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Veronika ‘Nika’ Anilova - Jennings
Career Occupation
Tactical Officer
USS Yeager, FSC-28018
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
170 cm (5 ft. 7 in.)
58 kg (128 lb.)
Eye Color:
Dark brown, almost black
Hair Color:
Chestnut brown
Mostly twist and pin hairstyles
Athletic, muscular
Exotic tan
Deep and husky, slight Russian sounding accent
United Federation of Planets
Greenwood, Canada, Earth
Familial Relationships
Sasha Anilova (55)
Andrea Tamarichov- Anilova (53)
Status of Parents:
Still married, still alive, both are retired, sold the ranch.
Tanja (26) Pilots the ‘Indefatigable’, a private heavy bulk ship
Marital Status:
Married to LT.JG Randy Jennings (27)

Personal History

===Young Life===

Veronika, or Nika as she is called, grew up in Greenwood, a small town located in the Canadian countryside. Her parents used to own a huge horse ranch, which they sold when they retired. Veronika grew up in great luxury, she was her father’s little princess. As they lived quite far from a decent school her parents decided to hire a group of private teachers instead. Her childhood was extremely pleasant and she became a good-looking, strong and intelligent kid.


During her high school lessons, Veronika, was, apart from her at times arrogant and mischievous behavior a good student, with high grades. One of the teachers she had most trouble with was her physics teacher, Mrs. Steep. Almost every class the two of them got into an argument, often caused by Veronika who was either bored or disagreeing with her teacher’s theories. Her father refused to fire the woman, till great displeasure of the teen girl. The old man knew something the girl would learn soon enough.

Mrs. Sheep, as Veronika used to call her teacher because of her grayish hair and boring stories, turned out to be very keen on the rebel student who she, in a letter to the academy marked as talented, brave, curious and extremely intelligent.

Young Adult Life

When she grew older she found her way to bars quite often and spent many evenings there; dancing, playing games and drinking a beer or two…maybe three or perhaps even four. It was in a bar that she discovered that she had talent for the martial arts. She became a professional athlete on college level. She was not interested in Tsunkatse or Anbo-Jitsu, but preferred the old style fights, containing boxing and kickboxing, pure physical strength and endurance.

Veronika has an older sister, named Tanja a good horse rider who won many youth tournaments, until the day of her 18th birthday when she fell off her horse and broke her neck. Doctors were able to fix her up completely, yet her confidence remained damaged, she never rode again. Tanja decided to change things around and met the right people; she graduated as a pilot from a private institution and found a job with a large Space Freighter Company called ‘Stardust Exodus’. She started out as co- pilot on the small freighters ‘Sparrow’ and ‘Mocking Bird’ and later also on the bulk carriers ‘Gambler’ and ‘The Delegation Prince.’ Recently she got appointed first officer on the ‘Indefatigable’, a heavy bulk ship.

It was because of Tanja’s stories and experiences that Nika decide to make it her goal to get accepted into the Starfleet Academy. That unfortunately did not go well; she got rejected the first time. The reason they gave was she was just 15 and thus too young. The year after she messed up the tests due to nerves and forgot to make two assignments.

For her third attempt she needed a letter of reference, she got one from a person she would have never asked. Mrs. Steep, who turned out to be a retired commodore. Mrs. Steep arranged that Nika was able to be allowed to make the initials and after finishing her tests with sufficient ratings, she was finally in. She would never forget the day she got the call; it was on her 18th birthday.

In Star Fleet

At the academy Veronika changed a lot. Her energy could now be used constructive instead of slightly destructive and she studied hard. The more she studied the more patient she got. Her character stabilized even more after she got married, although she kept her sense of humor and still liked to play pranks on others.

Also her participation in the MMA fights made her personality quite solid. Her confidence grew more and more. She turned out to be a promising officer. But as the saying goes every good aspect is accompanied by a bad one. Veronika started to develop slight racist insights on alien races, it seemed to have came out of nowhere and she does not always try hard to hide it as well as she should. Her husband has warned her several times that she should keep those thoughts to herself. He knows it will get her in trouble one day.

Her husband, Randy, grew up on the plains of Texas in the United States, his parents owned a training facility for race horses. For Randy every day is a new day, he forgives and forgets quickly and is a good athlete who prefers do to wall climbing and boot camp styled work outs. With his raven black hair and ocean blue eyes he manages to enchant his wife every day again. The reason why he chose to join Starfleet is a bit vague but mostly comes down to ‘it looked fun’.

In the academy curriculum Veronika chose to specialize in navigation and stellar cartography with a great emphasize on system failures and alternative methods for navigation and the command and control systems.

Besides that Nika also spend a lot of her time in communications. She specifically chose the technical side of communications instead of learning any of the foreign languages. Unfortunately her piloting skills needed some time to develop. In her first two years she did quite bad on the simulators and even managed to bump a shuttle into a base way too hard, causing only minor damage, but a big dent in her record. The accident was recorded as caused by a technical malfunction, although rumor has it Veronika blacked out. Also with weaponry she had a slow start and is probably one of the few cadets in history who actually shot herself unconscious with a hand phaser. But practice makes perfect and things improved in her final two years. She even miraculously managed to achieve a perfect score on her finals about docking procedures.

USS Yeager

Upon graduating the Academy Anilova was assigned to the USS Yeager under the command of Commander Mattiana.

Initially Veronika had a lot of problems integrating on the USS Yeager, mainly due to the high amount of alien-origin crew members. She had requested a transfer which was denied.

As a member of the USS Yeager the young midshipman got involved in the Krynar war. As part of an away- team she was beamed into a Krynar Mothership. It proved to be a very dangerous mission which might have brought in a lot of new data about these species but at the same time costed the lives of her first Officer, Tarik and a medical staff member.

Veronika doesn’t remember many details about the encounter, just the main outline of the adventure. This is due to an overreaction on the neuro-device that should have protected her from the Krynar telepathic attacks. She lost her cool and her mind on board of the Krynar ship and only has survived it because of the actions of Lieutenant JG Olsen, who brought her home safely.

After a week long recovery in sickbay, Nika recovered almost completely. The headaches faded just as the mood swings and hallucinations diminished and eventually disappeared. The only thing that did not recover was her complete memory on the events that had occurred on the Krynar ship.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Navigation and Stellar Cartography
Academy Minor(s): Ship-to-Ship Communications; Gravity Handling Procedures
Hobbies and Pastimes: Playing guitar, Mixed Martial Arts, Horse Riding, visiting bars with friends.
Short-Term Goals: Not crashing the ship into anything. Become MMA National – champion
Long-Term Goals: Becoming a teacher at the Academy in Navigation
Personality: Nika has a very strong personality, showing a great deal of confidence, which at times comes out as arrogance. She has a patient character and calm attire. For a still unknown reason Nika has a tendency to be racist against many of the races that live in the galaxy Her thoughts are at various points consistent with that of the Society of One movement that spread large scale unrest and protests a few years ago. She fears they are all conspiring against the humans and are willing to take over her planet, Earth, one day. She shows her displeasure nearly ever when in uniform, as she knows that Starfleet is all for tolerance, but sometimes she just can’t help herself. Nika is not known for spontaneous and friendly responses, hugs are rare for anyone else then her husband and family. She is known for smiling a lot, as if it is glued to her face.
Sense of Humor: She made playing pranks on people into an art, sometimes she balances on the edge of being a bully.
Phobias: Non Humanoid- Races, Wasps and darkness
Likes: Guitar Music, Beer, Martial Arts, History and Travelling
Dislikes: Many Alien Species, old grey overweight commanders
Pet Peeves or Gripes: She can’t stand people who talk about their children or husband all day long.
Bad Habits or Vices: Can be consistently racist against many species, especially Bajorans, Cardassians, Ferengi and Nausicaans. She can come over a bit stronger than intended. Nika doesn’t like to show her weaknesses.
Achievements: Became a MMA Local, Regional and National Champion
Graduated Starfleet Academy
Disappointments: Being rejected from the Academy the several times
Illnesses: Nothing major.
Strengths: Persistence, dedication, energy, patience and a positive attitude
Weaknesses: Her racial issues, a tendency to twist stories and the risk of arrogance and overconfidence.
Fears: Being placed on a ship with lots of non- humans. Being left alone afloat in Space.
Prejudices: Many…but for most that Alien species are all in on a complot against humans
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Checkered blouses, blue jeans and country styled boots
Distinguishing Features: A silver belly piercing of a star, a tattoo with the words Victory and Dream in ancient Celtic language on her lower back.
Friends: Allison Jennings- McKenzie (25), who is not only the person with whom she shared quarters at the academy, but also her sister-in-law. Allison introduced her brother Randy to Veronika which eventually led to their marriage. She herself is also married and recently gave birth to a daughter, Eveline. Besides Allison, Veronika became very keen on her classmate Elizabeth Rage. Elizabeth had been Veronika’s partner in crime at the academy, the two of them had the time of their lives; always getting in some sort of trouble and their pranks will not easily be forgotten.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Accidentally damaging a shuttle and a base whilst docking for the first time. Being part of the away team that beamed on board of a Krynar Mothership.
Best Time: The summer she spent at the academy with Randy and Allison.
Most Crucial Experience: The day she got approval on her initial thesis about a new way of navigating by the use of an ancient hour device, to prevent anomalies due to electronic interference and compass malfunctions.
Role Model: Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 20912.28 – 21401.21 Received Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Tactical Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21401.21 Promoted to Midshipman
Reassigned to Tactical Officer
Assigned to USS Yeager, FSC-28018
Tactical Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21403.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Tactical Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21404.01 Awarded Diamond Star Diamond Star
Tactical Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21404.01 Promoted to Ensign Ensign
Tactical Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21408.01 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Junior Grade
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Diamond Star Diamond Star 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 1

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