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Oliver Anthony Ashton
Career Occupation
Division Head
Pioneer Station
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Oliver Anthony Ashton
Played By:
Zephyr Praise
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Short sides, longer top, styled to the side
Muscular, built, firm
English Accent, middle to deep
United Federation of Planets
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Arthur Tiberius(53), Ruby Jane(46)
Marital Status:
Charles 'Charlie' Gavin (12), Celeste Nicole (10), Trevor Henry (8)

Personal History

Oliver was born to a already thriving family in London, England. His mother worked as a lawyer in the city and his father was a stay-at-home dad for much of his early years. He was born the youngest to Arthur and Ruby, his siblings. As the youngest he tended to be fairly wild and got away with a lot of things mostly because the parents were so busy with work or the other children. He was slapped with the name of Ollie as a toddler by his Grandmother who helped his father take care of the three kids from time to time. He hated the nickname and the cheek pinches that came with it. He swore that when the 'old bat' was dead he would never allow a single person to call him Ollie and get away with it.

When he was eight his Grandmother died and true to his promise, he never let anyone call him Ollie again. They mourned their Grandmother who, while annoying, had been a staple in their lives. Old enough now, his father returned to work as a car mechanic. He had dabbled in the garage since Oliver was small enough to tag along and Oliver was the only one interested enough to stick around. The others would head out to play but Oliver would sit on a stool in the dirty grungy garage and watch his father fixing hovercars other people needed fixed on the cheap. During school holidays his siblings would go off with friends and find things to keep themselves busy but Oliver tended to follow his father to work at the garage where he repaired hovercars for actual money. As he grew older he was full of questions and eventually his father and the men he worked with took him under their wings and began to teach him.

By twelve he was working on his own and fixing hovercars along side his father when possible. Oliver wasn't happy just knowing how to fix these either. He was always interested in more. There were those that saw his aptitude for fixing things, and he was allowed to follow that path in his schooling. Gearing towards mechanics and engineering rather than other schooling he didn't really care for and was clearly uninterested in. Once he graduated from high school he went and applied to be selected for the Starfleet Academy. He was nervous, so nervous, that he was not going to be picked. Nothing excited him more than the prospect of getting to work on the massive ships in space. However, what really drove him was the building of the engines, not so much the maintenance. He could do both, his father told him that really to do one you had to do both or you would never succeed. So he learned the ins and outs of both.

He would never forget how it felt getting the letter of his approval to join the Academy. He ran around telling every member of his family still living at home. His parents felt it was bittersweet; they were happy he had been accepted but they were sad their youngest would be going so far from home. Oliver packed his bag that night even though he didn't need to leave for a couple months yet. The next two months were the longest of his life before he finally was able to hop onto the transport to the Academy.

Having never been to America before, it was a bit of a culture shock. Seeing all the different races that had come to the Academy to learn as he had was something of a novelty that didn't wear off for weeks. His room mate was a Bajoran man that was interested in Sciences. They got into many discussions and fights over various aspects of the Federation and of course which was more crucial to a ship. They were friends and never let their fights make things too rough, but they enjoyed a good debate and he was glad for a friend during his Academy years.

After Graduation he was assigned to a ship yard. As just an Ensign he was low man on the pole but he worked harder than anyone if possible. He stayed late, worked over hours, and made friends with as many people on the deck as he could. There were people that had the experience he lacked and knew things he didn't. He was not afraid to be wrong or not know because it meant he got to ask questions and find out the answers.

Over the next decade he worked hard on the various projects he was assigned to. During one of his leaves he decided to head home and visit his family which he hadn't seen outside of messages and videos in a while. It was during this time that he was introduced to Corrine, during a family party for his arrival. She lived just down the street from his parents and was about his age. Warm, welcoming, and sweet, they hit it off rather well. She liked his scruffy and intelligent ways and he liked the way that she laughed at his really bad jokes and seemed to enjoy his company. While he was home, he took her on several dates and by the end they had decided to give long distance a go.

At first, he spoke to her every day, sending her messages as soon as he got off shift. It waned slightly as they both got busy, but they still spoke to each other a few times a week. When he had leave he would spend all his time with Corrine. Finally, during his third leave spent with her, a year and a half of dating long distance, he proposed to her on a trip to Rome. She accepted and they were married then and there in a large cathedral in Rome. Corrine and Oliver returned to the ship yards and were given a slightly larger family style Quarters they could grow into.

He worked up in the ranks as he helped build ships and other shuttles. Enjoying, very much his job of putting things together. He loved the stability of being able to go home to his wife every night unless he was asked to be on one of the construction ships to build gates or things elsewhere. But those requests were further apart and in general others without families seemed to be picked first. He was fine with that he preferred his stable life and the building that he already did.

Not everything was perfect though. When he was a Lieutenant Commander and head of the shift, he had been working on a project to bring some of the ships back to life. The battle destroyed ships had been brought to his ship yard and they were tasked with putting it back together. He had flagged and area as not to be messed with because of the fact that it was structurally unsound and needed to have him go over it and stabilize it before they could get it fixed back up. However, there were some that weren't all that great at reading warnings or paying attention to the flags that were tied at eye level precisely for this reason. One of the Engineers, a young Ensign, listening to music and going about his day began to dismantle the area that was tagged. It so happened that Oliver was standing just outside the ship at that moment and was unaware while he was in deep conversations with the Station Manager about the work load and completion times. The entire panel fell away from the busted ship and crushed him underneath it's weight. He was saved by some of the other debris allowing his vital organs to remain untouched however, his left leg was crushed underneath a massive beam.

He passed out and woke up later in Sickbay. His leg had to be amputated at the knee, but the doctors wanted to help him do a clone. That way he could have his leg back. But he didn't have time for that. Clearly, there were too many idiots on his deck and he needed to get back there as soon as possible. So instead of a clone he opted for a mechanical prosthetic and got back to work as quickly as he could. There would be the need for physical therapy and he needed to use a cane which he kind of kept up with for a while but he did not let his injury deter him from the passions of life. His wife told him it was his decision and supported him either way.

Physical therapy was hard and he never quite lost the limp. He and Corrine decided to start a family after the event. Corrine gave birth to their first son, Charles 'Charlie' Gavin. Over the next few years Corrine gave birth to Celeste Nicole and Trevor Henry. Three in all, they were happy. The older man, now growing tired of being away from his family was happy to take a position on a base. He and his family were offered the option to help build a new station. The Pioneer station. He eagerly agreed. A change of pace and getting away from the idiots of the Shipyard was just what he needed. So he uprooted the family and they boarded a ship to change their lives forever. He worked hard to make sure that the station was sound and would support not only the people on it but their lives and jobs. He was definitely in his element.

It wasn't long after the station was finished that his prowess with structural integrity and spacial construction was noted he was offered the job of Engineering Division Head which he happily took.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Engineering
Academy Minor(s): Spaceframe Construction & Development
Hobbies and Pastimes: Holoprogramming
Short-Term Goals: To keep the Pioneer station running at optimum.
Long-Term Goals: To raise good, solid children, that contribute to society
Personality: He tends to be formal until you're considered a good friend. He prefers his rank from anyone lesser than him as he's worked hard for it. He doesn't care for nicknames, and if you ask him to call you by one he's likely to ignore the request. Oliver prefers those that are professional to those that try to have too much fun and bend the rules. The rules are there for a reason. He had be a bit harsh when someone proves their lack of intelligence with their actions. However he truly approves of those that prove their mettle and takes newbies under his wing. He appreciates respect and values hard work above all else.
Sense of Humor: It's a bit dry, he doesn't laugh often, but smiles more frequently
Phobias: Failing an entire population in some way.
Likes: Holoprogramming, spending time with his children, going to public events, working, spicy food.
Dislikes: Sour things, people who don't think, vapid women, people that think they are the best at any one thing (he still believes he has things to learn), dogs.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People that treat animals as people.
Bad Habits or Vices: Chews on his fingernails when in thought.
Achievements: Being asked to be the Division Head
Disappointments: Failing to properly train the Ensign that cost him his leg.
Illnesses: None
Strengths: Structural Engineering, muscular, good with people, command situations
Weaknesses: Doesn't handle idiocy well, hates people with no goal, can't stand disrespect
Fears: Something happening to his family.
Prejudices: Self important people.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Button down shirts, rolled up sleeves, slacks or jeans. Comfortable shoes.
Distinguishing Features: Metal prosthetic, left leg, knee down. Walks with a cane.
Pets: None
Friends: Corrine (wife and best friend)

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Failing miserably at training the absent minded Ensign.
Best Time: Being picked for the Academy and more so being picked for being a Division Head
Most Crucial Experience: When his son Charlie was born.
Role Model: Father

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