free time as he can with her and his family now
Short-Term Goals: Avark is the first of his family to formally join the Federation and Star Fleet. His father was a little bothered by it, as the family has always maintained very strong Klingon ties. His father reluctantly accepted his son’s decisions but there is still tension. His mother was in full support of his decision and has promised to visit him for his graduation from the academy. Both have encouraged him to follow their leads professionally, but Avark is more interested in security than either of their careers. He wishes to become an important member of a security team either at headquarters or on one of the larger battlecruisers-- starships, of the Federation. That in mind, he spent much of his last few years studying Federation law and law enforcement techniques, as well as unarmed combat.

UPDATE SD 20401.19: As COS of the USS Titan, Avark has exceeded his original goals. His new goals are to be in charge of a larger security force, perhaps on a starbase or a battle cruiser or battleship; and to achieve the Second Officer or even First Officer position.

UPDATE SD 20403.26: Avark hopes to overcome the grief of the death of his mate and his unborn child. He also hopes to work with LCdr Lacey and get to know her better as she is carrying his unborn child. He also needs to get past some psychological problems he’s experienced of late.

UPDATE SD 20410.25: Avark has achieved the position of First Officer aboard USS Copernicus. An achievement he is proud of, and one that he hopes will serve him well. He doesn’t remember how he got to his rank, and doesn’t remember most of the last few years of his life at all. His next short-term goal is to obtain some command-level training. It is something he never did at the academy, and has meant to. It was supposed to be done as soon as he achieved the rank of LCdr, but he never got there. Now that he’s First Officer, it is imperative.

UPDATE SD 20412.21: Avark has completed command training. His goals now are to focus on his family, and do the best he can as FO of the Copernicus.

UPDATE SD 20503.24: Avark’s goals are now to become the best First Officer the fleet has ever seen, and to balance that with being the best father he can to Kasia and the best life-mate to Ariana. He’s also coping with the changes in himself since his most recent surgery.

UPDATE SD 20505.09: Avark's current goal is to be 'revived' in some way. He is working with the Science and Medical people on a way to create a new body (clone) for him and to have his 'mind' transferred back into it. As he doesn't at present need sleep, he does this during his off-duty time. Once he has found a way to be restored he will resume his prior goals.

UPDATE SD 20511.07: Avark's goal is to command a warship, and live a glorious life on the front lines of conflicts. Balanced with this is his desire to be with and protect his family, which are priority. So he'd be happiest in a well-armed and defendable warship patrolling or protecting the Federation. He feels that with his 743 years of memories, he is the ideal candidate to command a powerful ship and carry out important missions.

UPDATE SD 20602.02: Avark has also now taken on the personal quest of finding his parents and liberating them to somewhere that they can be safe; and for avenging their abduction.

UPDATE SD 20606.11: In addition to his personal goals, Avark has one short-term career goal. COMMAND of a warship. It is the one thing he would leave his family for if the opportunity arose
Long-Term Goals: Eventually, Avark would like to grow into a command-level position where he can fully utilize what he believes to be his natural abilities. He has always managed to be the ‘leader’ as he grew up, and wants to apply that to his Star Fleet career. Avark would first like to rise through the ranks and perhaps be the Security Chief for a large vessel or installation to prepare him for this position.

UPDATE SD 20410.25: Avark is now First Officer of Copernicus. His next major goal is to someday achieve command of a Battle cruiser, Frigate, Light Cruiser, or Battleship.

UPDATE SD 20503.24: Avark’s long-term goal is to marry Ariana, continue their family, and to become Commanding Officer of a warship.

UPDATE SD 20511.07: Avark still wishes to marry Ari, once they get their current crisis resolved. He wants to raise his family and contribute as much as he can to the success of the Federation, including finding a way to thwart the goals of his evil Uncle Kalok.

UPDATE SD 20602.02: Avark has married Ariana at last! His largest professional goal is to still command a vessel, although now he recognizes that such an endeavor could lead him away from his family and that is not acceptable. He is especially not keen on commanding a smaller vessel, or a vessel apt to see direct combat. This conflicts with his natural instinct to do so, but his desire to protect and be with his family is much greater than any instinctual need for battle, a sign that he has truly begun to adapt to a life in human society
Personality: Externally, Avark appears to be aloof and distant, and very formal. He comes across as being suspicious of people initially. Once he gets to know them, they see a very ‘un-Klingon’ aspect of friendliness and joviality; and to a very few, the softer inside of his personality.

UPDATE SD 20410.25: Avark has just gone through a major shift in personality. The suspicion, impulsiveness, aloofness, is all gone. Now he is formal most of the time, except with those very close to him, and is much softer and more logical, at times sounding almost Vulcan. There is a reason for this, as he has studied Vulcan techniques much. He is extremely non-violent as well now.

UPDATE SD 20412.21: Avark is now much more of a pacifist than ever before. He views violent action as the failure of diplomacy. However when forced, he uses violence efficiently, swiftly, and with the maximum force.

UPDATE SD 20503.24: Since remembering almost everything, and after his present surgery, Avark has become more like his original self albeit without some of the violence he previously exhibited.

UPDATE SD 20511.07: Avark's personality is much more like it was when he was a cadet at the academy. However it's tempered by his vast knowledge and experience. This has led to some arrogance on his part, as he believes that with his memories and experiences his methods and beliefs are unquestionable by anyone who lacks such a background.

UPDATE SD 20602.02: Avark has calmed a LOT in just a short time. His passions run high, however this is tempered by his desire to protect his family and serve Star Fleet to the best of his ability. He is much more apt now to think out his options before acting, however he will still be impulsive when something happens that overwhelms him
Sense of Humor: Avark is not prone to humor. However he can appreciate a good joke as long as it’s relatively direct. He finds most human forms of humor and sarcasm to be odd and offensive.

UPDATE SD 20410.25: With the changes in his personality, Avark now finds most humor to be very odd and unsettling. He can laugh at things, but not the usual things. He finds humor in small things.

UPDATE SD 20503.24: Most of Avark’s prior sense of humor, such as it was, has returned.

UPDATE SD 20511.07: Humor is a way to be indirect. Indirectness is unfavorable. Avark prefers people to be blunt, direct, and always honest. Not doing so tends to cause him to be--irritated
Phobias: As a child Avark feared Tiberian Bearcats. He saw one once in a zoo as a very small child, and always feared them after that. Of course he’d never admit to such a fear now. Now his biggest fear is that of failure—specifically with losing a fellow officer during an away mission. This fear was exposed and strengthened during his first away mission when LCdr Sykes, his First Officer, was killed—Avark blames himself on the grounds the he should have been able to save the man.

UPDATE SD 20403.26: Avark has developed a major fear of losing those close to him as a result of the loss of his life-mate. He obsesses about protecting those around him, even to their own discomfort and inconvenience.

UPDATE SD 20410.25: Avark, having forgotten the events above save those from his childhood, has change in this way. He fears a failure which results in harm to others. He still has the Klingon beliefs in honor and fairplay, but looks at things in a non-combative way now. And he actually FEARS combat, for the dangers it inherently brings.

UPDATE SD 20412.21: Avark's largest fear in the world now is that something will happen to harm Ariana and/or Kasia. He fears especially his uncle and the ramifications of that relationship.

UPDATE SD 20503.24: Avark really has one major fear, apart from something happening to Kasia and/or Ari. And that is that his brain implants will cause him more trouble. He really wishes he’d never had his life saved—twice.

UPDATE SD 20505.09: Avark's biggest fear at this time is that his matrix will degrade too much to save him and his memories before they find a way to get him a new body.

UPDATE SD 20511.07: Avark's ONLY fear in the galaxy is that Ari won't accept him for who he has become. He has no other reasonable fears, as he feels he knows everything...

UPDATE SD 20602.02: Avark is scared to death of something happening to hurt his family. Because of what has happened with his parents, he has realized just how fragile life can be… and he’s afraid that he’ll lose his family somehow
Likes: This is where Avark is not very Klingon. He tends to like music, specifically archaic Terran music. And he also likes the theater. He was often mocked by other Klingon teens when he was growing up for his desire to be involved in theater and dance, but became quite adept at moving his large frame and was a very successful dancer. He often hums tunes to songs that catch his fancy, mostly Terran jazz and big-band, but sometimes Klingon tunes as well—he has also recently discovered Terran ‘country’ music. On a more ‘normal’ level for his people, he is very interested in studies of Kahless and his conquests; and also in use of many archaic types of weapons, both Klingon and Terran. Perhaps from his mother’s side he got the interest in dis-assembling and re-assembling these, and he’s become quite adept at repairing most hand-held weapons. And despite his feelings that human females are too fragile and soft for him, he finds himself gravitating more and more toward them as companions. Most of his closest friends are, in fact, non-Klingon, and several of them are human or Vulcan.

UPDATE SD 20410.25: Avark’s interests have changed some. Mostly in that he now doesn’t understand exactly why he collected weapons before. He can see no logical purpose for collecting that which he’ll likely never use.

UPDATE SD 20412.21: Avark's interests have expanded to spending time with his family, Kasia and Ariana. He finds time with them to be the most precious parts of his life.

UPDATE SD 20511.07: Avark's new son is a major interest of his. He enjoys spending time with his whole family--whenever he can. He also has recently regained his desire to push his physical body to its limits and beyond in training
Dislikes: Avark, due to his upbringing near the border, has a suspicion of Romulans. In fact he bounces between friendship and suspicion of his friend and former First Officer, Vaebn Tei. He also finds anyone who is not direct and honest, or who finds life too humorous, to be offensive.

UPDATE SD 20403.26: Avark despises Cardassians—especially those who are a member of Cardassian military.

UPDATE SD 20410.25: Avark doesn’t have any strong dislikes, except anyone who is not honest and candid and direct. He also doesn’t like anyone who is violent or harms others in any way.

UPDATE SD 20412.21: Avark is beginning to truly dislike the Empire and what it presently stands for. He despises his uncle and the "new Klingons" which have come to power. They prey on the weak and incapable and he finds it loathsome.

UPDATE SD 20503.24: In addition to the above, Avark HATES sickbay (who doesn’t?). He will avoid going there, and will never willingly see a medic again... he’d rather die than have them ‘fix’ him again.

UPDATE SD 20511.07: Avark hates sickbay, notably Nurse Eliisa Aalto. He will not go back there under his own power--ever. His feelings for Cardassians are also very strong again--however not like they were a year and a half ago
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Avark can’t stand people who talk idly—who use words but say little or nothing—Avark’s most Klingon trait is his method of communication—direct and blunt. And if someone is not that way with him he quickly becomes irritated.

UPDATE SD 20410.25: This appears to not have changed, except that instead of irritated, he just loses interest in the person and subject very quickly.

UPDATE SD 20511.07: Avark has no patience for incompetence--at any level. He knows he's not infallible, but feels that others have a lot to learn from him and his vast experience. As such, he'll tell others how to do things without hesitation, and will get very annoyed if they don't follow his orders exactly
Bad Habits or Vices: Avark’s worst habit seems to be Blood Wine. Other alcohols he does fine with, but he seems to have no control with Blood Wine. If he has a mug, he has a bottle, and if he has a bottle, he’s usually well on his way to a second and a third.

UPDATE SD 20410.25: Avark hasn’t re-explored his vices since his personality shift…

UPDATE SD 20503.24: Avark’s only real vice seems to still be his lack of control with alcohol—blood wine specifically.

UPDATE SD 20505.09: Avark has no vices at the moment as a hologram.

UPDATE SD 20511.07: Avark hasn't had a chance since re-integrating to find out if he has any new vices. Other than that, it's the same as it was before his death on Stardate 20504.12. He does tend to be very arrogant now, as he feels that with his vast experience over the centuries, others should do what he says without question
Achievements: Avark has had a pretty mellow life up to now. His greatest ‘achievement’ per se was leading the drama club in his town for the past 3 years. He was the ‘star of the shows’ for over 8 years running, starting when he was a child.

UPDATE SD 20410.25: Avark is now First Officer of USS Copernicus.

UPDATE SD 20503.24: Avark is now engaged to Commander Ariana Lacey.

UPDATE SD 20511.07: Avark has re-integrated into a new Klingon.

UPDATE SD 20602.02: Avark is now married to Ariana Lacey, and he feel this is the greatest achievement his life has ever had, and will ever have
Disappointments: Until recently, Avark was totally inept in matters of romance. Shortly after passing his ‘Right of Ascension’ he tried, very unsuccessfully to court a number of females. With the Klingon women he failed because they saw him as too mellow and too soft. With the humans and others, he was seen as a rough Klingon warrior. He had a strong crush on a friend, T’Renn, a Vulcan, when he was a young man of 14, but it was never explored due to her Vulcan background. He lost touch with her a year later when her family left Carraya IV.

UPDATE SD 20410.25: Avark is back to being mostly inept in this area, as he does not remember the events of the past year or two. His biggest disappointment now, and it’s not something he can control, is that he doesn’t remember so much, and that he missed what appears to have been a very important part of his own life.

UPDATE SD 20412.21: Avark has rediscovered romance. In his memory it's for the first time, and it is a very deep, exciting, and fulfilling. He can't imagine ever having been disappointed here. He is disappointed in his heritage in that it ties him to Kalok. He loves his people and all that they stand for, but not what these new ones do.

UPDATE SD 20511.07: Avark has no major disappointments right now, except that his beloved Ari has separated from him.

UPDATE SD 20602.02: Above disappointment is gone, as they have now married
Illnesses: Avark has never had a major illness. In fact the most major medical event in his life was the three days he hosted the Trill symbiont Trem during his voyage to Star Fleet Academy.

UPDATE SD 20403.26: Avark is currently suffering from some sort of multiple-personality disorder. The psychological problems are caused by a parasite in his brain that started growing when he was bit by an insect on Tharos III. It causes blackouts and dream-visions, and sometimes results in a darker more violent personality taking control of him. The life-form has been growing at an accelerated rate and as of this time is approximately 2 cm long and 1 cm wide, and is embedded deep in his brain stem. It consumes the chemicals and fluids in his brain, especially those from adrenaline and serotonin, and as it grows is putting pressure on his brain causing extreme headaches and blackouts.

UPDATE SD 20410.25: The parasite removed, part of his brain destroyed in combat, several “injuries” have affected Avark. He hasn’t any ‘illnesses’ as yet, other than extreme amnesia from the injuries, and a personality shift from the resulting damage. His right eye and ear are artificial, as is a part of his brain. He has limited scar tissue on his face and head.

UPDATE SD 20503.24: Avark, now with 1/3 of his brain as a positronic implant and missing his right eye, seems to be living an ALMOST normal life again. He still has strange memories, and feelings, and has to take a medical supplement every day, for life, to fight rejection of the implants. See personal history for information on the medication.

UPDATE SD 20511.07: Avark is in perfect health--just ask him
Strengths: Due to his concentration in these areas, Avark is very good with most security matters. He’s known by his peers to also be a very good mediator and is often asked to play ‘judge’ between people who don’t get along, helping them to resolve their differences. He’s physically strong, although not as much as other Klingons he’s known. His dexterity and agility are very good, helping to make up for it though.

UPDATE SD 20410.25: Having lost most of his knowledge on security and matters relating to it, Avark’s greatest strength now is his determination and ability to logically analyze a situation. UPDATE SD 20503.24: Avark’s memories have been mostly restored, and he can now remember most of his security knowledge. So this is now added to his ability to better analyze situations and act on them.

UPDATE SD 20511.07: Avark's mind and experiences. He has over 700 years of memories and experiences to draw on in any situation. This combined with his Klingon instincts, he feels, make him an excellent leader.

UPDATE SD 20602.02: Family. Being married to Ariana and having his family finally settling has given Avark a great inner strength. When he looks into the eyes of his wife, Avark feels empowered—like he can do anything
Weaknesses: Avark suffers from a slight attention deficit. He tends to be easily distracted. Although an occasional problem, he’s got it pretty much under control. The biggest problem is he becomes easily bored. When he becomes bored he starts humming or singing to himself, which sometimes distracts others. He also (and this could be a strength too) will not allow someone to “bully” someone else. Even if he’s significantly outmatched he’ll intervene and take the weaker side and help them. He tends to get himself in trouble with some of the other Klingons he knows because of this. Perhaps this explains why his friends are mostly human or Vulcan.

UPDATE SD 20410.25: Avark’s attention deficit appears to have faded, however now he has a major fear of confrontation or combat. This is a last resort. He also has lost a lot of his drive and memory of what got him to where he is.

UPDATE SD 20511.07: Avark has lost his fear of confrontation--almost to a dangerous level. He won't initiate a conflict--but he will stand his ground firmly, even after his battle may have been lost
Prejudices: Avark is suspicious of anyone who does not appear to be sincere and direct. Other than that he has no inherent prejudices except that he automatically feels that Romulans are insincere and indirect until they prove otherwise.

UPDATE SD 20403.26: Avark now has an extreme prejudice against Cardassians.

UPDATE SD 20410.25: He doesn’t remember any of the above, so his prejudices are all but gone.

UPDATE SD 20503.24: Avark now remembers all of the above, and his old prejudices have been restored, along with a fear/dislike of medical personnel.

UPDATE SD 20511.07: Avark hates sickbay, as previously stated...
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: He’s rarely out of uniform—even when off-duty. But when he is, he prefers dark colors and loose-fitting clothing
Distinguishing Features: Avark has a small scar on the top of his left hand, midway between his fingers and his wrist. It runs laterally across the width of his hand. It’s only visible when close or if he points it out. It was caused by a scratch from his pet targh when he was a child.

UPDATED SD 20410.25: Avark now sports a very noticeable (if his hair is cut or moved away from the back of his head) scar across the base of his skull. It is 5 cm across the center of his neck/skull line. Additionally, his right eye is artificial and therefore has a slightly unnatural look to it, especially as one can see it re-focusing. And he has a thin line, looking almost like a wrinkle line, from the bottom of his right ear to his nose, and then up the side of his ridges on his forehead, from where the new skin was grafted on. He has refused cosmetic surgery to correct this.

UPDATED SD 20412.21: The scars have mostly faded. There is a thin line from his ridge above his right eye, down the side of his nose, across his cheek bone and going back under his hair. This is where the skull was regenerated. His right eye's color is slightly grayer than his left, due to it being an artificial eye.

UPDATED SD 20503.24: Avark has no facial scars now, due to a repeat surgery where the scars were removed. He also lacks a right eye, which is covered with a black patch when he’s in public.

UPDATE 20505.09: Avark's 'image' is perfect, just as he was shortly before sustaining the above injuries, due to his being a holographic representation.

UPDATE 20511.07: Avark now has the body he had when he was in the Academy, so everything listed above is back to the original
Pets: None
Friends: Imrix Trem. Avark and Trem share a bond that transcends normal friendships.

UPDATE SD 20410.25: Avark does not remember Imrix at all after the incidents on the Copernicus’ last mission. See below for more info.

UPDATE SD 20503.24: Avark now remembers most of that which he lost, and considers his ‘best friend’ to be Imrix Trem, Chief Engineer of the USS Yeager. He also considers Commander Vaebn Tei and Lieutenant Commander Edward Gregg to be very close friends.

UPDATE SD 20511.07: Avark, while a hologram trapped in the 17th century, developed a romance with Lt Traci Talazac. Although he remembers these feelings, he now considers her to be just a friend, but thinks of her more as a little sister. The feelings are confusing, and have created some strife in his personal life.

UPDATE SD 20602.02: Avark has grown close in friendship to Christopher Wylie, at present COS of the Copernicus. Wylie served as Avark’s best man at his wedding, and recently shared an adventure with Avark during shore leave

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The most painful experience to date in Avark’s life is the loss of his beloved, Susan, during his first mission on the Copernicus. She was killed by a Cardassian fugitive who Avark was pursuing. The Cardassian shot her in front of Avark and Avark watched her die. She was carrying his unborn twins, one of which survived and is being carried by LCdr Ariana Lacey.

UPDATE SD 20410.25: Avark’s most painful experience was waking up and finding out that he had a child about to be born that he didn’t remember, nor did he remember his lost love, nor did he remember anything from the past few years of his life, since his very first mission.

UPDATE SD 20503.24: Avark’s memories have been restored, and he remembers all of the above. His most painful experience however is that he has nearly lost his mind, or did so, and was restored. He experienced severe mental anguish and still does as a result of the incident, and the following ‘treatments’ to fix him.

UPDATE SD 20505.09: Dying--again. And watching Ari grieve for him in the sensor logs. Not being able to be a 'whole' man for her or Kasia.

UPDATE SD 20511.07: After returning to being a more normal being, Avark lost his beloved Ari. She is under the belief that his holo counterparts feelings for Lt Talazac will affect him. He will find a way to fix this.

UPDATE SD 20602.02: Having his parents missing is of grave pain to Avark
Best Time: Shortly after the first mission he was on with the Titan, Avark found his first love. Sharing experiences and time with her were simply the best times he ever experienced. At this time he can’t imagine anything ever making him feel that way again.

UPDATE SD 20410.25: Avark has no recollection of this, therefore his best memory is his time in his teenaged years, where he learned some of the Vulcan ways with his best friend, T’Renn.

UPDATE SD 20412.21: Avark's best time is now—on shoreleave with Ariana and Kasia. He is discovering a wonderful world with the two of them, and they have given him new reasons to live and thrive.

UPDATE SD 20503.24: Avark has memories back of his earlier life, however he feels that the best time of his life is now, as he has a wonderful family, and enjoys being First Officer of the USS Copernicus—even if it is shameful not to be on a warship.

UPDATE SD 20602.02: Avark has just entered what he believes will be the best time of his life
Most Crucial Experience: If I have to pick one experience, then it’s probably the temporary joining with the Trill symbiont Trem. It offered Avark a chance at emotional development and growth that few Klingons—few people really—ever get. He still experiences ‘flashbacks’ from the experience and from Trem’s previous hosts, and it has allowed him to look at the world differently.

UPDATE SD 20503.24: Avark’s recent surgeries have changed him in ways he is just discovering. But his injuries and ensuing treatments have had a very serious effect on his psyche.

UPDATE SD 20505.09: Dying--again. Avark realizes now how precious and valuable life is... and wants to be restored to being a 'full Klingon' so that he can share it with Ari and Kasia.

UPDATE SD 20511.07: Becoming one again. Now that Avark is physically whole again and has the memories of several lifetimes, he feels he has a new perspective on life, and that the experiences that led him here will make him a better person in time
Role Model: As of right now, Avark doesn’t have a clear-cut role-model. He had an uncle that served in the Klingon Defense Forces who influenced his desires to serve early on, but when the time came, he decided on Star Fleet after a vessel visited his homeworld of Carraya IV.

UPDATE SD 20410.25: Right now, Avark’s role model is Lieutenant Commander Ariana Lacey in many ways. She has shown an inner strength and a kindness which he finds very attractive and that he wants to emulate, to be a better person than people have told him he was before.

UPDATE SD 20503.24: Captain Godard would be his closest role model right now. He looks up to her as a Commanding Officer, and hopes to ‘learn the ropes’ from her so that he can be the best Commanding Officer possible.

UPDATE SD 20511.07: No doubt here. Captain Godard and Cdr Lacey are his role models

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 20307.21 Awarded Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Security Officer Star Fleet Academy 20307.21 Promoted to Ensign Ensign
Security Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 20307.21 Assigned to USS Titan, CL-2007
Security Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 20308.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Security Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 20308.01 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Junior Grade
Security Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 20310.01 Promoted to Lieutenant Lieutenant
Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Security Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 20311.07 Officially changed name from avarQ to Avark to better fit with Federation society
Chief of Security USS Titan, CL-2007 20311.07 Promoted to Chief of Security
Chief of Security USS Titan, CL-2007 20312.02 Awarded Diamond Star Diamond Star
Chief of Security USS Titan, CL-2007 20401.01 Awarded Player Character of the Year Player Character of the Year
Chief of Security USS Titan, CL-2007 20402.01 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander
Chief of Security USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 20402.08 Transferred to USS Copernicus, GSC-9035
Chief of Security USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 20404.01 Awarded Star Fleet Distinguished Service Globe Star Fleet Distinguished Service Globe
Chief of Security USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 20405.01 Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
Chief of Security USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 20406.01 Promoted to Commander Commander
Chief of Security USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 20409.01 Awarded Star Fleet Distinguished Service Globe Star Fleet Distinguished Service Globe
First Officer USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 20411.21 Promoted to First Officer
First Officer USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 20501.01 Awarded Subplot of the Year Subplot of the Year
First Officer USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 20501.31 Awarded Night of the Viper Campaign Medal Night of the Viper Campaign Medal
First Officer USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 20512.01 Awarded Star Fleet Distinguished Service Globe Star Fleet Distinguished Service Globe
First Officer USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 20601.01 Awarded First Officer of the Year First Officer of the Year
First Officer USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 20605.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
First Officer USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 20702.20 Died
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal 1
Diamond Star Diamond Star 1
Star Fleet Distinguished Service Globe Star Fleet Distinguished Service Globe 3
Campaign Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Night of the Viper Campaign Medal Night of the Viper Campaign Medal 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 2
First Officer of the Year First Officer of the Year 1
Player Character of the Year Player Character of the Year 1
Subplot of the Year Subplot of the Year 1

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