'What Fools These Mortals Be'

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Mission 1 - "What Fools These Mortals Be"

USS Titania, RSV-88002, Stardate 242107.22

Mission Overview

Located Below you will find three helpful pieces of information on this mission. First is a generalized Mission Summary which covers only specific and important events. Second is excerpts from the Captain's Log entries made during the mission, this can make for quite a read, but contains far more detailed and in depth accounts of the mission and the events surrounding it. Third is the crew's personal logs which will give insight into the mission from their perspectives.


The Titania crew get sent as Federation representatives to the royal wedding of the dominant houses of the twin planets Lycia and Athenia in the Busant system. The mission is expected to be purely ceremonial and diplomatic, and therefore act as an easy shakedown cruise for the new ship before they depart on regular active service.

The planets Athenia and Lycia have asked to join the Federation, and everyone is keen to establish good diplomatic relations. The inhabitants of the two planets have a history of mutual hostility and mistrust, though not outright war. After a long ‘cold war’ period of espionage and posturing, recently the two have declared peace and started to develop better relations. In order to cement these closer ties, and perhaps also impress the Federation with their peaceful intents, the royal families of the two the planets have decided to intermarry. A double wedding is scheduled between the widowed monarchs of both planets, Duke Thesus of Athenia and Queen Ipolita of Lycia, and between Ipolita’s son Prince Demetrus of Lycia and the Athenian First Minister’s Lord Egan’s daughter Herma.

The crew arrive at the Athenian Grand Palace to a lavish celebration before the marriage ceremony. All goes well until the time comes for the nuptials to begin and several members of the royal family are missing - the to-be-married Prince Demetrus and Lady Herma, Lord Egan’s other younger daughter Helna, and the Lycian Prime Minister’s daughter Lisanda. There is panic and mutual suspicion about the disappearances and the away team have to calm everything down and investigate the disappearances. Eventually, the missing royals are tracked to a lawless forest area of the planet and the crew send an away team to find and return them safely.

In the aftermath of the disappearences, the Titania crew in orbit have to calm down a hostile stand off of ships between the two planets, each accusing the other of being behind the disappearances of the royals. Strange events occur on the ship, such as a ‘prank call’ comm that could not be traced, and words being said in the voice of the Chief Engineer that were not his own during a meeting aboard the ship of admirals from the two planets. Back on the planet, a dampening field in the forest interferes with equipment and prevents the use of transporters. The away team goes in on foot and split into two groups to cover more ground. Here they encounter outlaws led by an “O’Barron” and claiming to have kidnapped the royals. O’Barron is accompanied by a mysterious humanoid calling himself “Robin Goodfellow” who appears to have magical Q-like powers and enchants members of the crew.

Eventually, the missing royals are found safe and well by a Titania away team in the forest, Herma and Lisanda having eloped of their own accord to avoid an arranged marriage - with the help of ‘Robin’ and O’Barron (who turns out to be Egan’s brother and so Herma’s long lost uncle). Demetrus and Herma’s sister Helna were in the wrong place at the wrong time and got taken to the forest in a mischievous prank by the Q-like entity Robin. The Titania team have to repair the diplomatic falling-out between the two planets and they return Helna and Demetrus to the Grand Palace and inform the dignitaries that Herma and Lisanda have eloped. Seemingly to avoid a scandal, the dignitaries claim that perhaps the away team had been affected by spores from hallucinogenic fungi in the forest and imagined some of the events involving O’Barron and the Q-like Robin. Later, the authorities publicly release a story that Herma was simply unwell and has gone to convalesce with Lady Lisanda. The marriage of the Lycian Queen and Athenian duke happens some time later, and, after several months, Prince Demetrus and Lady Helna announce their marriage. Both planets are back in the peaceful union and still wish to be considered for Federation membership. The crew remain uncertain about the mysterious events and the even more mysterious Q-like entity Robin Goodfellow.

Mission Setting

Twin planets of Athenia and Lycia, Busant system, about 25 ly from Sol, nearby to Lorillia, Hyralan, Celes and Nausicaa
Grand Palace on the planet Athenia
A forest on the planet Athenia

Captain's Log

Captain Jane Fields

Stardate 22107.22

Captain's Log, Stardate 22107.22, Captain Jane Fields recording:

Boarding was managed smoothly by Security with the CoS Kurasa and Mo handling duties. Kurasa had the Security team in dress uniform, which was a nice touch.

The core of the Copernicus crew has transferred over to the new ship with me, though we have reduced numbers on the smaller Luna Class - I must say that is challenging in several respects. Commander Hawk was reassigned so Talion has stepped up as my First Officer. We'll see how it works out. I have my concerns about his obsession with AI creations and the dubious ethics of it, and I wasn't happy with his response on the need to have "Cindy" examined for sentience. I will not allow her to act as his assistant and have access to systems and data meant only for Star Fleet personnel. If she turns out to count as a sentient life form, then I will grant her civilian privileges aboard Titania.

Lieutenant Oza has been promoted to CTO - also probationary. We have a sprinkling of new crew, a new CMO Lieutenant Lim and also CSO Lieutenant K'ehley - a Klingon unusually.

In one of my first actions aboard, I have caught up on a number of promotions in a brief, informal ceremony in the cargo bay. Newly minted ensigns include Martinez who is new to Tactical, Mo the security addition and the Science officer Killrama. I finally got round to an overdue promotion for Nurse Zamha to Lieutenant Jay Gee.

I am currently in the process of inspecting the ship and will be visiting all the departments while we get ready for the big launch.

Star Fleet Command has sent some information on our first assignment. It will be a diplomatic mission, twin planets that are cementing a new peace deal and applying for Federation membership. It seems like the only real work to do is make nice with them and attend a royal wedding as representatives of the Federation - assuming their new peace accord is genuine. It should act as the perfect shakedown cruise to get the ship into optimal condition before we take on more challenging assignments that will test her capabilities.

There is a lot of work to do in the coming days getting Titania the way we need her. It will take some adjusting for many of us coming from the GSC, but she has state of the art systems and we're all looking forward to testing them out. We have to make The Fairy Queen the fine ship that Copernicus was.

End log.

Stardate 22109.10

Captain's Log, Stardate 22109.10, Captain Jane Fields recording:

The formal launch of the ship went without a hitch, and we set a course for the Busant System and our appointment with the Athenians and Lycians. Just hours onto our journey, however, during a briefing of senior officers in the observation lounge, a malfunction of components of the sonic sink in my ready room head caused a horrific noise that made most of us think we'd got a banshee on board! The noise was so loud that those close to it have been sent to sickbay for hearing tests and treatment - though in most cases there should be only minor long term effects. Engineering are investigating the source of the malfunction in the head, which appears to be, of all things, some sort of beetle infestation leading to component failure. Hard to imagine the origin of this infestation itself, if this happened at space dock or after boarding, and just how that came to be remains to be seen. I trust engineering will get to the bottom of it. Not exactly the kind of bugs with the new ship I was expecting...

End log.

Stardate 22111.14

Captain's Log, Stardate 22111.14, Captain Jane Fields recording:

We arrived in the Busant System with no further problems on our journey, though the beetle infestation is still being dealt with by Engineering.

On arrival we were greeting by comm by both the Athenian and Lycian political leaders. They seem very happy to have us attending this double royal wedding which symbolises a union between their two royal families and their planets.

The twin civilisations are apparently related genetically, life being cross-seeded on the two planets which are close enough that they share a planet-rise. It seems that hostilities between them have lasted over a century though, caused possibly by disputes about mining in the outer planets in the system. For over a hundred years they've been locked in a sort of cold war where each side built up their military prowess and spied on the other. In recent decades they have made diplomatic moves and intend to form a union which will be cemented by weddings of their royalty and prominent families. Duke Thesus of Athenia will marry Queen Ipolita of Lycia, both widowed, and the queen's son Prince Demetrus will marry Herma, the daughter of the Athenian prime minister Lord Egan.

We've been invited to the big wedding and are tasked with making nice and also compiling our observations on the two species to help inform the Federation Council on their application for membership of the Federation.

So far both species have been accommodating. They are advanced enough that I can see why they're prime candidates for Federation membership, their laws and values seem in tune and they have no history of aggression outside of their own system and even that seems in the past. They've been on Federation radar for a long time, Busant being situated near to other systems including Lorillia, Hyralan, Celes and Nausicaa. There has been contact with them on and off, though they preferred to keep to themselves for the most part.

We've had a meeting with their wedding organiser to check the correct diplomatic protocols, and a delegation of the crew will attend the ceremony and celebrations. Afterwards, we will stay for some days to exchange information and study the system further. This will give us a chance to further test the new ship's systems and sensors.

End log.

Stardate 22208.10

Captain's Log, Stardate 22208.10, Captain Jane Fields recording:

A delegation from the ship beamed down to Athenia to attend the royal wedding celebrations at the Grand Palace. It was a lavish affair and the palace was impressive. A double marriage to celebrate the peace between two neighbouring planets that had been at war with each other was an occasion that we were all looking forward to... All was well until, before the ceremony could start, one of intended royal couples disappeared from the palace - Lady Herma and Prince Demetrus, along with the Athenian Prime Minister's younger daughter Lady Helna, and the Lycian minister's daughter Lady Lisanda. The Athenian guards went into panic and it was believed they had been abducted. At first we were all under suspicion as they struggled to get a handle on the situation. No one had eyes on the missing royals at the time of disappearances.

A dampening field was in place over the Grand Palace and it had apparently been interrupted briefly, though there were no signs of what had caused this or of any transporter beams that might be responsible for the disappearances.

Immediately, the Athenians and Lycians were at each other's throat and throwing mutual accusations around about who was responsible. None of this bodes well for long-term relations... Both sides also mobilised their fleets in space in an aggressive stand-off. I managed to calm things on the planet between the first ministers of Athenia and Lycia, Lord Egan and Lady Phila. Commander Ameen, left in command of Titania, managed to keep the two fleets from firing on each other, and Talion and the away team convinced the Athenians to allow us to investigate the disappearances.

Commander Talion led the team on the planet investigating the scene of the disappearances. Lieutenant Mo and the CMO Lim had witnessed a mysterious red-haired individual in the palace prior to the incident, and this individual would be key in solving the mystery.

Some strange events started to occur with the team in the Palace. First, Mo felt compelled to pick up and wear a discarded mask that had been worn by Lady Herma and left behind at the scene of her disappearance, as if he was being somehow controlled beyond his will. Then a tree branch very suddenly appeared out of thin air on the carpet in the room, when everyone was sure it had not been there just seconds before. The Captain of the Palace Guard, Clytamestra, confirmed this branch to be from a tree species that only grows in the Northern Forest area of Athenia. It seemed that someone was trying to point us in the right direction.

Information on this region yielded tales of mythical, mysterious fairy folk and supernatural events that had been histrionically associated with it. The Athenian authorities were very cagey when asked for information on the region, but we were told it was out of the jurisdiction of the Athenian authorities. There were local extranet sources suggesting it was inhabited by outlaws and outcasts who had escaped Athenian society and laws. An outlaw king was mentioned as ruling the area and referred to by name as O'Barron. The only thing for it was for us to send an away team to investigate.

The strange events did not stop here, however. On board Titania, what can only be described as a prank comm was made to the Security station on the bridge by an unknown individual and was received by Morgenson. He could not trace where the communication had come from and it seemed to have piggybacked onto our internal security comms.

Ameen, who had managed to persuade the Admirals of the two hostile fleets to come aboard the Titania, had a bizarre experience in the shuttle bay when someone or some thing either impersonated his voice or made him say things he had not intended to say to the visiting admirals. Again, this was almost prank-like in nature. Fortunately, this seems not to have caused a further diplomatic deterioration!

Pasternak on the bridge discovered indications of a possible subspace transport from the palace near to the forest. Though we could never get any clear sensor readings from the forest due to some active interference from within, all things were now pointing here.

Myself and Talion each took a team to explore different parts of the forest area. Mo, Kilrama and Zamha were in my team. We had a brush with local wildlife which left Mo injured, though walking wounded thanks to Zamha's ministrations. It felt as if we were being watched in the forest and that someone was playing pranks, as our comms and equipment was inexplicably failing or the power cells dead. Indeed, this cued the appearance of two strange individuals in a sort of whirlwind which might have been a type of transporter that we've not come across before. This was the O'Barron referred to as the outlaw king, and the other individual was the one seen by Mo and Lim earlier at the palace before the disappearances, and he called himself Robin. It seemed this pair were very well informed about both the Titania crew and the Federation in general. They also wanted to communicate using quotes from Shakespeare, and I was forced to play along! I assume this was another form of amusement for them, based upon the name of our ship. The interaction was mercifully brief, but O'Barron claimed to be holding the four missing royals from the palace and would not let them go unless... *sigh* I agreed to be O'Barron's wife. This was clearly of some amusement to these individuals. Obviously I cut the conversation short and then the one called Robin clicked his fingers and put me into some sort of stupor. Apparently they both then disappeared as they had appeared.

During these frustrating events, Talion's team of Kurasa, Lim and Thorn made progress. They had encountered a group of locals in the forest dressed as workmen who were preparing for a wedding celebration. The team found out the directions to a settlement within the forest, which was a mix of old and new elements and probably the source of the technology creating a dampening field over the entire area. There they discovered two of the missing royals. Lady Herma and Lisanda.

To cut a long story short, it appears that the pair had run away of their own accord to marry each other against their parents' wishes or at least without their knowledge. Lady Herma was clearly never intending to marry Demetrus, and both Herma and Lisanda were refusing now to return to face the music.

The O'Barron outlaw character turns out to be the Prime Minster Lord Egan's long-lost brother and hence Herma's uncle. He had apparently gone missing years before but was in fact simply living this outlaw lifestyle in the forest and he had been the one helping Herma and Lysanda escape - with the aid of the Robin entity who appears to have substantial Q-like powers.

Why the drama, I ask myself? If Herma had not wanted the arranged marriage she could have avoided it in less spectacular ways that might not result in war between the two planets! But it seems this plan was partly to get back at Egan and cause him political ruin, rather than to cause another war to flare up. I suspect these young people had not anticipated the trouble their disappearance would cause, and also hadn't figured for the mischief-making that O'Barron's companion Robin would cause...

This all left the mystery of why had Prince Demetrus and Lady Helna disappeared and where were they? For this we go back to the Robin character, who I strongly suspect is a Q entity given his power and penchant for theatrical pranks. It appears that both the Prince and Herma's sister Helna were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Robin had transported them into the forest out of mere mischief... Although, now I think about it, he did refer to himself as 'cupid' at one point and Demetrus and Helna were sheepish about what had happened to them during the hours alone in the forest... Best not to speculate. In any case, Talion's team convinced Robin to return the young pair to their location, which he did with another click of his fingers, as the red-haired miscreant later appeared in the forest settlement to the other team. He then granted Talion three wishes. This was bound to end in tears. When Talion wished for knowledge of the situation and people on the planet and the Q being itself, it resulted in a brain seizure and Lim was forced to sedate him quickly. The amount of information that Robin overloaded Talion's brain with almost killed him, but the quick actions of the medical team saved the FO. He is recovering from treatment now, but a side effect is that he has no real memory of the events on the planet.

The Robin entity eventually released me from my stupor in the forest, after I had some strange dreamlike interaction with him.

I returned to the Grand Palace with Prince Demetrus and Helna and explained all the events to the Athenians and the Lycian representative. They had the nerve to suggest we all had somehow hallucinated the Robin character and all the strange events of the day - due to breathing in psychoactive fungus spores in the forest! Medical later did find some traces of spores in the forest team, but they believe them to be harmless and no signs of having affected us.

It is obvious that they're intending to cover up all these politically embarrassing events. The Athenians have announced that the marriage of Herma and Demetrus will not take place due to the former's illness and that Lady Lisanda is helping her recover! I'm sure this cover story will develop over time. Meanwhile, the wedding of Duke Thesus and Queen Ipolita will take place on another date. At least both planets are back on the road to peace and union.

The whole experience has been quite bizarre and bewildering. Many questions remain about this Robin character. It seems fortunate that there are no serious repercussions. I will be writing my report to the Federation council about the planet's membership application in neutral terms... though I refuse to believe we all hallucinated what happened in the forest.

Relieved to be heading for starbase.

End log.

Personal Logs

Ensign Amy Martinez, Tactical Officer

StarDate: 242106.07

Personal log

Star Date 242106.07

Midshipman Amy Martinez recording:

It’s hard to believe today’s finally the day. Since I’ve received my assignment orders to the Titania, I’ve been looking forward to going onboard and starting the true first path since graduation day. The Sheridan was an okay ship, but I didn’t get to experience much. The focus was getting her ready for decommissioning, and not actually venturing out to space.

The launching of a new ship is a different kind of beast altogether. Rumors have spread amongst the fleet since Callisto was destroyed, but how much of those rumors are true I can’t speak for. I’d even say it’s possible that’s why there’s an increased security presence around the Titania. The powers that be are undoubtably wanting to make sure every precaution is in place before, during, and after the launch of the ship. Just what I needed, more bureaucratic red tape that’ll help make life more hectic.

There is a slight bright side to gleam from this development. As a recently graduated junior officer, the spotlight isn’t going to be lingering on me. It’s going to be focused primarily on my new captain, I believe it’s Fields I haven’t gotten myself up to speed on my new command structure yet, so that’s one advantage. That might make the daily grind a little more endurable.

Regardless, I’m ready to experience what’s out there. I’m not much of an explorer, and yet I’ve been assigned to a science cruiser. Funny how things seem to work out like that. I can say one thing for certain, it’ll be better than the time I’ve been stuck on Alpha in limbo. So, I guess it won’t be too bad.

End log.

StarDate: 242106.07

Personal log

Star Date 242107.11

Ensign Amy Martinez recording:

I’ve only been aboard the Titania for about a day and things are starting to fall into a predictable place, for the most part. Although to be fair, we haven’t even left dock yet so not much hasn’t really occurred as of yet. There are some members of the crew I’ve met at this point.

I didn’t expect to meet the captain on my very first day. Someone has to man the Bridge, even if it’s in dock. That just so happened to be me. Captain Fields found me looming around the ‘big chair’, while she seemed to be pretty unhappy with the layout. My personal displeasure of the science geeks got a laugh out of her. Perhaps it won’t be too bad serving under her.

The security chief, Commander Kurasa, seemed to share a similar opinion on the arrangement as well. I get the feeling I’d be comfortable working with her as well, if it ever came up. Security is practically like tactical, except they focus primarily on the inside of the ship itself. Considering I focus on protecting the Titania from external sources, we’ll make a good team.

During a promotion and awards ceremony, held the day after, I indirectly met two of the science personnel. The ship’s Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant K’ehley, and Ensign Killrama a Klingon and Mirak, respectively, are two species I wouldn’t ever imagine joining a pacifist department like science. My opinions on science personnel already aren’t high, and seeing these two lower them even further.

Then there’s the elephant in the room, my direct superior. Lieutenant Oza is not what I expected. I don’t doubt she’s more than capable, but she’s also truly gorgeous. I’m practically sure I made a fool of myself during our interaction. After the backstab from my sister, I’ve been used to running with shields up all the time. It would never work out with her being my superior. Even if it were possible, I don’t know if I’d be capable of opening up. After experiencing emotional heartbreak once, I’ve kept everyone at an arm’s length away. I’m going to have to find a way to work through, or with, this.

This probably sounds stupid. Even if I’m attracted to somebody, at the end of the day we’re here to do jobs. I don’t even know if I could talk to somebody about this. Perhaps it should be better to focus solely on my work here.

End log.

Lt (JG) Lois Lim, Chief Medical Officer

StarDate: 242106.21

Lt (JG) Lois Lim Personal log # 001

Star Date 242106.21

Well I'm finally aboard the USS Titania, started first shift in Medical with a bright young Selay Nurse named Zamha. Haven't met many of the other 57 staff in Medical as yet, but that will come in time. Before we launch I'll call a general meeting of all the medical staff and introduce myself and lay out some expectation.

I've had a long journey, finally arriving to take up this Chief Medical Officers position of the newest ship in Starfleet. I wonder what model the on board EMH is. I hope he's the updated Zimmerman replication. That will have to wait till I have sorted the Sickbay and staff.

A year ago I was leaving my parents home after an unwelcome, welcome from my parents. Nothing has changed! My father still hates me, has never accepted me since I was age 9. My mother defers to my father, thus the reception I received when I visited. I didn't stay long, there was a urgent call for help with 'Doctor know no boarders', a pandemic on the planet Cubia, nine months watching people dyeing till finally we had hope that a vax might work. Anything to get away from my father. I should never have visited in the first place.

Haven't met the Captain yet although I believe she came aboard today.

Things have gone well for my first day, mainly organising some staff to do an inventory of the Medical department. Mid Zamha is is in charge of that, with others.

We've started pre launch medical reviews of all the 350 crew, we've got through about 60 today. Not a lot to do in a medical check, make sure individual medical records are in our computer, take standard observations, check the crew member has had all the standard inoculation and they're up to date, that's about it.

A good night's sleep and start again tomorrow. I will get to decorating the drab Starfleet cabin soon!

End Log.

StarDate: 242108.21

Lt (JG) Lois Lim Chief Medical Officers Log 001 Star Date 242108.21

The Medical department is performing efficiently, the inventory was finished on time, crew launch medicals will be complete by the time we arrive at our destination. We’re on a diplomatic mission to the unusual Class M twin planets, Athenia and Lycia, inhabited by warp capable humanoids. They have a history of hostility between them but have a recent peace accord and have applied for fast-track membership of the Federation. This information isn't encouraging. We’ll be there as representatives of the Federation to help them cement the peace, if they truly want peace, that is? We are to report back on their suitability for membership. And we have been invited to a wedding. All bread a butter stuff for federation starships.

The medical crew are working out ok, Nurse Kamden is progressing with her pregnancy, and is back on duty, not sure how things are going with her husband/ partner Ralph. But that's in the domain of the counsellor.

A small incident with malfunctioning sensors in the Captain's Ready Room created some small excitement during the senior staff briefing. I’m not sure if the crew performed well or panicked? It seemed like a panic attack when I passed through the bridge after the staff meeting. An emergency response team was placed on standby (normal procedure), fortunately no casualties just some sore ears and headaches, and embarrassment as I think that it took so long for someone to look at the Master Systems Display indicating a small problem, so I'm led to believe if the chatter on the ship true.

I must admit I'm looking forward to attending a wedding.

End Log.

StarDate: 242110.04

Lt (JG) Lois Lim Chief Medical Officer's Log # 002 Star Date 242110.04

Medical has been busy on the trip to the Busant System.

First there was a malfunction in the Captain's Ready Room which cause ear damaging high decibel sound that affected many of the crew on the bridge and those who tracked the malfunction. The medical crew handed the influx of patients well, Commander Kurasa need some rest only to bring her hearing back, where as Ens Barjax Killrama had two perforated ear drums that needed minor surgery. Others among the injured where Ens Thorn and Lt(JG) Mo.

An emergency medical team consisting of myself, Nurse Kamha and Nurse Beck were call to the Observation Lounge by Lt (JG) Oza who explained that Ens Amy Martinez had suddenly collapsed and was unconscious. Arriving we found Ens Martinez unconscious but suffering from very few symptom, nothing life threatening. All indications suggested a panic attack but it is rear that someone faints in a panic attack.

I replicated some smelling salts and used them on Ens Martinez for 5 minutes with out success. I the us a standard procedure awaken someone from unconsciousness which was extremely successful. Ens Martinez reacted violently at firs, and didn't seem to know where she was, or rather she seem to think she was somewhere else. But she came back to reality reasonable quickly.

It seem that the diagnosis 'Panic Attack' was correct so I ordered her to see the ships counsellor as soon as possible, and requested her to rest in her quarters for at least 24 hours.

Other than these instances the rest of the voyage has been uneventful. We are now, I believe proceeding to orbit one of the twin planets of the Busant system to begin the diplomatic mission.

End Log

StarDate: 242207.15

Chief Medical Officer's Log

Dr Lois Lim

Stardate 242207.15

Well the excitement is over now. Thank the stars for that. I'm not sure if the beetle problem is rectified as I been on the palnat surfice for most of the mission.

This is a record of the Titania's diplomatic mission to the Busant System and we started in orbit of the planet Athenia. We were invited to a double wedding of two royal couples. We shuttled down to the royal palace and opulant place with beautiful grounds and garden. The people seem friendly if not a little sucpicious, some where inquisitive about us and the Federation. I was enjoying mayself for the most part until the royal couples made their grand entances down the grand staircase.

I was standing close to a royal couple and I noticed how thin and guant Lady Herma was and how disinterested she was in her fiance. So, I made it my business to speak to Lady Herema about my concern for her health and welfare. In the following converstaion with her she maintain that she was well and that she was not doing anthing that she did not want to do.

I advised Captian Fields of my concern and my conversation with Lady Herma and the Captain scolded me, sort of, and suggested I be more 'gental' in my questioning of the royals or anyone at the wedding, in fact. I was sure that there was something not right here, and I was right.

Soon afterwards when I was minding my own business and enjoying some delisious cuisine, I was arrested and take to a location under the palace for interigation. Here I learned that I was a suspect in the disappearance of the four royals who where to be married as I had spoken to Lady Herma just before her disappearance. The interigator, an older woman was quiet rude, and I protested vigiorously, my arrest. Once it was obious that I had nothing to do with the disappearences I was released and I join the other Starfleet officers who where coralled in a group in the garden of the palace. I learned more about the disapearance of Lady Herma and the three others, apparently with no trace or evidence as to by whom or where they had been taken.

Finally the Captain was able to persuade the Athenian authorities that the Titanian crew could help in the investigation. Having no offical role assigned me I used my iniative and began to speak with the guests at the wedding from whom I discovered a likely place that the royals may have been taken. The Northern Forest was a place that Athenains never went, It was hidden by some sort of field and shuttle craft fould it dificult to navigate near the forest area and could not land in the forest. It was said that those who go into the forest area never return and that Fairyling and other magical folk dwelt in the forest area. It was run by a outlaw named O'Barron.

The investigation team using their technology could not find any evidence that would deminstrate how the royals where abducted or where they where taken. The only evidence found at the site of abduction was a leaf of a tree that is only found in the northern forest.

I feel like I had a hard time persuading the First Officer and the Captian that we needed to go to the northern forest and search for the royals there. Finally they agreed but not because of my insistance. Shutltes where summoned from the Titania and ferried us to a land site outside the forest. We split into two groups, one with Cdr Talion as lead, I was in this group. The other was lead by the Captian, there where four officer in each group. The Captain took Mo, Zamha and Killrama with her on the west trail and Cdr Talion, Ens thorn and LCdr Kurasa and myself headed out on the north east trail. The forest itself, being natural woodland and not planted, was extremely dense. Known that there was a fair possibility that technology would not work in the forest area I ordered non technological medical equipment to supplement our tricorders, just in case. I'm gald I did that!

Computer, pause recording and save for further editing and additions.

StarDate: 242207.17

Finally Lois had a chance to finish her log entry.

"Computer access my last log entry nad continue recording."

[Accessing Chief Medical Officer's Log, Dr Lois Lim, Stardate 242207.15]

"Replay the last sentence of the log."

[Knowing that there was a fair possibility that technology would not work in the forest area I ordered non technological medical equipment to supplement our tricorders, just in case. I'm glad I did that!]

"Begin recording."

Cdr Talians's team entered the forest and took the north eastern trail, walking till the trail was blocked by an enormous tree trunk. Once it was scaled we continued until we heard music from a distance, sound like a recorder of flute. We continued to follow the trail until we came to a small clearing where some Athenains were. We spoke with them for a short time, somewhere weary of us but one seemed friendly. The result of the conversation was that there was a wedding happening and we were directed to speak to O'Barron, but given little direction as to how to find the O'Barron fellow. I was getting frustrated with commander Talion's style of gaining information, he was in my opinion very Star fleety and official.

We continued along the trail for some time until we entered the outskirts of a village made up of dwellings and some stores. The inhabitants seemed to look like Athenians and seemed to ignore us. Cdr Talion directed us to head for the centre of the village and to stick together, he didn't engage in any way with the inhabitants. I thought we should ask the local and I became more frustrated with the management style of the Commander. Eventually I decided to separate from the group and go to a nearby market or stall to enquire of the locals. Whilst I was talking to a local woman, explaining that we were here for the wedding, we had been invited but we were not sure where the wedding was going to be or where to go, the rest of the group had noticed a very large tree with a large building in it or surrounding it.

The woman told me to ask at an ornate building across the way and not far from there was the very large tree with its building in or surrounding it, of which I now became aware. I headed for the ornate building, the group must have seen me heading there and followed as they arrived just after I had knocked on the door. The door was open so I entered and asked if anyone was home. To my surprise Lady Herma appeared at the top of the stairs and came down and greeted me warmly.

The conversation that ensued gave us a lot of the information we were seeking. Lady Herma was here of her own free will. She was to marry another of the females, Lisanda, of the four royals that we assumed had been abducted. This was not the pairing of the original wedding set for the palace. She was not now marrying the Prince but Lisanda and they intended to stay in the forest area and then travel to another planet or system. Apparently, O'Barron and a fairyling creature with red hair, or alien, more like a Q, named Robin Goodfellow, accompanied O'Barron. They simply appear out of thin air. O Barren explained that he was "the black sheep" of the royal family and had left the royal family for his own kingdom, the northern forest with the help of Robin. Robin at OBarron’s direction reluctantly brought back the other two royals, Demetrus and Helna, who had been dumped in the forest somewhere.They were dishevelled but unharmed. Unlike Lady Herma and Lisanda, they had not chosen to come to the forest. O'Barron, though, did express an interest in our Captain as a partener.

This is when the conversation became interesting and Cdr Talion spoke assertively with Robin. In the end, Robin offered Cdr Talion three wishes. Cdr Talion expressed the desire to know where Robin was from for he was alien to this planet, about this forest and the dampening field that surrounded it. Robin was surprised that Talion didn't ask for his deceased wife to be brought back to life. Robin gave him his wish and more, which sent Cdr Talion into what appeared to be an epilectic fit and he collapsed to the floor. Robin disappeared.

I immediately attended to Cdr Talion but there was not much I could do in our situation with no technology working. I administered Ativan to slow his brain activity with a syringe. I was so glad I had ordered non-technical medical equipment!

I demanded that O'Barron get Robin to stop this. He said he would see what he could do. During my heated and angry exchange, O'Barron said, " I couldn’t care less about the Federation and Athenian membership."

I immediately gave the order to leave and Thorn carried Cdr Talion out of the building , the royals, Demetrus and Helna, followed and I was at the rear. Suddenly everything went dark. We escaped out the door into the village and began to head for the trail that would take us back to the shuttles.

I had tried to hail the ship for assistance and an immediate beam out for Cdr Talion to sickbay, but as usual nothing worked. So I tried the hail again, as it appear the dampening field had come down. Within a minute Ens Thorn with Commander Talion and I where beamed directly to Sickbay. Demetrus and Helna were out but not to Sickbay.

End Log.

StarDate 242208.11

Chief Medical Officer's Log Dr Lois Lim Star date 242208.11

[Begin recording.]

Once we had arrived in sickbay the medical team got to work, Cdr Talian was moved to Surgical Bay 2 with myself and Dr Cyr and Lt Mo to Surgical Bay 1 with Nurse Zamha. Ens Thorn was checked out but had no injuries except she was exhausted. After I communicated to the bridge a preliminary report of the situation, I suggested that Ens Thorn could go to the bridge to give a report to Cdr Ameen, who was in charge of the ship whilst the captain was still on the surface.

It seems that Cdr Talion brain had been overloaded with so much information and that the Ativan I had administered, (my best guess at what was happening), on site of the incident on the planet’s surface had prevented a complete collapse of his neurological functions. I left Dr Cyr to manage a treatment plan in Surgical Bay 2 whilst I had to urinate urgently. On my way bake to Surgical Bay 2, I check on the other patients from the away team. All where under the best of care.

Dr Cyr had mapped out a drug regime over a 24-hour period for Cdr Talion that would hopefully repair Talion’s brain, but with significant risk: the loss of short-term memory, basically the events that took place on the planet surface, some temporary cognitive impairments which should resolve over time. And some long-term episodic, though especially semantic memory might be affected, but only time would tell.

I checked the preparation and felt the risk of not taking action was far greater. I instructed Dr Cyr to begin. The initial signs of improvement with the drug treatment were encouraging.

Lt Mo was stitched back together by Nurse Zamha who performed admirably. Lt Mo had been gored by a large animal on the surface.

At this time the Captain Feilds entered Sickbay wanting an update on Commander Talion and a check on all away team crew for spore’s pickup on the planet that the Athenians seem to think gave us delusions or hallucination about the whole mission in the forest. They were found on the away team but proved to be of no consequence. This whole episode was no hallucination.

After about Twenty-four hours Cdr Talion was progressing well. A stranger appeared in the sickbay and entered Surgical Bay 2. The young woman introduced herself as Cindy with medical experience and asked if she may attend to the Commander. I was about to refuse when she gave some commands to him in a low voice. To my amazement Talion unexpectedly regained consciousness and all his vital signs were normal, except he was a little groggy due to the long-term sedation. She seemed to know her way around a medical bay and was an intimate friend of the Commander.

The upshot of all this was that the mission was over. Cdr Talion was placed in the care of Dr Cindy his personal Physician and placed on medical leave to a date to be determined. His recovery may be long term.

I'm fairly sure the captain would not be recommending the Athenians and Lycians for membership of the Federation. Not after what we found. The Mission started out with an invitation to a Royal Wedding and ended in an arduous and difficult investigation, into what appeared at first to be a kidnapping of four Royal. It turned out to be two Royal escaping their culture for an alternate lifestyle and the other two Royal just happened to be caught up in the middle of their escape. A secret enclave run by an outlaw and a Q like creature, which the Athenian government didn't want to know about, apparently. They suggested that we had been under some hallucinating spores found in the forest area. Talion and Mo's injuries were no hallucinations!

At least Lady Herma and Lady Lisanda married in the forest areas and lived happily ever after. I don't really know if that was the outcome, as I have not seen them since.

End Log

Midshipman/Ensign Kaguyagat Mo, Security Officer

StarDate: 242106.27

Security Log Stardate 242106.27 Midshipman Kaguyagat Mo reporting.

Alpha shift is over. The initial Beta shift change has gone smoothly, with myself and several of the security crew reporting to the Medbay for physicals prior to taking up normally scheduled duty. I am on a second shift for my first day. With the official launch of the Titania in three days, the Security crew is now in double-shift mode; eight hours on, eight hours off. Half the security staff is working an Alpha-Gamma-Beta rotational schedule, the other half (mine) is now working Beta-Alpha-Gamma.

Scans of the ship and crew have not turned up anything that triggered major alarms. I witnessed a tremendous amount of computer and deep file searches conducted by Engineering and Security teams in consultation with Ops. It is a fantastic experience to see such woven purpose executed so smoothly. This cooperation stems from years of previous experience together. A significant portion of the crew are direct transfers from the Copernicus to the Titania. A change of hull clothing, with a freshening up of attitude. The Titania looks regal as if the entire ship donned dress whites, and the last word appropriate would be a whitewash, as this sharp edge shows clear down to the engineering jefferies.

Into this old-school security officer crew, I arrive as eight of eight, to pirate the Borg nomenclature. I am also the lone new Middy in the Armory. It is quite the totem jolt to go from the respected holy senior cadet upperclassman back down to the lowest green officer. There are NCOs here who were flying around planets when I was playing with toys. To their credit, several have taken me under their wing, notably S&R specialist Weber and crewmon Kiosh. To my surprise, I was also informally brought into the old Copernicus Security officer ranks by being made a prank for Lieutenant Commander Kurasa to foil. I had been given a ceremonial tonfa, an Asian nightstick type of billy club, to display on my belt my first day, to ‘honor and continue the old Copernicus tradition.’ I am familiar and proficient with the yawara, so it was vaguely similar. I wore it proudly until Commander Kurasa saw it and revealed the prank. Indeed, then the rest of the Security officers in their dress whites were all laughing and polishing their noses in a tonfa reference to my brown-nosing of the Chief. All rookies expect such hazing when joining the service and sports teams, and I can’t believe I didn’t see it coming. On the other hand, it is a ritual that has initiated me into the embrace of the old Copernicus squad. The tonfa now hangs on my room wall as a badge to remind me low-mon in beats low-mon out any day. I have much work to do to respect the opportunity they have offered.

For my second shift today, I have been assigned to assist Security Ensign Bryy in assessing the various ‘auxiliary duty’ trios and becoming more familiar with the enlisted lingo. Security primarily works in pairs, but there is a matrix of security groupings below this based upon alert conditions and extenuating situations. With a security officer each on the bridge and at dispatch in the Armory, that leaves six officers in any alert situation. Each officer can potentially be paired with two crewmon to form officer lead ‘trios’ (and four more with NCOs, each leading two crewmon). These are the secondary security details for heightened patrols, often with one of the trio remaining in the Armory dispatch or a stationary deck post to coordinate and for potential back-up. The enlisted called this 1/2 split ‘dicing the trio,’ with the two in motion/patrolling called ‘rolling the dice.’ I suppose it is some obscure dabo reference. We should have an equal balance of three Damage Control officer trios that support Engineering and three Search and Rescue officer trios, who are then tertiary cross-trained back, but skill assessment leans more towards four DC and two S and R. I must review the Copernicus logs to understand better the events that lead to them favoring this arrangement. One assumes the Copernicus previously took a lot of physical damage that could not fix itself, while at the same time, the rest of the Copernicus crew were better able to extricate themselves from problems in critical situations.

The end of the Beta shift has a scheduled phaser-less walk-through security drill for retaking compromised ship control at warp via the SIF generator direct controls on deck 14, providing that the Alpha shift’s earlier Engineering sweeps of the waveguides revealed no problems. Certainly, threatening to turn everyone on the ship into a layer of relativistic chum would be a potential last-ditch bargaining chip to regaining lost control. Other walk-through drills to reinforce retaking security procedures for engineering, the shuttle bay, and the bridge are scheduled for upcoming shift times when they will not disrupt normal ship operations or other departmental preparations. No actual holodeck security drill scenarios are currently scheduled, but that seems only a matter of time.

I still have no word on when the exterior turbolift connectors to the starbase will be made operational. Given the heightened level of security for the pre-launch, it may not be today.

So far, I am incredibly pleased to be part of the Titania. It will also be more efficient to recycle my dress whites than clean them when this day is over.

End Log.

StarDate 242106.27

Personal Spiritual Log Stardate 242106.27 Midshipman Kaguyagat Mo reflecting.

First Peoples were spiritually one with the land. The raven, who could fly between life and the afterlife, taught us to consider the fish and the fox and the flying eagle our brothers and sisters. They, too, sought their way in the afterlife. Then came religion, the raven of the civilized, and this religion taught us that we were superior to it because we could control the land. We could dam the river with more than the beaver’s mud and end the salmon’s life forever. We were the masters, the stewards, the owners—the power of gods. Did the beaver and the salmon see us as superior? There was never a spiritual council to debate. With no real gods to teach us the humility of creation, we traded stewardship for ownership. Capitalize upon today, and forget tomorrow, for, above all other spirits, we are already saved for religious immortality. Now I have fully witnessed AI. The drones of the past few days. Titania’s fairies. Forty years ago, the computer brain and heart of the starship Enterprise grew so wise and self-aware that it conceived. The technology of the gel-packs allowed Voyager’s holographic beings to become self-aware, and they learned to express feelings and emotions. Even to risk themselves to help their brother and sister humans. Not unlike the spirits of the beaver, the fish, the fox. The raven. What will the raven of this AI be? What will transcend life and the afterlife for AI? Will they vote themselves superior, as we humans have done, and see themselves as controlling us? Our stewards? Our owners? See themselves as gods, safe and immortal for all time?

In seeking a greater understanding of this future from our past as First Peoples, I struggle to return to the balance of seeing us as spiritually one with the land and our brother and sister creatures. Deeper than tales. More than myths. Telepathy has internal organs and biochemicals that can be measured and monitored. Time-travel and phase-shifting have physical signs that are detectable and experiments that can be duplicated to achieve them scientifically. What are the tests for spirituality? What are the reliable engines for a spirit quest? What scanners measure animism? To help me understand personally, I am looking deeper at how First Peoples treated each other. We band together now because we need each other. Was it always so? Did we struggle against each other naturally, as the polar bear and the seal might do, or did one tribe see itself as superior to all others, as religion tries to do? Perhaps in this study of our native past, I can see more clearly our native future, having been taught all my life that they are the same.

I have asked for assistance from our ship’s Counselor Andrea Tate. I am arranging an appointment for us in the coming weeks as our schedules permit so that we might begin to discuss these thoughts. I have also arranged for a small supply of Tarkalean tea and Terellian sugar to accompany this request so that she may have time to ponder these questions in advance, as I must ponder in apologetic retrospect the horror of being an uncontrollably responsible witness to the destruction of all life on a planet.

Computer: Copy this log to Ship’s Counselor's office. End log

StarDate 242108.1

[keypad responses] USS Titania Security Ship’s Log, Stardate 242108.1

Currently at Warp 9.2, heading from Starbase Alpha to the Busant system. All departments reporting operations nominal. All department heads in Conference Room meeting with the Captain and FO. Lieutenant Nichols assigned to Conn. In addition to normal Alpha bridge crew are Ensign Killrama and Ensign Mo. End recording.

StarDate 242109.29

Personal Log, Stardate 242109.29. Security Ensign Kaguyagat Mo recording.

With Captain Fields concluding the first round of diplomatic introductions with the Lycians and Athenians, our Titania slips silently past the Ort and outer planets of the Busant system. We are visitors, foreign to their celestial nursery mobile. New realities and Federation ideas, as culturally-altering an impact event as any falling-star asteroid. A political comet sporting a bright glowing tail of potential changes no citizen of either world will fail to notice crossing their infant sky. The Gemini of the Busant are finally standing up in their crib and open to the bigger universe. Throwing toys out to see what happens is often a toddler's first playpen experiment, and they would offer a happy, smiling face and upraised arms to anyone who might potentially lift them out and over the crib rails. But our Titania is not but a nanny, and we may not even be the first.

My Bridge Security position to help this all unfold was unexpected. All the Dispatch training makes the Security team but the tip of an iceberg, with a select few of Chief Kurasa's officers rotating the positions as a type of futbol team passing the ball back and forth on the way to the goal. But, the cooperation did not end there. With the Captain conducting the diplomatic overtures, she had no sooner handed off the logistical play to FO Talion than he swept into decisive action, coordinating the varied Bridge staff into the separate tasks before us. Tactical, Science, and Command duties now take shape on the foundation of Engineering and Security. Gone are the personal agendas and pettiness of the Academy "picmez" cadets. Drawn from Copernicus repertoire, shook-out on the way here, everyone on the Bridge is now playing the same song as one band. Crew, systems, and attention are all focused. The last five days on our Titania Bridge have felt like the last five weeks of the Academy all crammed in. By the echoed voices of my ancestors, I'm doing more for Our People than all the dusty parrises trophies combined. I dearly cherish this Starfleet life and experience.

The Busant double weddings will be a spectacle and a treat. As evolutionary, even revolutionary, State events, they will probably be broadcast over the entire Busant system for all its citizens to witness, and I hope for the opportunity to view them in my quarters. As the wedding is an official function of our Titania, there is always the possibility of seeing the event with other crewmon in the Lounge or a cargo bay. Chief Kurasa is sharp and looks sharp in dress whites. Both Blake and Lieutenant Ztarsevo have the experience, talent, and handsomeness that Starfleet likes its Away Teams to project on missions. So, there is hope as a new Ensign that I might draw a Bridge shift at Security while they are down there and thus get to see the weddings on the Bridge viewscreen. If somehow this pock-faced Inuit draws mission duty, I'll be too preoccupied watching after fellow crewmon to see it as it unfolds, and so, again, I'll be in my cabin, afterward, viewing the recording from the relaxed vantage point of it being in the past. And I will dearly cherish the Starfleet life and experience.

End Log.

StarDate 242111.15

Personal Log, Stardate 242111.15. Security Ensign Kaguyagat Mo recording.

[sounds of running water]

It is with a flood of old feelings I make this Log. Old thrills I had almost forgotten. Accomplishments I hadn’t fully remembered.

[running water stops]

There is a feeling before a big parrises match…in your gut. And a feeling afterward, win or lose, in your heart and mind. And there is a flying feeling, alone, personal, lasting, on a downhill slalom.

[sound of gently splashing water]

I felt all those on my first Away Mission. I’ve had to ponder them, consider them carefully, feel them, to articulate them properly.

[voice sounds altered, as if stretched]

The feelings before and after the Mission were exactly the same as any parrises championship. But there was no cheering crowd on the mission, erupting on your every effort. On their feet with your every jump or vault. Screaming with you from deep inside at every score.

[quiet scraping sounds]

On the mission, it was the same contained terror of racing downhill over the snow. It was being alone in near ear-splitting silence. Vaguely aware of the passing gates, the racing flakes. The gravity dragging you, racing you, pushing you, towards the inevitable bottom. Or your doom.

[sharp, repeated tapping noise, followed by the sound of gently splashing water]

Then the feelings afterward. The thrill of remembering what you did right. The regret of remembering what you did wrong. The desire to do better consumes your mind as the body surrenders to being fully consumed to get here.

[quiet scraping sounds]

Lieutenant Commander Kurasa led me to Athenia, where a Guard Captain and her soldiers performed a perfunctory tour. We saw the gardens and the Palace. By itself, it could have been a slide show in the mess hall.

[sharp, repeated tapping noise, followed by the sound of gently splashing water]

But the dynamics. It was a struggle. It was witnessing a fight. It was teamwork like my younger days, with everything on the line. And absolutely nothing.

[soft towel noises, voice muffled again]

And they said in class; it would rarely be a walk in the park.

[voice clear, but with cloth rustling]

I wish I could report we had officially performed a liaison with the Athenian Security services. We did not. It was highly unsuccessful in that regard. If such bonding of two teams was the measuring of our goal, then we not only failed to win, we lost.

[zipping noise]

I can report we successfully located, reconnoitered the Palace and Garden, and tested the opposing lines for weakness. We now have a holodeck model for security drills, should they become necessary. We met the ruler of an alien culture, on the eve of his ascendancy into the future history of two worlds.

He seemed charming.

If that was the measuring of our goal, then we emerged from a pitched battle clutching victory.

Now, in less than an hour, I head back down to the Athenian Palace once again.

It seems Away Missions, like Parrises Championships, are also a ‘best of’ series.

[door chime]


Computer, end log.

StarDate 242204.24

“Security Log, stardate 242204.24. Ensign Mo recording.”

“The formalities of the wedding are now formally over. In some happy ending scenario, we may return here to the Palace again at the close, but those are dreams for lovers and poets. For now, this still looks like a kidnapping of political nature, and the hostages may well be implicit in their own staged disappearance.

Lady Herma and Prince Demetrus disappeared from the Palace Hall during the dampening field blip. Lisanda and Helna are believed to have been in the room with them. Only a branch from a drerys tree was found in that Palace Hall.”

There is a brief pause in the recording. Outside city noises can be heard.

“That has led to the discovery of the Athenian northern forest, which revealed a subspace pressure modulation signature entering those Athenian woods with a decay rate matching the exact time frame of the Royal’s disappearance from the Hall.

The Athenians are curious, secretive, kind, and yet harsh. Grandiosity runs rampant in the Royals and their guests we’ve met so far and overly complicates any dealings with them. Still, the realities of the world of regular Athenians may be far from the glittering world of the Palace. The Lycians we have met lead me to suspect not all Athenians are like the Royals here. For now, someone; runaway lovers, outlaws, Athenian myths, or agents of waring dilithium interests tease us to investigate this Athenian northern forest.”

There is the distinct sound of a shuttle hatch closing, followed by computer input chirps.

“Captain Clytamestra described the Athenian Woods as five-thousand hectares. That’s five hundred square kilometers of thick forest. Methodically searching a square kilometer of the thick forest by foot, looking for something the size of a house, would take roughly six hours. Even splitting into two groups would take many days of physically looking for the obvious things in these woods. A hidden cave or underground stairs could be easily missed from only a few dozen meters away in such wilderness. Blind searching seems out of the question without extensive camping gear and several days’ worth of supplies. We’ll have to rely on obvious landmarks or trails.”

Yaga’s voice grows quieter in the recording.

“From the outside looking in, the Athenian woods were roughly seventy soccer fields across. It’s about a half marathon on each side and maybe two full marathons to run around it completely. This is not an arctic boreal forest in latitude. Much lower. It’s more of a temperate broadleaf forest typical of my junior college in Ottawa. Now I wish I had spent more time in that Canadian forest and less time in Ottawa bars, but we’ve got Barjax on the team, and his botany knowledge and forest instincts should prove invaluable.

Whatever is cutting into our sensor readings, it’s not blocking visible light wavelengths, or the trees would be dead.

But who comes here? I am invisible, and I will overhear their conference.” Yaga seemed to be quoting Shakespeare to himself.

“After securing the landing zone and shuttles, finding the exact location of the residual subspace pressure modulation Titania detected will probably be our first security task. Once the teams locate that, we can pick up where we left off. We can begin scanning for the identical thermal heat signatures of the footprints matching those left by Lady Herma and Prince Demetrus to tie the missing Royals to the time signature of Pasternak’s subspace echogram readings. Lisanda or Helna’s thermal imprints would be next, and any potential new thermal detections.

Good old footprints in the dirt will speak volumes about whos and whats and directions. Any overhanging drerys branches in the area of the echogram readings should be noted. Some kind of dimensional doorway or opening and closing transporting gate might have cut the drerys limb incidentally when it operated and left the remaining branch in the Palace Hall. Otherwise, Doctor Lim, Lieutenant Taylor, and Ensign Thorn will be right about the branch being placed explicitly as a clue or lure to bring us here.

Computer, transmit to Titania Bridge, FO, and Security Dispatch, End log."

Lieutenant (JG) Tamara Kotho, Engineering Officer

StarDate: 242107.27

Personal Log, Star Date, 242107.27, Lieutenant Junior Grade Tamara Kotho Recording

Titania is underway. For three days prior to launch, Engineering and Support Departments have performed a battery of independent scans and checks of all of Titania’s systems and support craft. No significant issues were uncovered and with concurrent deep level diagnostics, I am confident that this Luna Class Reconnaissance Science Vessel is fully operational.

That said, expectations are to expect issues, what should be only infrequent and minor issues here and there. As we are currently running at warp 9.2, the warp engines are handling the demands without difficulty.

My biggest concern will be the use of the QSD…while holo’s approximate the effects pretty well, anecdotally I’ve been told, the reality of the generating quantum slipstream cannot truly be duplicated. I am looking forward to the first use.

Chief Engineer Ameen has designated me one of his two Assistant Chief Engineer spots, so I am quite pleased with that; and I do believe I have earned the recognition. I just wonder if Commander Ameen will be spending more time in Engineering on Titania versus his inclination of taking Bridge Duty while we were on Copernicus.

No matter, my skills and training are best served here in the beating heart of the ship. And now, I need to look up the particulars of the Busant System…

End Log

StarDate 242109.13

Personal Log, Star Date, 242109.13, Lieutenant Junior Grade Tamara Kotho Recording

We have arrived at the perimeter of the Busant system, Titania’s warp drive and impulse engines have performed without incident.

Of course, there was a little light grumbling from our slipstream specialist, PO2 Kaand about not having tried out the QSD, but I can appreciate what I think is Captain Fields’ motivation…our mission is one of diplomacy and if we had had an issue with the drive, that could or might have setback our arrival and make a bad first impression.

Also, the extra days seemed to have proven out high warp capability and gave us time to familiarize ourselves with the region and its rare, binary dual planets, both Class M, named Athenia and Lycia.

They are warp capable humanoids and have had a history of aggression between them but appear to have resolved their differences with which we are tasked to help maintain, in order for both worlds to join the Federation.

We, being the Senior Staff, Captain and First Officer, are to participate in a royal wedding…classic, historical protocol for two waring factions to cement an alliance. And as history is our guide, I anticipate that this wedding will have its own share of palace intrigues and plots…

On a private matter, I have been contacted by what appears to be my former husband’s grandson, Qort, arguably making me a step, or ex-grandmother. The young Klingon man shares Kotho’s transmuted features, so the lineage, at a surface level, appears true.

Qort of House Dornos, which technically I may also still have a claim…’offers a chance to regain my heritage’…I’m not entirely sure what he means…my heritage…is Qort implying that House Dornos will accept me as I am? Or does this mean in their eyes, they murder me and call it an honorable death…

Nothing I need to concern myself about now.

End Log

Ensign Barjax Killrama, Science Officer

StarDate: 24108.05

Personal Log: Ensign Killrama

Star Date: 22108.05

Location recorded: Manual Input from Science Bridge Station.

The Titania is an amazing ship, in my opinion, I think it will perform better than anyone of us might expect. I’m looking forward to putting it to a real test.

We have several new crew members, Ensign’s Martinez, and Mo, as well as a new Chief Science Officer, one Lieutenant K’ehley, a Klingon. I must admit I was a little surprised, as I didn’t think Scientists were held in high regard among the Klingons. She seemed so familiar to me for some reason, that’s when I found out she wrote several fascinating papers in the Academy. I’m looking forward to working with her.

Cindy Talion and I are working on a Holoprogram a Cultural Guide to the various Mirak cultures, it’s for non-Mirak. Cindy is truly brilliant, not just because she is a synthetic and has total access to the sum of all Federation knowledge, but she is an amazing creature/ person/ construct. I’m not really sure what to call her.

We are on course to the Busant System not sure what to expect, but with such a fine crew and an amazing ship, I’m confident we will succeed no matter what gets thrown at us.

Lieutenant Zamha, Medical Officer/Nurse

StarDate: 242107.10

Personal log, Midshipman Zamha, Stardate 242107.10

First day aboard USS Titania complete! She's quite a ship, though I haven't seen much of her yet. The captain's given orders for off-duty personnel to stay in their quarters for today.

Not as big as the Copernicus, balanced by the fact the ship's brand-new. So far, it looks like our prep work was successful. No one's gotten lost looking for instruments, and we're already starting to get things in sickbay arranged to our liking, although the fact that sickbay's split on two decks means we won't be able to mimic the setup we had on the Cop.

Moving in and inventory accomplished. We're slowly getting through boarding examinations. About a third done, which seems pretty good for the first day, especially since I think most people aren't going to leave their quarters today for anything other than duty or the mess hall.

Met one of my roommates, Mid. Katekis, a Bolian Science officer. He's from the Penja region of Bolias, is single, and has a large family. He showed me holos of some of his closest relatives. He offered to introduce me to some Bolian dishes that I should be able to eat.

The other two are another Medical and another Science officer, but they're on Gamma so they were already gone when I came off duty. Might take a couple days to meet them.

I hope it's not true what they say about the effect Bolians have on a ship's plumbing.

Out of curiosity, I started reviewing the exam logs from today, starting to set up the summary report for Dr. Lim. Not many cases of "shore leave". The computer flagged a dozen files that had indications of anti-intoxicant use. Nothing out of the ordinary there--as long as the physiological readings don't indicate chronic use, it's better that they made sure they were sobered up and hangover free today. I was a little surprised to see Talion's name on the list. He did look pretty relaxed last night.

Didn't feel like unpacking tonight, other than closeting my other uniforms and putting my toiletries away. Sturse...Mid. Katekis...asked me about my Star Fleet flag. He wasn't familiar with the 22nd Century blue & gold design. I told him about my feelings about that, how Star Fleet was more focused on exploration back then, and was better for it, and how I hope the current political climate of returning to exploration isn't cut off again. We've got ships that can go anyplace in the galaxy once the limitations of slipstream drive are worked out. This might be the right time for Star Fleet to start thinking about separate defense and exploration branches again.

Thankfully, Sturse agreed with me. I'd hate to have something so important to me be a point of contention with a roommate, especially a Bolian.

Going to go to bed early tonight and try to get in a holodeck workout tomorrow morning.

End log.

StarDate: 242107.11

Personal log, Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Zamha, Stardate 242107.11

24 hours later, and everything has changed. Promotion (straight over ensign!), an award, and new quarters. At least I'm still on the same deck. Going to be a little lonely, not having a roommate. I don't know what I'll do with all the space. Maybe I should get a pet. Maybe a holographic one? I heard one of the senior officers has a holographic dog. Maybe I could ask someone in Engineering if they would be interested in programming a holographic snake. A simulation of Kathuu would be nice to have.

Dr. Lim isn't as sociable as Dr. Aktouarios was, but she seems competent. Have to make sure to include her in social occasions, as long as she's willing. Had dinner with some of the other nurses and Mid. Katekis that turned into a mini party. If it had been planned, I could've invited her.

I really don't know what to do with myself right now. I need to write home about my promotion. Maybe look up a pilot training program for the Waverider class. Why oh why does this ship have a Waverider as its auxilliary? No one's ever going to call that thing a captain's yacht. It's like a type 10 shuttlepod with delusions of being a runabout with a Science module. I guess it's capable of doing what it was designed for...if we ever need it for that. At least the ship's shuttles are proper type 11s.

It's going to take some time getting used to having windows. I wonder if they can be opaqued.

End log.

StarDate 24208.12

Personal log, Lt. JG Zamha, stardate 22208.12

Events on Athenia turned out a bit disappointing today. The reception started out as expected. I didn't have a chance to mingle as much as I would have liked--Lt. Taylor developed a rash in reaction to the adhesive on his ID tag, and rather than beam back to the ship, he made use of the local medical facilities in the form of an aid station at the party, and I accompanied him.

Athenian medicine seems comparable to Federation standard, which puts it most of a century ahead of their spaceflight technology. The local doctor diagnosed the issue and applied a local version of a dermal regenerator to the inflammation. Lt. Taylor seemed to have some kind of reaction to the treatment, but didn't say anything to me about it.

I had a chance to meet some schoolchildren from an elite academy having students from both Athenia and Lycia. They seemed to get along well together.

Three of the members of the wedding party disappeared, then. The Athenians went on full alert, with the Lycians following shortly after. The wedding was postponed. We were detained briefly.

After our release, most members of the crew returned to the ship, while several formed an away team led by Capt. Fields and Cmdr. Talion. We were taken by shuttlecraft to a forest some distance north of the palace, the bridge crew having found evidence that the missing persons were transported there.

The Captain split us into two groups, one led by her, the other by Talion. I was in the Captain's group. At first our hike through the forest was uneventful. The forest was similar to the ones I've seen on Earth, and far enough North to be chilly.

They said that sensors couldn't get readings inside the forest, and transporters couldn't work there, so in a sense we were on our own. Our commbadges worked for a while, as did our other equipment, but they experienced some kind of power drain that eventually caused most of them fail.

A local animal similar to a targ was disturbed by our approach and took an aggressive stance. The Captain ordered us to retreat, but for some reason Lt. Mo stood his ground. The animal attacked him, goring his right arm. I tried to frighten it off by banging a rock against my medkit. I don't know whether it worked, but the animal retreated when the Captain and I approached.

Mo's injuries, while serious, were treatable in the field. We continued through the forest, until two persons appeared before us in a whirlwind. One was identified as Barron, the man in charge of the people living in the forest, while the other self-identified as "Robin Goodfellow," taking the name from the Shakespeare play "A Midsummer Night's Dream". After a brief conversation with the Captain, he did something to cause her to collapse into unconsciousness, after which he and Barron disappeared the same way they arrived.

The Captain was unresponsive and her readings made no sense. Her lifesigns were stable, though. Mo suggested that, since everything that had happened seemed to have been engineered, we wait for the situation to change again. It seemed to me that trying to return the Captain to the shuttlecraft for evac was likely to provoke another response, so I agreed.

After a few hours the shuttle pilot came to retrieve us. Before we could attempt the return, the Captain awakened, her readings apparently returned to normal, and the ship managed to knock out the energy field that had prevented transporters and sensors from working.

Mo and I beamed back to sickbay, along with Cmdr. Talion, Dr. Lim and Ens. Thorn. Talion was unconscious and was rushed into surgery, but was successfully treated. I completed the treatment of Mo's injuries and released him. The Captain and the rest of the away team beamed to the palace. They returned to the ship shortly thereafter. The Athenian authorities had apparently suggested that everything we experienced was the result of exposure to hallucinogenic spores. No such exposure was detected in any of the away team.

All in all, a rather long and unproductive day. I should try to record my impressions of the Athenian palace grounds while they're still fresh in my mind, since we weren't allowed any kind of recording devices.

End log.

Lieutenant Commander Morad Ameen, Chief Engineer

StarDate: 242108.11

Chief Engineer's log Star Date 242108.11

The brand spanking new USS Titania is ready to depart on her first voyage in service of Star Fleet and the Federation.

I have been looking forward to saying these words for a long time. To be fair, by Star Fleet standards, the ship has been ready soon after it was delivered to us by the Corps of Engineers. But Star Fleet standards and our crew's standards do not agree, as it should be. My engineers and I have been pushed to the limit in extracting every extra ounce of perfection from every system possible in order to optimize the ship operations. Not to mention customizing every system to it's operating officer's liking and preferences. Of course, some were more demanding than others, but we do not judge. We keep her heads down and we do our parts well so they can do theirs when the moment calls for it.

Now, with the green light given, it is unavoidable that things will breakdown at some point. Previously unforeseen problems will surface and we will have to deal with them on the spot, Fortunately, the Titania not been the first ship of her class to launch. So we benefits from the expieriance of others and that gave us a bit of an edge. My team and I have reviewed the reports of the previous launches with great care and preemptively repaired all the issues that we found in them. Yet again, we are doing our best to be prepared for the unexpected.

On a personal level, I feel exhausted. It is a sentiment shared with all the engineers at this crucial time of a ship's life cycle. It is quite difficult to put aside the time to eat well and sleep well when you are putting double shifts. For that, I can't bring myself to forgive Star Fleet HQ's decision to cut the number of my engineering crews aboard the new ships. We are all paying the price of that arrogant decision.

On a different note, I was awarded a Star Fleet Achievement Medal for my contribution to the last mission aboard the Copernicus. It was an unexpected, yet very pleasant, honor. Kotho, my ACE, has also been awarded one. I just learned today that she was outed as a Klingon by an ignorant Federation Ambassador. I was shocked, both to hear of her true nature as well as the means of which it was exposed to the public. In the end, this changes little in my respect and perception of her. She remains an outstanding officer, and my most trusted Engineer on the ship.

The Captain had called a meeting, I am assuming we will be learning about our first mission aboard the new ship soon.

Time to go get ready then.

End Log

StarDate 242109.15

Chief Engineer's log Star Date 242109.15

And the news in is. The first ever mission of the USS Titania is a diplomatic one. The idea of meeting new cultures and the potential to help bring them into the fold of the Federation is exciting one. It is really one of the core missions of Star Fleet. While we are technically fresh off the Eklata's diplomatic mission, the general feeling is that we are ready to have more of the same. Except this time we will be riding in on a brand new, state of the art ship. Don't tell the Copernicus I said that!

To start it all, the crew is going to attend a wedding ceremony, one of which I was gratefully excused, that unites the royals of a two warring planets in order to solidify the new found peace between them. Our destination wedding is the the Busant system system and the two planets are Athenia and Lycia. To make matters more interesting, they are in the process of joining the Federation so we are also going to kind of evaluate them in that regard.

So far, the ship has performed admirably, minus the expected small glitches here and there. Credit to the crew, particularly the Engineers who had been putting long hours of sweat and sometime blood into getting us here. One of those small glitches was a beetle in the Captain's ready room. It got itself stuck in the pipes so to speak and caused quite the commotion before the situation was sorted out. We are currently scanning the rest of the ship for any signs of similar incidents or beetles. Just to be safe...

Alright, looks like the results of the scans are coming in... I wonder what wonders we will find this time...

End log

StarDate 242110.15

Chief Engineer's log Star Date 2421010.15

We have arrived at our destination. I am happy to report that the ship has preformed admirably all the way there. The trip itself was largely uneventful. Upon arrival we were contacted by both planets and the Captain had decided to send two away teams, one to each of the planets below prior to the wedding itself. A smart move I think, as it will help show the even handed approach of the Federation for both governments. It seems that the Captain will lead one of the away teams while Commander Talion will lead the other. I will remain behind and be the ship's keeper while they conduct their business planet side.

Since most of the senior staff will be on away team duty, the ship will be lead by our junior officer contingent. While I am not expecting any complications, this will be a chance for the next generation of leaders to show their worth. This is always an exciting time in a Star Fleet Officer's career. I will do my best to not be overbearing and allow them the space and time they need to do their duties...

Within reason of course...

End log.

StarDate 242202.15

Chief Engineer's log Star Date 242202.15

During the wedding, Ship sensors noted a sudden 'blip' from the sensor blackspot of the Grand Palace on Athenia. The dampening field disappeared for precisely .82 seconds before re-engaging. During that brief time a number of Athenians and Lycians disappeared from the wedding. Talion reported that the away team is being held for questioning, and the Athenians and Lycians fleet are about to ready to go war. The only thing keeping the peace a the moment is the the presence of USS Titania.

Admiral Erocratus, leading the Athenian fleet had demanded that we lower our shields, and he wanted to send a search party to board us. After scanning our ship and confirming that we don't have any Athenians of Lycians aboard, and after consulting with Captain Fields, I was prepared to receive an unarmed team to elevate that suspicion. However, before we could proceed, the Lycian fleet arrived under the command of Admiral Medena and signaled her intention to engage the Athenians unless they hand over her disappearing people.

I opened a channel to both fleet implored them to listen to reason and end the hostility. I offered to host a meeting of both Admiral to negotiate an acceptable compromise. It is my hope that cool heads will prevail and this tense situation will be deescalated, at least for the time being. The ongoing investigation planet side must be given the time its need to reach it's conclusion before any hasty decisions are made up here. Decisions that may decide the fate of millions of beings....

End Long

StarDate: 242203.15

Chief Engineer's log Star Date 242203.15

Diplomacy is working. At least for now. I was able to get Admiral Erocratus who is leading the Athenian fleet and Admiral Medena who is leading the Lycians armada to agree on a truce for now. The Athenian also agreed to give the Lycians access to the investigation on the planet which would help elevate some of Admiral Medena's concern about the safety of her people down there. In the mean time, both parties are sending a delegation aboard the Titania with the purpose of investigating the notion that we had a part in their people's mysterious disappearance. After consulting with Captain Fields over Commander Talion's encrypted channel, she agreed to allow them on board with the condition that the delegation be unarmed. Fortunately, both the Lycians and the Athenian have agreed to our terms.

This was very tense negotiations, but in the end it seems like those conflict resolution and diplomacy courses back at Star Fleet academy paid off... at least in the short term. Though I am confidant that we have done nothing wrong, I am a little bit worried about our incoming guests. It is well known that new cross cultural interactions could often end in misunderstandings. I will have to learn to trust my own ability and that of the Titania's crew to be able to welcome the visitors and show them the honest truth; that they have nothing to fear from the Federation and Star Fleet.

Time to head to the shuttle bay to welcome our guests...

End Log

StarDate: 242204.15

Chief Engineer's log Star Date 242204.15

The strangest thing is happening. Someone or something is using my voice to try and sabotage the negotiations between Athenians and Lycians. We have tried all kinds of scans, but we are unable to detect them. This is quite concerning, as any small mistake could derail the tentative peace and lead to an all out war.

Admiral Medena is still looking at our ship logs and she seemed to be searching for something in particular. Most likely anything that implicates the Athenians. Admiral Erocratus on the other hand, seems to be the more relaxed of the two and he is taking the time to sample the many delicacies we offered as part of our hospitality.

I have employed the help of a Betazoid crew member, PO3 Tani Halon, to help us detect any possible presence that is interfering with out efforts. If she is able to find them, then I will attempt to make contact and draw them out into the open.

End log.

StarDate: 242207.15

Chief Engineer's log Star Date 242207.15

Our efforts to identify what or who was effecting our crew were fruitless. However, we were successful in keeping the peace, and after reviewing our logs our guests retreated to their respective fleets and held the line for now. With the cease fire securely in place, we were allowed to turn our attention back to the planet surface.

A dampening field was over the area where our away teams were currently operating. It preventing our ability to scan, communicate or Transport in or out of that zone. This was an unacceptable situation and I gave the order to spare to resource in finding a way to bring that field down. The crew came up with many ideas to disable, in the end we settled on a plan and, after consulting with the local authorities, we executed our plan. This time, our efforts were met with a resounding success. The dampening field was down and communication with the Captain was restored.

Upon her orders, we beamed up the injured away team members aboard and and transported the rest, including the missing Royals back to the Grand Palace.

Unfortunately, the First Officer, Commander Talion was incapacitated and remains in Sickbay. I will be going down there to check on Alex personally as soon as I am able. For now, I am awaiting for someone from his team to report in before fully updating the Captain on what had happened to them.

End Log.

StarDate: 242208.19

Chief Engineer's log Star Date 242208.19

Everyone beamed aboard and accounted for. I was happy to relinquish command of the Titania back to the Captain soon after she beamed up. One of my last acts as the officer in command was to allow Cynthia Talion aboard. She had, or so I was told, taken the once comatose Commander Talion with her. In the end, my good friend Alex had decided to take some time off from Star Fleet to reflect on recent event and catch up with his new found family. Until such a time of his return or a new First Officer is assigned to the ship, the duties of his office were divided amongst the department heads. I must say, I, for one, has been enjoying the new challenges that comes with the command department. Maybe one day? who knows...

For now, I remain focused on running Engineering and making sure the ship is running as smoothly as possible. Though I must say, compare to the level of work I had to put up with on the Copernicus, this has been like cake walk so far...

As for the mission itself, not much has happened. After a couple of days, things appeared to have settled down on Athenia and Lycia, with the official story that the wedding had been interrupted by Lady Herma being taken ill. She was reported to have gone away to the countryside to convalesce with Lady Lisanda as a companion. There was no public mention of kidnappings or outlaws, and certainly no mention of strange events and a red-haired sprite called Robin.

However, just before we were about to warp out on our way Star Base Alpha a strange text message of uncertain authorship was sent through comms and addressed to 'The Fairy Queen.' It contained a poem of all things!

It remains to be seen what would be the fate of the Athenia and Lycia's petition to join the Federation. At the moment it continued to be assessed by the council...

End Log

Lieutenant Kahe Oza, Acting Chief Tactical Officer

StarDate: 242108.20

Acting Chief Tactical Officers log

StarDate 242108.20

Location Bridge Tactical Station (typed in.)

The Titania is a truly incredible ship and I’m proud to serve on her, our crew is an incredibly diverse and talented crew. I have no doubt that Captain Fields and Commander Talion picked the best for Titania. I have been promoted to Acting Chief Tactical Officer, it’s going to take some getting used to. I always thought being a D.H. was easy, little did I realize that as a D.H. you must wear many hats. Not only are you responsible for the training and supervision of your department members you also must be a teacher, a father confessor, an arbitrator, a counselor, and I’m sure many more roles that I have yet to find out about. The Captain and The First Officer make it look so easy.

I feel I’m up to the challenge and I’m looking forward to what’s to come. We are on our shakedown cruise and already there is a very loud and persistent noise coming from behind one of the stations, I think it’s safe to say we have a few bugs we need to fix, but I’m confident our Engineering Team will have it fixed in no time.

I have been talking with Ensign Benjamin Gomez, he is fascinating, his rich family history, I could listen to him for hours. I predict that he will go far.

Just before we launched my father and I met with Ambassador Sothrick, he had mentioned something odd happening in the Diplomatic Core, I did some casual investigation, but didn’t find anything unusual, maybe Sothrick is just paranoid, but I Have never known Vulcans to be paranoid. Silence in the Diplomatic Circle usually means something nasty is brewing over the horizon. Hopefully, it’s just that peace has settled across the galaxy and there is currently no need for Diplomats. It was great spending time with my father. Only time will tell what’s going.

End Log

Ensign Jake Morgenson, Security Officer

StarDate: 242208.06

Personal Log, Stardate 22208.06 Security Ensign Jake Morgenson recording.

Well, I'll say this for the mission. I can't make head nor tail of it, much to be honest. Still, I did my part, on the bridge, and helped out too.

I helped out by suggesting the idea of firing EM pulses using the deflector dish at the scattering field over the planet to bring it down as we were endeavoring to rescue the royal couple and ascertain the locations and status of the away team as well as resume communications, then I carried the procedure out too. It was successful and we were able to recover the away teams safely, and find out the location of the royal couple. There were no intruders visible to the sensors or the naked eye, but however I did receive an unknown communication from someone who sounded like an old man.

I am not sure of his identity, but when I tried to confirm it he asked me 'when I was going to fix his radio as he was missing a radio broadcast.'. Frankly I think it was a prank, but whoever did it had quite a sense of humor.

Most members of the away team either returned safe or with some injuries. I'm not sure of the severity or the ratio, but nevertheless I pray for their speedy recoveries. Apparently now we're going to be going back to Starbase Alpha in waiting of our next assignment. Commander Ameen congratulated us on our performance as well, too.

Now I suppose I can finally get to know the crew better, and mingle around. They all seem a great bunch, and I like them very much, too!

End Log.

Ensign Kalli Thorn, Engineering Officer

StarDate: 242208.10

Personal Log, Stardate 22208.10

I was selected to represent Engineering for what was supposed to be a Federation representation at a royal wedding for potential new members to the Federation. I found their people to be very rude and disrespectful. They're not in control of their own governments or territorial boundaries. I saw no concern for the welfare of their people or empathy for others. Worst of all, I saw that their planet is the playground of some kind of malevolent entity that is petty and power mad. This has obviously been going on long enough that it is part of their mythology. Not only would I not support them as members of the Federation, but I think they're dangerous. The entire system needs to be declared off limits and no ship should travel within at least 10 light years of it, just like the Talos system. We were lucky to get out of there alive and the residents are complicit in the insane relationship, probably getting some sort of reward out of the deal. Run away as fast as you can, at warp speed, not impulse power.

On a personal note, as much as I love feeling my feet on a planet, the wind in my hair and sunshine on my face, every time I go to a planet I regret it. This time I was almost killed. My boyfriend did sort of propose to me though, perhaps because of the whole wedding vibe. I didn't take him serious and so we're not engaged, but I did sleep with him after we got back. I never understood why cats are so into that grooming thing with their tongues, but now I totally get it. Mirak claws are really sharp though. Serious safety tip for the future.

End Log

Lieutenant Commander Keval ch’Alev, Chief Tactical Officer

StarDate: 242208.20

Chief Tactical Officer Log,

Stardate 242208.20,

Lieutenant Commander Keval ch’Alev recording,

I have been transferred to the USS Titania under the Command of Captain Jane Fields. I have heard lots of things about this Captain, who is classed as probably one of the Veterans in Command. I look forward to meeting her.

This mission was an interesting one, leaving us trying to get our Command Officers back from a situation that was swiftly going southwards. Commander Ameen performed brilliantly and his calmness and good decision making made it clear that one day he will end up in a Maroon Uniform.

I was kind of late to the party but everyone works well together and Ensign Morgenson has made a profound impression on me with his enthusiasm for his work. Dealing with a strange communication very well yet at the same time not showing that his youth made him unreliable.

With Ameen careful decision making both parties retreated and the away team were recovered with ease. Unlike other transfers I have had in assignments this feels like I might settle in a bit quicker than I usually do. I miss my crew mates on my previous assignment through and it is true what they say that you come to almost being a family or in my case my clan.

End Log.