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Yeager Atranth
Career Occupation
Academy Instructor
Star Fleet Academy
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
160 lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Light to Dark Brown with season
Short on sides, longer bangs swept upward, out of field of view.
Athletic, thin
Pale, some freckles
Low Tenor, melodious
United Federation of Planets
New Halana
Familial Relationships
Tyee Atranth
Nalia Atranth
Status of Parents:
Alive, but separated
Sister, Ensis (26yrs), Willis (25yrs), Tanith (17yrs)
Marital Status:
Married, S’uevok Triael
Rye (7yrs), Sureik (5yrs), Gemma (3yr)

Personal History

The early years of the first child of the two Atranth’s were spent in bliss, he was kept behind the curtain of his parents arguments. As two theoretical scientist, and engineers they spent much of their time debating over theories and equations. Tanitha was born two years later after Yeager fulfilling one of the many needs of the Halanan of touch. When Willis was born only a year later, Yeager’s parents believed that he would solidify their bond. Two years passed before Tyee was recruited to Star Fleet’s Starbase Alpha to work and design ship refits, while Nalia decided to stay on New Halana. Ensis and Willis traveled between the two parents for about a year before they decided for Tyee to raise them on Earth. Yeager was raised with Tyee during the entire time.

Yeager, from a young age exhibited extreme interest in building things, from small wooden naval vessels, to small Federation and Vulcan starships intricately labeled, with decks and chairs, and quarters. He would make these things initially out of whatever he could find, eventually he had to be given a steady supply of wood, and materials to continue to build his things without disrupting and destroying the daily household life by making his own materials out of their furniture.

Earth was much different to the paradise planet that Yeager had left at the age of six. Earth was much more diverse, and rugged, a concept he hadn’t yet experienced on New Halana. His father had secured a house overlooking the famous city on the San Bruno mountain. Yeager enjoyed the large back window staring out unto the shuttles flying in and out of the city campuses. However, because his father was away at so many different times that Yeager had to start taking care of his younger siblings. While this trained him in the basic care of others it also lead him into a stage of depression that lasted until high school. Once he became more active in High school (sophomore second year), the depression seemed to fade away; with the combination of exercise and new friends.

Even though his parents were officially separated, that didn’t stop them from seeing each other. And also bearing another child a year later, in Yeager’s high school years: Tanitha. The newborn was to live with Nalia until high school, where she would be sent to Earth like her siblings.

Yeager’s early high school life began for the worse. His first year was pure failing grades, solely due to lack of caring. During his second year the young adolescent was forced into a sport in an attempt to give him something to look forward too. First there was Tennis, then Cross Country, then fùtbal (futbol, football) and then lacrosse, biking, and lastly with volleyball. Not only did the Halanan excel at most of these sports, but because he was in them, he was forced to bring up his grades before he was allowed to play in any competitive games. This not only worked on Yeager but also on his father Tyee. Because Yeager began having less time to help and care for his siblings, Tyee had to adjust his schedule to see his family more often.

When high school was coming to an end Yeager had to decide where to go. He attended several university visits, and eventually went to university visit regarding his father’s work: Star Fleet. He had also thought of Star Fleet as a military career, with orders being given onboard ships as well as, the hierarchy of ranks being distributed. However the academy wasn’t anything like that. Cadets enjoyed their time learning about stellar anomalies, and piloting. There weren’t any military drills or buzz-cut instructors wanting to push the Cadets buttons. In fact, most of the instructors seemed genuinely nice, and most would blend in with the regular cadets were it not for their different uniforms. Not only that, but now Yeager finally knew where the shuttles were always heading, to the Academy located tucked away under the Golden Gate bridge. Yeager put down all his other reservations to apply for Star Fleet.

After being scarcely accepted, due to his High School First year’s transcript, Yeager pursued the Engineering branch of Star Fleet. Yeager was especially drawn toward warp cores, the source of the Federations exploration abilities, the soul of the ship. Engineering was ‘logical’ to him. It made sense and excited him to the point of following through in several subjects of engineering.

During his studies he met a young Vulcan, S’uevok. She was a Science officer studying the fields of plant life and planetary charting. Somehow, he felt naturally inclined to speak with the Vulcan girl whom seemed much more progressive socially than other Vulcans at the academy. After several classes together the two began in a relationship that quickly took shape. The two married during their time at the Academy, and were even assigned to the same ship, the USS Explorer.

Yeager began as a junior engineer on the ship mainly dealing with small repairs that the Senior Officers “didn’t have the time for.”, of course once Yeager repaired these systems, and then improved on them, there soon began to be no small systems to repair. About a year into his expedition on the ship, the Chief Engineer suffered a devastating injury from an accidental phaser misfire, about a week before the Midshipman had been promoted to Ensign. The Engineer was relieved of his position and moved to a medical facility. While Yeager wasn’t picked for the Chief position, the new Chief James Hudson saw his talent and made him the Chief Engineering Assistant, and eventually promoted him once more to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Him and James developed a strong friendship through hard work, and enjoyable down time away from the core. James even made Yeager his best man at his wedding. Yeager served on the Explorer until him and his wife made the decision to leave to raise their new family on Earth.

S’uevok and Yeager after some time married agreed to have their first child: Rye. Raising the newborn onboard the Explorer wasn’t much of a challenge. Between the two parents they would alternate taking care of their child when the other’s schedule was busy. After two years raising Rye they had their second child Sureik, named after S’uevok’s father. Still they were able to take care of the two children without hesitation. S’uevok in light of now having two children, requested her duty roster to be shifted to accommodate her family. Shoreleave became stressful taking care of their children, Yeager and S’uevok wanted their children to have some love in nature and thus had to take greater leaps to make sure their family made it to a planet instead of a Starbase.

After spending several years on the Explorer S’uevok and Yeager had their third child, Gemma. Both parents agreed that a ship was not the best place to raise their growing family. So after debating where to go from there, they settled on Earth where they both could pursue their jobs.

Still pursuing a career in Star Fleet, Yeager applied for SBA, and Utopia Planitia, eventually accepting a temporary spot at Star Fleet Academy while they found a new instructor for a retiree. Rather sooner than later, Yeager fell into the role of teaching and helping others. As well as having great new-age conversations with new Cadets. S’uevok was the one who introduced him to Yulianna Rickstove, an Instructor’s assistant at the Academy. Yeager spoke with her many times and learned about some aspects of the Academy. Yulianna eventually became a part of the Atranth joining them (and James when he was on shoreleave) on most of their leisurely activities.

When the family moved to Earth, Yeager and S’uevok decided it would be best to show their children around the planet to get them use to the many differing environments. While starships could make projections of places like Vulcan, and Halana, they could not truly replicate places like Uluru, and Mount Fuji. They also couldn’t teach about history or real life, as they were just all holograms, no one feared them. Thus Yeager and S’uevok, now residences of Earth decided to go to several important places. Yeager made sure that they visited the ancient cities of the long dead Carthaginian Empire. While the family was exploring Carthage the, ancient Capital, the family encountered a Fennec Fox most interested in the family. So interested that it followed them around and finally sneak into Sureik’s day pack while they rested. At that point they almost had no choice but the keep the small fox, of course the large ears and adorable face helped the fox’s reason to stay. The next animal they found was in the Australian mountains, while visiting the mountain Uluru five months after Carthage. Gemma, still fumbling with words found an injured wallaby curled in the cracks of a rock. Once the family took the poor wallaby in for care they waited in the area until someone could take care of it. Eventually submitting to a lack of patience, and the constant pleading from the children they took that animal home as well.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Warp Theory, Starship design
Academy Minor(s): General Engineering, Transporter Specialization
Hobbies and Pastimes: Sports, reading to his children.
Short-Term Goals: Get his first born through Primary school.
Long-Term Goals: Create a Starship
Personality: Happy, unless it is really gloomy weather, energetic, free-spirited.
Sense of Humor: Laughs at virtually anything now.
Phobias: None
Likes: Being active, philosophical discussions
Dislikes: Liars, crab and squid.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: The one person who snaps their gum in the back of the class.
Bad Habits or Vices: Grabs thumbs together when nervous.
Achievements: Winning the MVP in Lacrosse, Third Year
Disappointments: Never seeing his mother after leaving.
Illnesses: None
Strengths: Mathematics, debating.
Weaknesses: Cute animals, art, drawing.
Fears: His wife’s really cold side
Prejudices: None
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Warm layers, to combat the Bay Area’s weather, or athletic gear.
Distinguishing Features: Circular birthmark on wrist
Pets: Fennec Fox (Lily, 2yrs), and a Rock Wallaby (Ryon, 1yrs)
Friends: Yulianna Rickstove, James Hudson

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Late Primary School, Early High School.
Best Time: His traveling with his family.
Most Crucial Experience: The time aboard the USS Explorer.
Role Model: N/A

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