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Xeriean Astell
Astell 01.jpg
Career Occupation
Science Officer
USS Philadelphia, FSV-66053
Time on Site:
Longevity Medal 8
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Xeriean R'esiea Astell
185 cm (6 ft. 1 in.)
83 kg (183 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Dark Brown/Black
Depends on season, long tied in a ponytail in winter, short fade in summer.
Rather lean, stocky
Olive tone
Facial Hair:
Tenor with rolled ‘r’s and flat ‘s’s.
United Federation of Planets
Familial Relationships
S’enna (Deceased)
Adoptive Father:
Xanthe Astell, Teram Astell
Levra Y’veldra
Marital Status:

Personal History

Originally born on Vulcan, just outside the capital of ShiKhar, in the year 2370, R’esiea’s parents were avid researchers in both medical science and advancements in nano-technology. Vulcan’s lab was the best they could ask for in their search for nano-science, yet their advancements seemed inadequate. Much unlike most Vulcans, T’ska and S’enna had a thirst for new information, and a drive to expand the fields of science. Needless to say, to expand their research, Vulcan was but a pit stop on their adventures.

The family would explore many places at first collecting research from places such as Earth, Jupiter station, Edo, Betazed, Trill; yet as most practicing doctors would attest, they would have rather make use of their skills. The medical science pulled from these places brought the family to understand that their knowledge had to be put into practice.

At this point, conflict with the Dominion had already begun, leaving the Federation’s medical resources at a critical point for planets far away from Deep Space Nine. The family transitioned to Bolarus IX where R’esiea’s younger sibling, Y’veldra was born. Just as Vulcan was a brief respite for R’esiea, Bolarus would be the same for Y’veldra. The family once again moved, this time to Bajor, the need for doctors was increasing leaving, their prospering nano-technology research behind as skilled hands were needed.

In the beginning of the year 2375, T’ska and S’enna became caught in the crossfire of a skirmish outside of the Chin’toka system, unable to escape the Dominion forces their shuttle was critically hit, with S’enna dying upon the impact of fire. T’ska was found a few days later unconscious. R’esiea and Y’veldra on Bajor were left alone with no family to speak of. The conflict with the Dominion that had left the Federation in disarray on their border, meant that R’esiea and Y’veldra had no safety net.

T’ska, while not dead, remained in a coma. Neural trauma, in conjunction with massive skeletal damage meant that S’enna had a low chance of recovery, especially with how limited the Federation could repair her. But without knowing of her children, R’esiea and Y’veldra were to tough it out themselves.

Bajoran’s who had become curious as to their neighbor’s whereabouts found the two children alone and near starvation. With no parents in sight, the Bajorans brought them to an orphanage.

The Vulcan children were too little to have the full training afforded to their race, and thus their mental fortitude was absent and their emotional barriers non-existent. It did not take long however for their adoption. Only after a year, a Starfleet Betazoid by the name of Xanthe and his Bajoran lover; Teram brought both children into their home still on Bajor.

Neither R’esiea nor Y’veldra spoke of their parents out of pure confusion mostly. They did not originally know that their parents had been in an accident and so they were told that they were killed.

R’esiea, began school on Bajor, only for Xanthe to be called back to duty in the wake of the Second Federation-Romulan War. When Xanthe had returned, R’esiea was ten. R’esiea in his schooling was generally uninterested, the schooling on Bajor was still under repair after the occupation so the things being taught to the Bajoran children were things that R’esiea had learned in his own time. News of Cardassia’s deposition of the Detapa council worried their adoptive parents, but not enough to send them off world just yet. It was around this time that R’esiea began to feel somewhat out of place on Bajor, and so the Bajoran kids felt the same with a bit of ostracization. He asked Teram for a Bajoran name, and then Xanthe for some names as well. They took on the names Xeriean and Levra. Xeriean would learn soon in his adolescence that this was only a substitute to solve the problem, and that he would have to do away with his arrogance as a Vulcan.

R’esiea, or Xeriean now, became a little more open with himself and asked his new found parents about his biological ones. Xanthe had been told they were most likely killed in the Dominion war, and so told the children that he would keep an ear out and look into it. Yet Xeriean did not like these answers, and became increasingly frustrated with the situation. Xeriean continued to become more like a raw Vulcan in emotions and became more difficult for Xanthe and Tarem to deal with. As Tarem had no skills in adapting with children--especially Vulcan--Tarem asked Xanthe to find them a mentor.

At age fourteen, Xanthe found a Vulcan mentor for Xeriean, an agricultural scientist by the name of T’fet. He agreed to help Xeriean and Levra because of Tarem who had been an important asset to T’fet’s own research. T’fet began to teach the children to control their emotions as well as their telepathic abilities; T’fet however only referred to Xeriean and Levra by their original Vulcan names, refusing to call them anything else. Xeriean began to falter more, as T’fet only would teach them more if they had passed their previous trials. Xeriean began to grow a fervent dislike for the man, whilst Levra gave up entirely. Xeriean would learn to act and deceive T’fet to the point that T’fet believed he was eligible to continue training. T’fet stayed on for a few years, even with Xeriean trying to get his adoptive parents to basically dismiss him. Alas, to no avail. A continuing dislike of the man led Xeriean to distance himself from T’fet.

As his adolescence began its waning years, Xeriean finally began to make friends, and travelled back and forth between Bajor and Deep Space Nine. One such friend was a Human by the name of Hiro Saido. Their friendship began over a mutual mulling of Quantum mechanics in school. Followed promptly by accidentally breaking one of the replicators by trying to tamper with it. A quick few hours in a holding cell while the security team made sure they weren’t trying to detonate the replicator brought the two of them into a series of deep conversations which would continue for many years. Many of the other people whom he became friendly with wouldn’t compare to how close Hiro and Xeriean would become. Soon their high school years would come to an end. Hiro planned to go to school on Trill aiming to learn everything he could about engineering. Xeriean applied as well, but he also asked Xanthe what he thought he should do; and the obvious answer from Xanthe was to apply to Star Fleet.

After high school, Xeriean went to the Trill Ministry of Science with Hiro. Xeriean was undetermined on what to do for a year before meeting the Trill Gessar Reaol, a student in spatial anomalies with a serious skill in the Human sport of Basketball. She would give Xeriean the inspiration needed to commit his doctorate to Quantum Spacetime Physics. Gessar would end up being his upperclassmen and subsequent advisor while studying on Trill. After graduation he worked at Starbase Bravo as a civilian assistant. Unfortunately, it was during the recess between General Wars so supplies to Bravo were restricted mostly to military personnel. A few years later Levra had graduated from the University of Bajor with a doctorate in Pathology, although he would go to pursue a more desired career in Art. Not only that, but the Second Federation-Romulan War would begin, and with Xeriean on the border he was forced into unpleasant situations. And the same would occur during the Borg invasion. In 2402 Xeriean would decide to join the Star Fleet on a whim, only to have to flee and hide from the Borg invasion of the Sol System.

Unfortunately, there was some bad timing between his studies and related events. Hiro and Gessar had gone into their respective fields with Hiro working for Vulcan and Gessar still on Trill. Information from the two would lead Xeriean to finding his mother, more aptly she finding him. T’ska had awoken from her coma less than a year prior during the Borg invasion, largely crippeled and having to remain in a wheelchair T’ska had returned to Bajor in search of her children or husband. She found Levra, but that meeting had been soured due to the fact that both Xanthe and Tarem would be the harborginers of awkwardness for T’ska. The Vulcan woman was not precisely welcomed to the fact that R’esiea and Y’veldra had changed their names, but was pleased that their lives had gone to waste as the ‘humans’ would have it. She was more pleased to know that T’fet, another Vulcan, had also raised her children. Her meeting with Xeriean went similarly. Xeriean and Levra did not exactly know what to feel with their mother being alive all this time, but were certainly happy that she was indeed alive. T’ska would return to Bajor and grow to learn how to live with Xanthe and Tarem, both of whom were delighted to have an avid scientist helping them. Xeriean however maintained the dislike via the attitude his mother would show Xanthe and Tarem, only adding to his dislike for his own kind.

Xeriean would temporarily leave the Academy in favor of the Vulcan Science Academy, switching places with Hiro Saido as he would go on to join Star Fleet in favor of more open resources. Gessar remained with the Trill Ministry of Science, but had come to earth on a joint study after the Borg invasion. Xeriean agreed to go back to school for the Vulcan Academy after a Vulcan professor in Astrophysics, L’oric, had gone over his research. Xeriean primarily had gone to Vulcan to collaborate on his research but would end up despising the general faculty there, while he was researching he applied to the Academy there he studied Biological nanotechnology. L’oric was somewhat just shy of a standard Vulcan and whilst largely emotionless was far more open and less ego-centric. After about two years and several published volumes of information Xeriean left Vulcan, leaving on good terms with L’oric, and traveled back to Earth. From there Xeriean worked as a professor of Physics at the University of Stanford. There he met many bright and talented individuals and networked many colleagues on Earth. Gessar would end up teaching at California Polytechnic University, and would continue to work with Xeriean. As conflict would continue to arise in the Federation most schools across the Federation not associated with Star Fleet would be hard fought in obtaining resources and permits for their research and studies. In 2411 the Krynar attacked. Levra had been off world, on Risa, however, Xanthe, Tarem and T’ska had been stuck on Bajor. Xeriean remained teaching, hampered by the loss. Approached by a Federation Commodore by the name of Hemlock, Xeriean and his upper-division students were recruited as civilians to study gravimetric and spatial anomalies. Whilst they weren’t aware, they were given science readings concerning the Krynar attack on Bajor. The team came up empty handed with the results but made strides in the field. At this time Bajor has reappeared, further stumping the crew. Xeriean would work at Stanford for another two years. When the Rannoch Wave scarred the quadrant, Xeriean had become fed up with being so far away from these major scientific events. He enlisted in Star Fleet academy, aiming to search the unknown.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Science
Academy Minor(s): Biological Nanotechnology, Astrogeology, Xenobiology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading, Cooking, Going to the Science Lab
Long-Term Goals: Finding a way to help T’ska stand again.
Personality: Stern, rather rigid and uncompromising towards most people. Curious, forfeiting, and open to listen.
Sense of Humor: Corse, easily humoured
Phobias: A ship full of Vulcans.
Likes: Risan Sunrises, Lab-time, the sciences.
Dislikes: Sitting still, Avocado, The colour Yellow.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Nail biting
Bad Habits or Vices: Losing self in thought.
Achievements: None
Disappointments: The lack of effort he put into asking about his parents earlier.
Illnesses: None
Strengths: Curiosity, loyalty, willingness to aid.
Weaknesses: Arrogant
Fears: The Return of the Borg
Prejudices: Vulcans

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The Reunion with his mother, although it was a happy reunion it was a realization that he didn’t have the connection towards his mother he wanted. //
Best Time: Studying at the Trill Ministry of Science under Gessar and with Hiro.
Most Crucial Experience: His tenure on Starbase Bravo.
Role Model: Charles Sagan, Data, Julian Bashir

Career History

Xeriean Astell
Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 22106.30 Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Science Officer USS Philadelphia, FSV-66053 22107.07 Midshipman Midshipman
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1

Supplemental Information

Previous Character: Thrace'Saimara, Maedhros'Ulreil

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