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Horza Aldran
Horza Aldran.jpg
Career Occupation
Tactical Officer
USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
180 cm (5 ft. 11 in.)
81.2 kg (179 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
One inch length on top, shaved back and sides
Med build, slim waist, wider shouldered. Low center of gravity
Facial Hair:
Five o'clock shadow
Softly spoken reserved
United Federation of Planets
Angosia III
Familial Relationships
Sergeant-Major Tassk (adopted)
Not known
Status of Parents:
Father alive and well, mother deceased
Marital Status:

Personal History

Horza was born on the 31st December on Angosia III. At the age of six months old he was abandoned by his parents at the gates of the Military Academy. To this date, he does not know who his were but has been informed that they died many years ago. Taken in by the Military, he trained to become a soldier from a young age.

The Angosian Military had greatly changed its forces following the revolt lead by Roga Danar in 2366, who later became elected Prime Minister. The once widely used mind control techniques and biochemical’s used to create the ultimate fighting soldiers by the Government had been forever banned and reversed by Danar, boosting his popularity within the Military Chapter and thus enabling him to become Prime Minister Elect. Following his coup, all new soldiers recruited into the Angosian Military were taught and learned conventional soldiering, including Aldran.

Horza, once he turned 16 realized his greatest dream was to travel the stars. After speaking with Sergeant-major Tassk, who had adopted Horza when he was found at the Academy steps, he was convinced to sign up for the Army, this being hopefully a means to an end to reaching Star Fleet.

He performed well over the next 7 years, finishing at a respectable standard within the Angosian Army. However his dreams of traveling the stars pushed him to apply for Star Fleet, and he resigned from the Military.

On the date of his leaving for Star Fleet, Prime Minister Danar himself visited Horza at his barracks. The once great leader was now old and frail, his tall proud frame permanently hunched forward, shoulders rounded.

Danar wished Horza luck, and informed him that the reputation of the Angosian’s rested upon his shoulders. He told him a tale of meeting an old Star Fleet Captain called Picard and Horza, taking this information on board, promised his leader that he would not fail.

Stardate 20606.27 was Horza’s graduation from Star Fleet Academy. Following this date, his career went from strength to strength, earning awards, medals and promotions. He was considered by many to be a potential for Command one day.

Then the war started with the Romulans. Driven by a desire he could not explain or fathom, Horza went AWOL whilst on shore-leave. He traveled with a small band of mercenaries to Acamar where he engaged in guerilla fighting against the occupying Romulan Forces.

Injured during a daring night-time raid, he was stretchered to a waiting transport and taken from the system, only to be stopped by a Star Fleet patrol. After the transport had been boarded, Horza was identified as being AWOL. He was arrested and spent the next six months recuperating from his injuries in a Correctional Facility.

Once his sentence was served, Horza, changed by the horrors he had witnessed on Acamar swore to re-build his faltered Star Fleet career, to put right the wrongs he had committed.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Astrophysics, Security Ops
Academy Minor(s): Command, Forensics
Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading and exercise
Short-Term Goals: To perform well in Star Fleet
Long-Term Goals: To receive a command of his own
Personality: Horza has, through his military training become quite rigid and serious. He prides himself on always considering his answers before opening his mouth
Sense of Humor: Dry and quick-witted
Phobias: None that he knows of
Likes: Exercise adn besting Klingons in the Holodeck
Dislikes: Losing any form of sport or combat to Klingons in the holodeck
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Overbearing, loud people
Bad Habits or Vices: Becomes too focused on tasks
Achievements: Graduated with Honors from Angosian Military Academy with commendations for Urban and Space Combat
Disappointments: Not knowing the identity of biological parents
Illnesses: None
Strengths: Loyalty, Honor, resilience
Weaknesses: recently following his involvement in the defense of Acamar, he acts without thinking through the consequences
Fears: Horza cannot accept failure and fears this may damage his career
Prejudices: Has a true dislike of Klingons and a hatred of Romulans
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Casual, tee-shirt and jeans
Distinguishing Features: Two inch scar on left side of face, running downwards from left temple
Pets: none
Friends: none

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Standing before a disciplinary panel following his arrest for being AWOL, and subsequently being stripped of his rank
Best Time: Meeting Prime Minister Danar before leaving for Star Fleet
Most Crucial Experience: See Best Time
Role Model: His adoptive father, Tassk

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 20606.27 Awarded Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Tactical Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 20606.27 Promoted to Midshipman
Assigned to USS Titan, CL-2007
Tactical Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 20608.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Tactical Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 20612.01 Promoted to Ensign Ensign
Tactical Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 20701.01 Awarded Gold Star Gold Star
Tactical Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 20701.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Tactical Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20811.28 Transferred to USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Tactical Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20901.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Tactical Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20901.16 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Junior Grade
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Gold Star Gold Star 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 3

Contact Information


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