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Trig Norgin
Career Occupation
Medical Officer
USS Dauntless, CA-1553
Biographical Attributes
Trill (Joined)
145 pounds
Eye Color:
Sapphire blue
Hair Color:
Wavy, thick but kept short
Medium build
Soft spoken
United Federation of Planets
Mak'ala, Trillius Prime (Trill)
Familial Relationships
Tourin Yourn
Arleah Yourn
Status of Parents:
Marital Status:

Personal History

Trig was an only child. His father was a prominent politician and his mother was a general physician and pediatrician. Living just outside the capitol city of Mak'ala afforded a young curious boy exposure to a steady stream of off-world visitors. Their curious skin pigments, varying shapes and different cultures excited and sparked his imagination. Even then he knew their exotic nature only hinted at what was out there. He dreamed as a child of leaving Trill one day to see the wonders of the galaxy. With affluent parents, and the educational opportunities one of the major worlds of the Federation afforded a young person, Trig's dream seemed certain to come true one day no matter what profession he chose.

At the age of ten Trig met his first joined Trill. The man was a politician who worked with his father although he was much younger than most of his peers like Tourin Yourn. Trig would spend hours eaves dropping on their conversations from the next room. The thought of having lived multiple lifetimes was more than interesting. The man always seemed so serene, thoughtful and wise beyond his years with a face unwrinkled by age even though the being inside of him was almost 300 years old.

Over the next several years Trig did everything he could to both excel intellectually and to meet the entrance requirements set by the Symbiosis Commission for joining. His hard work and self sacrifice paid off in the end when he was admitted to the program without the help of his influential father. Although he'd prepared as best as anyone could for the rigors of being an Initiate, the trials and tests he faced during his time at the Commission were arduous. In the end it was all worth it. Trig was chosen for joining.

The Symbiont that he was paired with hadn't lived multiple lifetimes though as he'd prepared himself for most of his life. In fact this would be the Norgin Symbiont's first joining. Still the honor of joining quickly washed away any feelings of disappointment Trig might have felt upon hearing the news. The joining was no less of a life changing experience than had Trig been joined with a Symbiont of five lifetimes of memories and experiences. Trig still had to struggle initially to balance the needs and aspirations of Norgin with those of his own.

The Norgin symbiont had the same curiosities about the galaxy and the wonders it held that a younger Trig had. Months after the joining Trig Norgin applied to Starfleet Academy after earning degrees in virology, exobiology and pediatrics during his years prepping for the Commission and while working through the program.

Starfleet Academy turned out to be as strenuous of an experience as his life within the Commission. On Trill his entire focus had been on one goal and that was being joined. There was little socializing with anyone outside the staff and other Initiates. Life on Earth was completely different. Both Symbiont and Host felt compelled to take in as many experiences as possible. That mutual drive led to more than one interesting situation and more than one broken heart. Once in a while there were bruised egos; his own, that of his companion and on occasion that of another.

His one love interest on Earth was a fellow cadet named Sarah Delani. It was a brief relationship, but a rewarding one that led to a friendship seldom encountered by most. It started with a chance encounter on the parade grounds when Sarah missed kicked and sent a soccer ball sailing into the side of Trigs head while he studied under a tree near by. He woke to see her kneeling over him. Lame lines such as "Am I dead, are you an angel" or "Is this how you introduce yourself to every future boyfriend" probably flowed out of his mouth but in hind sight he could never remember and she would never enlighten him. It was just ammunition in their little love affair that she would pull out once in a while to toy with him. Nine months into the relationship things began to heat up but just before Christmas of that year they decided to part ways romantically. It certainly wasn't due to being a mismatch and it wasn't that either was interested in someone else. Both were career centered in their future goals and aspirations. They simply weren't ready in their personal lives for things to progress any further and both feared it would if they continued to date.

Between studies and a social life, with is best friend Sarah Delani, Trig kept a pretty busy schedule. In four years he managed to turn his initial degree in General Medicine into a Doctorate and in his last year at the Academy he interned at Starfleet Medical, San Francisco as opposed to having to do an internship following his graduation.

Two months before graduation from the Academy Trig received word from home that both his parents were listed as missing when the transport they were on headed for Risa disappeared in route. Starfleet and civilian authorities had been unsuccessful in locating the ship but debris had been found in small quantities suggesting the ship had been attacked by an unknown party. It was assumed the ship itself was taken mostly intact. The news was devastating. The worst part was not knowing. Not having any real answers. Were they alive? Were they being held captive? No one could say and although Starfleet hadn't closed the investigation the leads that were out there had all gone cold. If it weren't for the strength and determination of the Norgin Symbiont, Trig might not have pulled through but some how he pressed on toward receiving his hard earned commission.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): General Medicine
Academy Minor(s): Virology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Darts, Holonovels
Short-Term Goals: To distinguish himself somehow on his first posting.
Long-Term Goals: To discover the disposition of his parents and the ship they were on.
Personality: Easy going
Sense of Humor: Trig is light hearted and often sarcastic. A bit of a practical joker.
Phobias: Spiders
Likes: Klingon Cuisine, cigars, swimming, playing poker
Dislikes: Deserts, the cold
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Trig doesn't care for arrogant or impolite people and simply won't tolerate them.
Bad Habits or Vices: Smokes one too many cigars now and then and has a habit of gambling a little too often
Achievements: Multiple undergraduate degrees
Disappointments: he loss of his parents
Illnesses: None
Strengths: Solid moral core, compassionate, ready for anything
Weaknesses: Jumps without looking at times
Fears: Finding out his parents are really dead. Being blown into open space
Prejudices: Trig is pretty open minded. He gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. He really has no prejudices.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Linen shirts and khakis
Distinguishing Features: Spots
Pets: None
Friends: Sarah Delani

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The news his parents were missing.
Best Time: Being accepted to the Symbiosis Commission
Most Crucial Experience: Being joined to Norgin
Role Model: His Parents

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Medical Officer USS Dauntless, CA-1553 Midshipman Midshipman
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1

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