202nd Police Flotilla

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202nd Police Flotilla
Dates: 21201.16 - Present
Allegiance: United Federation of Planets, Star Fleet, 2nd Fleet
Type: Flotilla
Role: Police Operations, Crime Scene Investigation, Anti-Piracy
Ship Classes:
Garrison: Star Base Bravo
Motto: Exploranda et proteget
Commander: Commodore Alexis Tregelen
Notable Commanders:


2404: In the aftermath of the Borg invasion, the 202nd Police Flotilla was commissioned to help patrol the borders and defend against pirate races. The Flotilla included the Police Frigate, USS Ozaki, and the three Police Ships, POL-20201, Codename: "Roadblock,"
Pol-20202, Codename: "Goliath", and POL-20203 Codename: "Blackbox." The Flotilla was assigned to its flagship, the USS Robert Lee, commanded by Commodore James L. Polkish.

During border clashes with an invading alien race, Blackbox, commanded by Lieutenant Emilo Sheen was heavily damaged, resulting in the loss of over half of its crew, including its Commander. Blackbox was temporarily decommissioned for the remainder of the year. Due to economic hardships after the withdrawal of several races from the UFP, the 202nd Police Flotilla was forced to operate undermanned and undershipped. Towards the beginning of 2405, Roadblock returned to the Flotilla, commanded by Lieutenant T’Pak.

In 2405, the Flotilla continued its duties, patrolling the borders of the weakened federation space. Several skirmishes were had, but the flotilla emerged unscathed.

During the events of 2406, the Flotilla was called back to Earth space to act as escorts for the various Starfleet officers and emissaries after the Federation President was murdered. After which, all the police ships were docked and overhauled for a new mission, to help reclaim starbase Sierra 19 from pirates.

The Flotilla had a change of mission on its way to Sierra 19 however, and was instead sent to patrol along the Romulan border, due to increased hostilities. On stardate 20805.17, the Flotila responded to distress signal from settlements being attacked and occupied by the Romulans, during their invasion to attempt to reclaim systems they believed were being held illegally by the Federation. During this time, the USS Ozaki took major damage, and was forced to eject its warp core. After the battle, Ozaki was towed back to a Federation-held planet, while repairs were made.

The Flotilla continued its patrolling of the Romulan front through 2411.

  • On Stardate 21108.12, Commander Sonia Nezmah took command of the USS Ozaki. The Change of Command ceremony was held on the USS Robert Lee, and officiated by Commodore Polkish.
  • On Stardate 21109.05, Commander Hidetada Toyitom took command of the Police Ship POL-20201. The Change of Command ceremony was held on the USS Robert Lee, and officiated by Commodore Polkish.
  • On Stardate 21112.15, Lieutenant Govat took command of the Police Ship POL-20202. The Change of Command ceremony was held on the USS Robert Lee, and officiated by Commodore Polkish.
  • On Stardate 21201.08, Lieutenant Lents took command of the Police Ship POL-20203. The Change of Command ceremony was held on the USS Robert Lee, and officiated by Commodore Polkish.
  • On Stardate 21201.22, The USS Robert Lee was reassigned with the reorganizations of the fleets due to the invasion, and the USS Titan became the flagship for the 202nd Police Flotilla, Commanded by Commodore Alexis Tregelen.

To commemorate the new flagship, the Police Ships were redesignated, POL-20201 from "Roadblock" to "Eos", POL-20202 from "Goliath" to "Atlas," and POL-20203 from "Blackbox" to "Oceanus."

In route back to the Romulan Neutral Zone, the USS Titan was assigned to transporting the Trill Ambassador, Borta, to negotiations with the Tholians. USS Titan left the remainder of the Flotilla in order to make the best time.
One week into the trip, the Ambassador and one of his aids were murdered, causing a long investigation of which the results are not yet made publicly available.

While the USS Titan was away, the Flotilla was approached , and attacked by six retrofitted Romulan vessels. The battle resulted in the Atlas sustaining serious damage, requiring it to eject it’s warp Core which was then blown up by the Atlas, causing serious damage to the Romulan vessels.

Current Operations

Currently the 202nd Police Flotilla is assigned to the USS Titan under the command of Commodore Alexis Tregelen tasked with patrolling at the edge of the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Group Composition

202nd Police Flotilla.
USS Titan, CL-2007 Com-cmdr.jpg Alexis Tregelen Flagship
USS Ozaki, PFF-7168 Com-cdr.jpg Sonia Nezmah Police Frigate
POL-20201 - Codename: Eos Com-cdr.jpg Hidetada Toyitom Police Ship
POL-20202 - Codename: Atlas Com-lt.jpg Govat Police Ship
POL-20203 - Codename: Oceanus Com-lt.jpg Lents Police Ship