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2nd Fleet
2nd Fleet Insignia
Dates: 20602.21 - Present
Allegiance: United Federation of Planets, Star Fleet
Type: Fleet
Role: Defense, Exploration, Direct Fleet Operations
Ship Classes:
Garrison: Star Base Bravo
Motto: In Omnia Paratus - Always Prepared
Commander: Cmdr Nicholas Ristone
Notable Commanders: RAdm Raymond Gage, RAdm Tam Otlan,
VAdm Joseph Daher, Cmdr Sonia Nezmah

The 2nd Fleet is one of the numbered fleets in the Federation Star Fleet. Commanded by Commodore Nicholas Ristone, the 2nd Fleet is headquartered at Star Base Bravo along the Federation-Romulan Neutral Zone. Its range of responsibility encompasses the area of Federation Space contiguous with the Federation-Romulan Neutral Zone and includes planets like Calder II, Kaleb, Dhar'hyyk, and Iota Horologii, as well as the numerous Federation outposts along the border. Because of its proximity to the Romulan Star Empire, the 2nd Fleet plays a vital role in Federation security and acts as a first responder in crisis situations. The Fleet's motto, In Omnia Paratus or Always Prepared, emphasizes its uniquely important role.

The 2nd Fleet has a number of duties and responsibilities, one of which is conflict deterrence. By maintaining a sizable presence near the Federation-Romulan Neutral Zone, the fleet's primary responsibility is to deter Romulan aggression. In the event of general war, the 2nd Fleet would be responsible for the theater of operations around the Neutral Zone. If required, the fleet is capable and powerful enough to provide and secure a foothold for other joint operations if a major event occurs.

In peacetime the 2nd Fleet trains jointly with other fleets to maintain their readiness in keeping with their motto. It also is tasked with exploring unknown regions of space as well as providing humanitarian and peacekeeping support.

Early History

The Second Fleet
Sisko outlines the plans to retake Deep Space 9.
The Federation task force comprised of elements of the Second Fleet engages Dominion forces in the Battle of Bajor.

The Second Fleet was a Federation Alliance Fleet that participated in the Federation/Dominion War.

During the Second Battle of Deep Space 9, in late 2373, the Second Fleet task force crossed the border into Cardassian space and destroyed the Dominion shipyards on Torros III. The fleet was later joined by the USS Defiant and IKS Rotarran following the evacuation of Deep Space 9. At that time, the Second Fleet's task force was a comprised of Galaxy, Defiant, Miranda, Excelsior, Sabre, Akira and Steamrunner classed Federation starships, as well as Vor'cha, K'vort, and K't'inga Klingon starships.

In early 2374, after three months of relentless battles of engaging and retreating from the Jem'Hadar, the Second Fleet was reduced to a third of its original size. Of the ships to survive, including the Defiant and Rotarran, were the USS Elkins, USS Fredrickson, USS Raging Queen and USS Curry.

Later in 2374, Captain Benjamin Sisko developed a counter attack against the Dominion, in hopes of recapturing Deep Space 9, by putting together a large task force comprised of elements of the Second, Fifth, and Ninth Fleets.

Once Sisko was given the "go ahead" from Star Fleet Command, the Second Fleet was ordered to fall back past the Kotanka system and regroup at Starbase 375. This strategy was cause for concern to those in the Dominion watching Federation fleet movements, including Damar and Weyoun.

The combined fleet later encountered a Dominion fleet in what became known as Operation Return, in a region of space between Deep Space 9 and Starbase 375. Among the ships in this combined fleet were the USS Centaur, USS Cortéz, USS Galaxy, USS Hood, USS Magellan, USS Majestic , USS Sarek, USS Sitak, and the USS Venture.

The Second Fleet was later responsible for striking against the occupying Dominion forces on Betazed three times in a period of a month. They continued to fortify their position, and brought in reinforcements to their positions on the surface.


The 2nd Battle Group was formed on Stardate 20602.21 as a direct successor to the Second Fleet. After a major reorganization, Star Fleet redesignated all of its fleets as groups. Rear Admiral Tam Otlan was assigned as the commander of the 2nd Battle Group, which was tasked with the defense of the Federation sectors near the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Making the battleship USS Comet his flagship, Admiral Otlan served as the battle group's commander until Stardate 20702.14 when he took a command-level position at Star Fleet Command. Vice Admiral Joseph Daher was assigned as Admiral Otlan's successor. Daher served until Stardate 21004.25, when he was transferred to Earth. Vice Admiral Jhalan zh'Matis was appointed in his place with the USS Quasar as the group's new flagship.

Star Fleet again went through a major reorganization, and on Stardate 21009.17 the 2nd Battle Group was redesignated the 2nd Fleet. Vice Admiral zh'Matis was appointed as Fleet Commander and served this position faithful for years before being promoted.

Afterwards, Commodore Sonia Nezmah was appointed as Fleet Commander and served until 21711.06. She was a stellar Fleet Commander and the Fleet excelled under her leadership.

On Stardate 21711.06, Commodore Nicholas Ristone was promoted to the Fleet Commander position.

Past Operations

Since its formation as the 2nd Battle Group, the 2nd Fleet's starships have been involved in every major conflict Star Fleet has faced. In addition, its forces have been involved in several notable incidents in the past several year.

On Stardate 20608.13, the USS Comet rescued a battle-damaged Mirak vessel. After investigating, the Comet crew determined that the ship had been attacked by the same Viper aliens that invaded Federation space a few years earlier, in a battle in which the Comet itself had participated and survived. ("Return of the Snakes")

On Stardate 20609.15, the USS Titan encountered a malevolent energy-based life form in "Nebula FSG-477" while searching for the missing frigate, USS Denver. The life form attempted to gain control of the Titan's systems and systematically kill the crew, but the Titan crew was able to destroy the entity by ejecting the computer cores which he had invaded into space and then using their weapons to destroy them. They were eventually rescued by the USS Denver, which had had a similar encounter with the life form. ("Ghost in the Machine")

On Stardate 20612.21, the USS Titan participated in, along with the USS Philadelphia from the 1st Battle Group, the capture of the renegade Star Fleet officer, Commander Avark on Tharos III.

On Stardate 20702.14, Rear Admiral Otlan transferred to Star Fleet Command and Commodore Joseph Daher was assigned by Fleet Admiral Rasmus Benestad as 2nd Battle Group Commander. His flagship was originally the USS Titan until Stardate 20710.11 when he moved the flag to the USS Ticonderoga. The 2nd Battle Group was a major participant in the Third Federation-Romulan War of 2408-09.

On Stardate 21004.25, Daher, now a Vice Admiral, was reassigned to Earth, and Vice Admiral Jhalan zh'Matis was appointed as his replacement. With her, the flag moved to the USS Quasar.

After the announcement at the Carraya IV conference in 2410 that the Romulan Star Empire had requested Federation aid in evacuating Romulus and Remus, both threatened with destruction by the blastwave of a supernova, Star Fleet tasked the 2nd Fleet with leading those efforts. Its starships were involved in giving humanitarian aid as well as in military efforts to patrol both Federation and Romulan space to protect those who would take advantage of the situation to upset the regional balance of power. The group's carrier, the USS Republic, was temporarily reassigned to the Romulan Liaison's office for use as a floating command center in orbit above Romulus.

Current Operations

With the Romulan Exodus now over, the 2nd Fleet has turned its focus to eradicating the increasing terrorist threat in and around the Neutral Zone. Both terrorist activity and organized crime have become major problems in the area after the end of the Third Romulan Civil War, as members of the losing side continue their fight against the new Romulan government and its Federation ties.

Starships and Facilities

The following starships and facilities are currently attached to the 2nd Fleet:

Star Base Bravo Commodore Nicholas Ristone
Special Operations
USS Columbia FF-6145 Captain Adaran 225
Independent Operation
USS Gettysburg BC-1863 Captain Tyra Crawford
USS Dauntless CA-1553 Captain Nathanael Lornak
USS Pegasus CL-2500 Captain Derrick Grant
USS Chin'toka CA-1375 Captain Phoenix Carter
USS Sheridan DD-4086 Commander Serran Zan
USS Tripoli CA-1890 Captain Hiranyadha Subramanium
USS Gallipoli CA-1915 Captain Luz Maria Xochiutl
USS Titan CL-2007 Commodore Alexis Tregelen
USS Merrill DD-4074 Captain Mora Aluwa
Battle Group Delta-2
USS Quasar[1] BB-101 Rear Admiral Elizabeth Wayne
USS Balaklava CA-1222 Captain Darcy Thiry
USS Dragon CL-2501 Captain Chell Broht
USS Charlemagne DD-4001 Captain Garan th'Maoli
USS MacArthur DD-4075 Captain Kalem Meru
USS Aberdeen FF-6001 Captain M'trass
USS Tokyo FF-6005 Captain Alard Jared
USS Moscow FF-6013 Captain Kurordanakla Maatoala
Battle Group Epsilon-2
USS Bunker Hill CA-1378 Commodore William Prescott
USS Minotaur CL-2503 Captain Sunak
USS Jackson DD-4031 Captain Cho Hee Hwa
USS Sam Houston DD-4032 Captain Musi Amandrag
USS Tunis FF-6043 Captain Aa Nm
USS Detroit FF-6048 Captain Suvilik'a
USS Olympia FF-6061 Commander Mark Goodbody
Carrier Group Zeta-2
USS Republic CV-02 Rear Admiral Eve Brzozowski
USS Waterloo CA-1790 Captain Alandana Teral
USS Unicorn CL-2507 Captain Neras Katel
USS Carrera DD-4037 Captain Sigurbjörg Eyjólfsdóttir
USS Ferdinand DD-4054 Captain T'Vara
USS Santiago FF-6066 Lieutenant Commander Lasmaov Lasmaov
USS Tehran FF-6077 Commander Jeffery Gates
USS Liverpool FF-6103 Commander Kathy Wills
Light Carrier Group Omega-2
USS Phoenix CL-2512 Captain Tala sh'Matis
USS Whittle GEC-9020 Captain Kestra Audlid
USS York FF-6010 Captain Christina Stevens
USS Belfast FF-6120 Lieutenant Commander Nikolai Dotsenko
Strike Group Alpha-2
USS Defender CA-1106 Commodore Jonozia Lex
USS Hydra CL-2506 Captain Allyson Saragosa
USS Omar Bradley DD-4015 Captain William Milton
USS Leningrad FF-6014 Commander Juan Hinojosa
USS Oslo FF-6093 Commander Fela sh'Manar
Strike Group Beta-2
USS Freedom CA-1883 Commodore Sotik
USS Gargoyle CL-2515 Captain Okay Nwokolo
USS Nehru DD-4059 Captain T'Den
USS Copenhagen FF-6110 Commander ǃxóóǀxáapi "ǀóm ǁxáítse
USS Barcelona FF-6123 Commander Makila sh'Gatei
USS Granada FF-6124 Commander Steven Moon
201st Patrol Flotilla
USS Harpy CL-2516 Commodore Vae Numanri
USS Joan of Arc DD-4076 Captain Nara Museli
USS Clark DD-4080 Captain James Moore
USS Helena FF-6136 Commander Robert Ford
USS Santa Fe FF-6158 Commander Katsumi Hashimoto
204th Exploration Flotilla
USS Bell GEC-9002 Commodore Naowak Beneshahsa
USS Kepler GEC-9019 Captain Kamika Obangani
USS DeLeon SC-8004 Lieutenant Commander T'Sona
USS Cousteau SC-8013 Lieutenant Commander Marla Schmidt
205th Police Flotilla
USS Redstone PSC-5032 Commander Itxaro Ibarra
POL-20501 Commander Motya Buranek
Reserve Vessels (on-station at Star Base Bravo)
USS Jeb Stuart DD-4087 Captain Sara Ben-Ari
USS Bangalore FF-6181 Lieutenant Commander Yensa ne Vala


  1. 2nd Fleet Flagship