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Justine Anderson
Career Occupation
Chief Science Officer
Pioneer Station
Biographical Attributes
157 cm (5 ft. 2 in.)
51.3 kg (113 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Straight, On-Duty she wears it in a tight bun, Off-Duty she prefers to wear it in a pony tail
Typical, bordering on skinny
Ivory with Neutral Undertones
Cheery, Bubbly
United Federation of Planets
Port St. Lucie, Florida, United States
Familial Relationships
George Anderson
Heather Anderson
Jill Anderson - 31, Jessica Anderson - 31
Marital Status:

Personal History

Justine was born in Port St. Lucie in Florida. When she was 5 years old her Paternal Grandfather William Anderson passed away. It hit Justine hard as she spent quite a bit of time with him learning the planets names and viewing them through his telescope. The telescope was bequeathed to her and it became one of her most treasured possestions. Two years later her twin sisters Jill and Jessica were born, Justine was reluctent to accept the fact she was no longer an only child. As time went by she warmed up to her sisters and learned to accept that she was still loved just as much by her parents. She kept up with her love of Astronomy thanks to her telescope. Justine's favorite planet to observe was Jupiter because the patterns of the storms were so fascinating and seemingly random.

Justine was 16 years old in her highschool science class suggested she might want to look into doing something with Astronomy in a professional sense. She discussed her options with her parents and came to the conclusion that perhaps it would be a good idea to take the Star Fleet Academy enterance exam. It was one of the toughest things she had ever had to do, the enterence exam didn't just test her on Astronomy in fact there was barely any mention of it during the examination. It tested her mentally and physically and there was a time or two she wanted to quit on the spot but she perservered through it all and was admitted to The Academy. Justine deferred admittence to The Academy until she was 18 as she wanted to finish highschool first. Her time at The Academy was largely uneventful, just normal life well as normal as can be training to be a Science Officer. She graduated 6 years later majoring in Astronomy.

Her first posting was aboard USS Yeager helping to catalogue gaseous anomolies. It was an interesting time in her life, finally being among the planets and stars she had viewed her entire life. It was tougher on her sisters though as they were nigh inseperable during her teenage years. Justine took every moment she could to talk to them over sub space which helped to alleviate some of the seperation anxiety. She made friends in due course aboard the Yeager, though they were mainly work collegues with Justine preferring to study the latest Astronomical Journel. Justine spent the next few years on the Yeager eventually rising to the rank of Lieutenant.

Two years later she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and was assigned as Chief Science Officer of the USS Titan. The increase in rank and position brought an increase in responsibilites and Justine was relishing every moment. She had command of a department of her own, that left little time for her to pursue Astronomy as a hobby. It was a mission that Justine would never forget that would change her life forever. A civilian freighter was lost near a Mutara Class nebula. Justine and her team had to try and devise a new scanning method that would help cut through the interfernce generated by the nebula. They were able to eventully locate the freighter but not before pirates had found it first. The incident had profoundly affected her as she took it personally and lost sleep over it. Justine spoke to the Counselor onboard and it was determined that she be reassigned to Star Fleet Command on Earth. Eventually she found closure on the subject thanks to the tireless work of the personal at Star Fleet Medical.

It was the eve of her 38th birthday and Justine was home celebrating with her parents and sisters. It was a normal gathering until a call came in from Star Fleet, they were offering Justine a promotion that would make her a full Commander and Director of the Star Fleet Science Institute. This promotion would make her one of the youngest to serve as the Regional Director of SciCOM in the history of Star Fleet. The party was expanded to include nearly her entire extended family to celebrate her birthday and new promotion. The day after the party Justine boarded a shuttle to Pioneer Station to start her new endevour as regional head of an entire branch of Star Fleet.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Astronomy
Academy Minor(s): Computer Science
Hobbies and Pastimes: reading, Astronomy, dancing
Short-Term Goals: Set-up her new command at SciCOM
Long-Term Goals: promotion to Captain
Personality: outgoing, friendly
Sense of Humor: witty, highbrow
Phobias: snakes
Likes: Antique Telescopes, scientific journals
Dislikes: rude people
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who scuff their feet
Bad Habits or Vices: tends to absent-mindidly stare off into space when working on a problem
Achievements: Graduation from Star Fleet Academy, Promotion to Chief Science Officer, Promotion to Regional Director of SciCOM at Pioneer Station
Disappointments: couldn't save the civilian freighter in time
Illnesses: minor child hood illnesses, nothing major of note
Strengths: the ability to scan a page of text and grasp the overall tone of it
Weaknesses: remembering to take breaks when working, can be a workaholic
Fears: not seeing a poisonous snake in time and being bitten by it
Prejudices: None
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Patterned Dresses
Distinguishing Features: Freckles
Pets: none
Friends: Her twin sisters Jill and Jessica

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The day her Grandfather William died
Most Crucial Experience: taking the Enterence Exam to The Academy, if she hadn't her entire life would be different
Role Model: Her Parents

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